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  1. Felicia’s last words to Britney made me cry. The second she said she’d make her giggle, I was done… God knows Britney hasn’t had a lot to laugh about for the last 13 years. I hope she will get the opportunity to truly smile after 29. September
  2. Not these ****ers monitoring us…… Jokes on them, it backfired in every way possible. Everytime I feel like it has reached it’s worst aspect, they manage to make the situation worse. I know now more than ever, Britney WILL get through this.
  3. He did Good! but it Also makes it clear that only Britney can do Britney songs
  4. Marina Samara Weaving has been liking her posts including the FreeBritney ones. Troye Sican has been liking her posts including the FreeBritney ones. same with Blake Lively
  5. Did Lana’s spirit possess her? jokes aside, I hope she gets to choose where and how to live soon
  6. I agree, but not the same thing. Britney’s been silenced for the last 13 years. Different thing
  7. This is part of the reason why I think she will continue music. Britney thrives on artistic expression. I really like how she expresses herself through the colors
  8. Yup. And I think after the conservatorship is over, IF she return to Music, she’ll probably go down in a league of her own.
  9. I don’t think she has TRULY wanted to do anything we have seen her do for the last 13 years as none of it was fully in her terms. She got more control over glory but that’s it I think
  10. She is the face, name and Brand. Trying to have more control should NOT have the repercussions it did. let’s say she wanted to be involved with EVERYTHING. So? She’s Britney Spears, the one who will be on the posters, in videos etc. they probably punished her
  11. I Feel like her tics/laziness ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. She was DONE with Piece Of me by the end of 2016
  12. I feel like she 100% has supported Britney behind the scenes. However I think that was in the beginning. As time went on she might have gone along with it.
  13. I Feel like we can appreciate awareness and desire for action without forgetting just how terrible the Republican Party is. Not mutually exclusive
  14. I really want Britney to sing, perform and dance because she wants to express herself and love it. But if she decides not to I will be sad, but fine with it. The point of fighting for her freedom is to AVOID things like the femme fatale tour and everything she addressed happen to her. That she never has to go through that ever again, and doesn’t need to perform against her will.
  15. Absolutely. I feel like we need an explosive documentary. The last one made people aware of her situation, but this one needs to focus on the conservatorship. The way it started, the early weeks, the femme fatale tour where she seemed completely out of it, and obviously the abuse she addressed. we already have video proof of her saying she is performing with a 102 degree fever. it will take time but they should be able to collect enough evidence for a part two I hope. One that exposes all the corruption
  16. Isn’t it better to start the fight as EARLY as possible? Especially if they will fight it no matter what? Britney seems to be in fight mode of. NOW would be the perfect moment for a petition that could possibly happen parallel with an investigation maybe? I just want all of them investigated and in jail asap what CAN we do besides watch?
  17. I don’t remember the details, but wasn’t there a random petition filed to end the conservatorship? But someone forgot to pay the money? Couldn’t we do that?
  18. I actually really like it. I Feel like if it had more Of an oomph, and was shorter it could’ve been a fantastic intro to her album
  19. Britney getting so much love and support from the world makes me so happy. Finally.
  20. At this point IDC. All Britney needs is herself and her BF, which she more than proved this week. she also needs Sam to file the petition to end the conservatorship ASAP.
  21. Idgaf if she performs for the next 5 years. I want her to be able to renovate her kitchen, and for forbid use HER money, as she likes
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