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  1. Of course I am lol, who said I'm not? I'm just commenting about the fact Britney looked uninterested towards her career and public image since ages. She wanted to quit since Blackout and that is a fact.
  2. This is never ever going to happen... can we stop pretending she is still passionate about her career? That's beyond delusional at this point.
  3. Womanizer breakdown >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything Domination so far Sorry but these choreos are just terrible.
  4. Rereleasing an old album would damage her career even more imho, it's like saying "yes I released this album but it wasn't anything I actually wanted to reach the shelves". I mean... It's like confirming it was a joke. No... she needs to focus on something new, change image and bury the past.
  5. Yeah, that's granted. But I'm completely uninterested in stuff that gets released without having the artist supporting it. It just loose it's potential shine in my book... I see an hologram show coming tbh.
  6. They're probably testing waters by releasing those unreleased tracks. They want to know if her name alone can feed the brand, knowing she is not willing to work anymore, conservatorship being in place or not. I'm glad both songs are gone already off the charts... I hate this crazy milking without her being even aware of it. I just want her to be happy, she truly deserves it. Also, come on guys, it's not brand new information she wanted to quit since forever.
  7. Too many bad choices chained one after another since the very start. Also, there was literally 0 support from the GP, wich probably isn't interested in new releases from her. So u have your answer.
  8. Her energy level on these is on point and I love that, but the routines are truly something to erase from this world... I detect that Instagram dancing style on some segments... So no, to say this is almost ONIX level dancing is just delusional, sorry.
  9. I don't like the song, but sure it's a missed opportunity to gain some popularity during a proper era. After all, it's all about the artists'name more than the actual product.
  10. I think I watched this video like... twice maybe? It's so bad, probably her worst one beside MM.... The only part I actually like it's when she is standing in front of the mirror. The rest is... meh.... Also the cast of that model being her partner is so random, I mean he is hot but Britney in this video looks like his mom...
  11. There were too many hints from her that suggest she is just tired being the Britney Spears. I think she just wants to live her life at this point, maybe having another kid and regain what she never had the chance to live without any pressure. I would fully understand and I want her to be happy. She may want to release a song once in a while, but honestly I don't see any big project coming, expecially when it comes to touring.
  12. Love it a lot! Thanks for posting it. ❤️
  13. It's not like her latest single was a hit. Slumber Party flopped hard despite the great video. I'll say it again, the GP is not here for new music from her, they just like to blast Toxic on their car and that's it. Her shows are also heavily builded around her past hits, so let's not pretend it's not just her hardcore stans that purchase her new songs. Otherwise longevity will be granted, period.
  14. GP check for BOMT and Toxic. Hardcore fans check for SITS. Calm down Cappy, longevity is what makes a song a hit and the fans aren't enough to grant it besides a blinking Itunes charting. #facts
  15. Well, it was stated that she is not even allowed to sign contracts... It's hard to believe she can actually decide what to do with her career... even small moves like releasing a 4 year old song (wich is far from being something Britney would do tbh). I'm not buying it.
  16. It was actually her last successful era, who has the guts to underestimate the success she had with FF?
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