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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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2 minutes ago, smouthwick said:

TMZ claims that Jamie doesn't have the power to throw Britney into lockdown on his own. What they aren't telling you is this:  All Jamie needs to do is seek a court order to have her put in a facility 'in her best interest."  Court orders are sought all the time to put elders and others with disabilities into facilities. The elders are often drugged to sedation because it's in their best interest to stay calm as their homes are sold out from under them and their assets liquidated to pay for the conservatorship. As for the fairness of this court order, consider that the judge has usually been the one to decide that this conservator should be in power over an "incapacitated' person.  So who is the judge likely to listen to?

It is possible that Jamie made a mistake by committing Britney without an order?

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8 minutes ago, smouthwick said:

which means a batsh*t fanbase was… right about something? Goddammit.

:tiffeyeroll: Amazing how looking at public documents and records can do that. More people should try it. (Not to you, Marcia or OP, I'm more venting at the writer.)


8 minutes ago, smouthwick said:

But here’s the thing: If you’re demanding Britney be free while also gobbling up her songs and concert tickets, why do you think her cage was built? (Hint: It was for you.)"

This. And this is why I'm absolutely disgusted by the fans running to Urban Outfitters. Its a ******* vinyl (which you likely don't even have a player for) of songs you've heard and owned before. It can ******* wait.

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20 minutes ago, Cigarettes&Cologne said:

what i still can't get my head around is the comment that 'irreparable harm will be caused to britney if the court didn't accept his resignation immediately'. i honestly am puzzled what he meant by that

I agree. That's the language these court petitions frequently use.  But what the heck does it mean in this case/   WHAT harm will come to her.  Wallet doesn't really even need to prove much.  He just needs to convince the judge.  These courts don't use the same standard of evidence that are required in criminal courts. 

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5 minutes ago, Seanzy said:

I really don’t know if these are that staged. Her mom is in LA with her, I think whatever restrictions she was under ain’t happening right now. Y’all really think she’d go speak up for herself in court but keep playing along to get pap pics? She’s probably literally just like “I’m going to get a coffee, bye!”


also lmao. Who smiles while sitting at a drive thru? I sure don’t. 

I get not smiling all the time. But she, as of recent, looks like her whole life as been taken from her....oh wait.....it has. 


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6 minutes ago, f**kinwithyourdirtylaundry said:

I get not smiling all the time. But she, as of recent, looks like her whole life as been taken from her....oh wait.....it has. 


Yes it has. Didn't say she hadn't nor am I disagreeing. I'm merely saying people who think she should be smiling in the drive thru are stretching it a little. So..take it down a notch.

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1 minute ago, Meaner03 said:

Bridges To Recovery Holmby is the name of the facility Britney was locked in, i was against the idea of people sharing this info while she was still there , but now may be we should also investigate them , and see how come they accepted to keep someone against her will .

As for their reputation i see the Britney did not hold back , they are noted 1 / 5 and i saw comments saying #FreeBritney, we ruining everybody reputation :tifflmao:

Her case is delicate because, apparently, it was more of a blackmail thing (no kids, no residence, no phone, nothing if you don't do what i say) so it could be that the staff was even unaware of this situation.

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