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  1. What’s the time stamp? I’m a flop I don’t think I’ve ever listened to this more than two or three times.
  2. Of course pal, I don’t know what’s going on either, just two different perspectives I guess. And you’re right, referencing the general fan base, not you.
  3. Really? Why do you think she doesn’t want to do them? I think the post from a few days ago where she says about people have been so obsessed with her life etc sorta suggests that she is getting a bit tired of it all. I’m not even saying it’s 100% only her who decides to do it, maybe someone from her team does say oh maybe you should address things etc but I don’t see why when we always say ‘she should do a video to say she’s ok’ when she finally does that why we think she’s not the one actually behind the video. I think the FB movement is great and she undoubtedly has been a victim in areas of her life and exploited, but I think we’ve become so wrapped up in this battle that we’re focusing on the wrong things and making up spiralling narratives in our head too. It’s like watching a thriller TV series then going on Reddit and discussing the themes and Easter eggs and hints and secrets- but this isn’t that deep. If her team was able to ‘keep her away from her children’ would they not make her get all dressed up and go on TV with an actual interview to declare she’s ok? Look, I don’t know what’s happening like anyone else, but I’m choosing to believe what we hear from Britney is her, this gives me skinny as a needle video vibes.
  4. Or d) she is just enjoying playing around in her kitchen and posting stuff she thinks is cool, like she says. Maybe it’s time, finally, to accept Britney is just a quirky, normal person who doesn’t care about her image and is just doing what she wants to do. Her dancing/posting red fridges is not a conspiracy to keep her Locked up- that is not how the law works. Britney the person has always been goofy, quirky and in her own words a boring dork who likes the simple things. This doesn’t mean she isn’t fighting for freedom or wants to change the terms of her conservatorship, but that is being addressed in court by professionals and meanwhile she is just enjoying her money and doing what she wants- which isn’t what people would expect ‘Britney the superstar’ to do. She seems increasingly frustrated that fans are forcing this narrative that she looks nuts or in danger because she’s just doing her own thing.
  5. I actually love this honesty haha And this is a great example of how quick some Of us are to jump on theories/conspiracies and make assumptions etc You still Leaked a pic so congrats on the hit thread, basically did a BOMT and debuted #1
  6. It's crazy to think how much happened between the 2006 and 2008 adverts, Jesus! The 2011 one was so weird at the time and feels almost dark watching it now. It's so hard to articulate what was so off about her in the early phases of the FF era- I think she really came round towards the end/ European leg of the tour, but there was something very off about her early appearances/ the doc and performances.
  7. I remember people not being happy with this lol I think fans were really starting to realise that post-2007 Britney wasn’t coming back at this stage in terms of appearances/performances and things like this didn’t go down great. I think she looks great here!
  8. Hahah no that’s so good! Overprotected because the dog is in bubble wrap? And darkchild because it’s a ghost thing and remix with a DJ. I think you win.
  9. I’m such a flop I have no idea. Is it that charity song she did wear she wears a blindfold in the video?
  10. Scary? Scream and shout? How I roll? chilling wit you or any of BJ? I need a clue
  11. I don’t know number 1 2. If u seek amy 3. Me against the music 4. the hook up
  12. Seeing stuff like this makes me see why her team became so overbearing post-breakdown. People were really ****ty to her even before her problems started.
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