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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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1 hour ago, Vixen said:

Funny how Kevin called for a ban on Britney driving with their children in the car when he was also caught via TMZ driving erratically and running red lights in their presence way back when. 

Shar Jackson was hit with a restraining order after allegedly abusing her granddaughter in 2017, why didn't the Department of Children and Family Services pay her a visit regarding her children with Kevin as they did for Britney in 2006 over Sean's high chair accident?

1 hour ago, Vixen said:

Well no, because Shar is a woman. It's a matter of money. Shar has less of it, therefore less of a target in regards to this situation of exploitation. 

I would also say it's the result of the tabloid era in general.  Britney wasn't the only target, as it included Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

Remember this?

The public was hungry in general to see them-'train-wreck women' fall at that time.

On 5/12/2019 at 11:33 AM, Chaoscontrol said:

It’s not about feminism though. I get what you are saying, and tbh Biebs acted like a punk, he didn’t really seem to be ‘rebelling’ like Britney back in 07. They just wanted to get her under control. 

Britney is being taken advantage of because of her money. I understand that it could appear as if it’s a ‘feminist’ issue but as we have seen throughout this entire thing that guardianship abuse happens to people of all ages, races, and genders. It’s an issue that doesn’t need specific labels in order to gain traction, because really it could effect anyone no matter their background. 

In fact, by making it a ‘woman’s issue’, it’s just going to make it so certain people wouldn’t bother looking into it. Keeping it as universal as possible is the best way to get exposure. Everyone wants equality, yet we’re all so quick to segregate ourselves with different labels. We’re all human and certain issues just don’t need the separation of gender. There’s enough ‘men’s issues’ and ‘woman’s issues’ and the universal ones just don’t need to be divided.  

Just my thoughts though :yeahsure: 

2 hours ago, Applejack said:

Yes, they are mutually exclusive. The reason the cship is still going is because she keeps getting a steady income (A HUGE INCOME). And who gives her income is the fans buying and streaming songs, using perfumes, etc.

As long as the money keeps pouring in, there's no reason for the Team CShip to move a single arm into finishing it.

That's the grim reminder of what we've done ever since Circus. :bedtime:

I'd agree with everything except perfumes because (music) fans don't actually account for much of her perfume sales at all.  The problem there is how much she has to split those lucrative royalties with Lou, Larry etc...

1 hour ago, ItShouldBeOffiTunes said:

That’s how subtle she is, she sent her message to the brightest morning star but sadly Lynne is old and her brain is a lil dim that’s why she’s willingly been a passenger but eventually everything thing comes to light and you just can’t take anymore so you tick tick boom. But that’s fine if it takes a while because it will be done and Jamie, Lou and Larry won’t know what they had til it’s gone. Kiss those perfume (dreaming mix) sales goodbye!

Hopefully Britney can keep those perfume royalties for herself if/when this consevatorship ends.

1 hour ago, Cappycorn87 said:

He better enjoy while he can because if Britney is let out of her conservatorship

It will be curtains for him and wife and Shar Jackson 

Yeah, that's several decades of no income, starting in only 4 years.

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15 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

This is Exhale. All members here are part-time plastic surgeons, makeup artists, stylists & hairdressers. :jj:

I don't get it either, love. Her nose was the pinnacle of achievable physical perfection and she ruined it with one surgery.

She's still beautiful and iconic, but her old nose was her trademark and should have never been touched.

I noticed the difference immediately in the Work ***** video where her facial features looked sharper / more chiseled than usual. She's lost some of that round/soft charm her face used to have and her nose was a big part of that.

I’m a professional pool party goer okay?

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OMG YES!  But so upsetting that the judge doesn't sound like they are on her side.  Hopefully she gets a fair evaluation and trial on this, but I'm sure the crooks on her team and in her life will do everything they can to keep their control.

This also makes me think that Lynne, Jamie Lynn and/or bf Sam spilled the tea on that voicemail.  Those 3 get pushed to the sidelines with anything related to the C-Ship, so I'm guessing both or one of them helped her get her message out, and it's obvious she's doing it with her own facial expressions and lack of her usual enthusiasm in the insta clips she's forced to do.  Hopefully this works! :kyliecry:

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It actually WAS a personal album. It prob isn't her most personal album which they marketed it as, but it was still really personal. There were songs on there about topics that she had never or rarely addressed. There's a song on BJ about almost every aspect of her life:

Alien - fame
WB - her gay fanbase
Perfume, Til It's Gone, Don't Cry - heartache
ISBE, Passenger, Now That I Found You - finding love
Tik Tik Boom - ***
Body Ache - dancing
Chillin' With You - family
Brightest Morning Star - religion

I'm still not sure what Hold On Tight is about. It could be about God or a dude she's into. No one ever officially said as far as I know.

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This thought has been going in my mind. We constantly complain about how her decisions MUST always be approved by many people before being made so of course her professional decisions are in this category. Do you think her music artistry would change if she ever gets 100% from the conservatorship? :ponderney:


I make this thread with all of my respect during this hard time for this fanbase to deal with all this drama because we usually tend to blind ourselves when it comes to expectations about Britney's career decisions. I'd like to know what you guys think? :yeaok:

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