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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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33 minutes ago, LiquoriceBabe said:

I don’t know if it’s legit info but it was said that Lynne was there to make sure the evaluations weren’t carried out by someone’s picked by team c-ship? 

Interesting.  That request actually makes a lot of sense.  You can ask anything of the court.  The court could theoretically permit expert independent testimony, etc. but usually they don't.  (at least in the cases I've studied. Britney is a public figure so she might be able to convince the court. But most peoples' requests are denied.)  The courts usually choose their own--usually medical evaluators who work regularly with the judge, the attorneys and the guardians.  Objective?  Neutral?  There's no such thing when it comes to making money off of people under your '"protection" and control.  You've basically landed a cash cow.  I'm sure many cases are fine, but nightmare cases cross my desk every day so I see the worst.  It's enough, though, to make anybody scream in disbelief.

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5 minutes ago, ifuseekamy_ said:

On a side note Rose McGowan reposted that video on her insta story with the sticker #freebritney so regardless that it was a paid message she obviously supports the movement :airpls: 

I mean, yeah, that's definitely showing support. So okay, I don't feel as bad sharing that now, lol.

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15 minutes ago, Winter _90 said:

Do not forget that the Hiatus was going to be from half a year to a year.This is all because of the #Free Britney movement.

I don't really know what to think anymore. Not all of the dates had been put on sale, but all of them were cancelled (or postponed as old Cappy would tell us). 

If it was Britney being mad at her team the reason why she cancelled the show, did she really expect to come back eventually? 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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3 minutes ago, Applejack said:

Her case is delicate because, apparently, it was more of a blackmail thing (no kids, no residence, no phone, nothing if you don't do what i say) so it could be that the staff was even unaware of this situation.

Well i guess since she was there since January they could have a clue if they were doing their job and in a perfect they could have even called the authority . But the money was probably too good .

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20 minutes ago, Meaner03 said:

Bridges To Recovery Holmby is the name of the facility Britney was locked in, i was against the idea of people sharing this info while she was still there , but now may be we should also investigate them , and see how come they accepted to keep someone against her will .

As for their reputation i see the Britney did not hold back , they are noted 1 / 5 and i saw comments saying #FreeBritney, we are ruining everybody reputation :tifflmao:

One interesting thing to research would be the relationship between court-appointees and this facility.  Have others under conservatorship been put there?   If they have, the facility and professionals have developed a "relationship."  It's often discovered that certain conservators and/or guardians place their people under protection in the same facilities over and over.  Everybody nodding off due to the drugs.  I suspect that, like a "Place for Mom" ,  the conservator takes commissions in exchange for each placement.  So the motivation is--who pays me the most for my protected person?  Let's put my person there.  Often the places that would pay the most in commissions are the ones where no one wants to be.  I mean think of the possibilities of tweaking the system to your own benefit if you are a conservator or guardian.  You troll hospitals for rich people.  Seriously. Some of them DO that.  I don't mean to imply that all conservators and guardians are this evil.  But if you just leave it up to the people in control and have no outsiders monitoring these situations, of COURSE innocent people are going to get crushed.

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27 minutes ago, f**knfurter said:



This. And this is why I'm absolutely disgusted by the fans running to Urban Outfitters. Its a ******* vinyl (which you likely don't even have a player for) of songs you've heard and owned before. It can ******* wait.

Like, as shitty as this sounds: I could almost understand the urge to run out and buy B10. I can understand how a fan would be torn about new music, and justify in their head how they are supporting her (I did it with the tour last year, and you can do a LOT of mental gymnastics when you’re torn about something).

But for an album that everyone here already owns, that’s on every streaming service, that they’ve heard a million+ times, that’s like 15 years old- (need I go on?). It’s so f**king disgraceful and shows how weak willed people really can be. 

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