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  1. My goodness... Jodi is just as corrupt and psychopathic as Lou Taylor
  2. He's just gaslighting fans to try and delay the inevitable (Team Cship's being legally held accountable for their corrupt extortion of Britney's assets and life). If he's willing to treat the fanbase like this too, I can't even imagine the type of abuse she is having to endure NEVER stop fighting for #FreeBritney!!
  3. I just looked at his Instagram, just another MAGA psychopath like someone said earlier! What a disgusting excuse for a human, absolutely zero empathy even after seeing how traumatized and desperate Britney was for them to stop. Thank God she ran over his foot, she should've gone for the other tbh
  4. She herself is proving that Courtney's story is true! (allegedly )
  5. This is incredible that Courtney is speaking up so much about this! I wish she could spill everything but who knows what Lou and her fellow psychopathic industry predators would do to Courtney in that case. Correct me if I'm wrong though, but didn't Lou already step away from managing Britney's finances? There's no doubt in my mind she's still pulling strings and finding other ways to exploit the conservatorship, but I thought I saw a thread on it a couple weeks ago.
  6. I'm so glad this was made into a gif! Love Georgina
  7. I am literally shook. God is good Now for her to stay the hell away from Britney, forever (prison would be a bonus)
  8. My heart sunk. We can only hope this means that Jamie and Loucifer are really afraid of losing to Britney's legal team, but I hate that his expensive ($4k/hr) *** lawyers are being footed with her money. He is such a pathetic excuse for a father. I truly don't know how Britney has been strong enough over the past 13 years to weather this sort of abuse and control. Also, if you're feeling powerless and sad witnessing this whole ****ed-up situation as well, remember there ARE ways we can help free Britney! Boycott the Britney brand entirely (including merch, legal streams, perfumes, etc.) because this will dry up Jamie's money supply sooner so he can no longer hire any lawyers. Britney herself has been refusing to support the brand for a while now, which shows that we know she means business. Don't let #FreeBritney stop trending on social media, because the more eyes we have on her situation and her court battle (especially with celebrities and news sources, who have picked up the movement and supported it a ton), the better. Britney is clearly made of pure steel, but no one can be resilient forever, and the corruption in the California legal system is scary. I really do think this is the time where we have to keep helping her and supporting the court battle for her freedom by boycotting the brand and keeping the movement trending... please
  9. True!! Britney is their cash cow. I really do think her refusal to work or do anything to make money for the conservatorship since early 2019 (except for a video promoting in the zone, where she clearly looked anxious and like she didn't care) speaks loudly on how she feels about this situation.
  10. This is so disturbing. Whenever I have a single ounce of understanding or empathy for Lou and Jamie, something comes out that just confirms to me how demented and manipulative these human beings really are. It's interesting that Britney said Jayden and Preston are afraid of their grandfather back in 2008 - we know now from Jayden's instagram live earlier this year that he thinks Jamie is a **** and he can go die. That's a long period of time for this hatred and fear to exist. Not to mention Preston's abusive altercation with Jamie knocking down the door and shaking him. Clearly this man is unstable and treats everyone around him horribly, no wonder he paired well with Lou and her psychopathic tendencies. Free Britney, and throw these two in prison for life
  11. I can’t with all these people who didn’t read through the whole post This is a super compelling theory honestly! I feel like there has to be some truth in it, even if not all the symbolism is 100% accurate. Britney is definitely a very smart person and I wouldn’t put it past her to be “curating” these posts to get people talking and put more light on her and the conservatorship ordeal. She has never posted like this before - the detailed captions, the types of selfies, etc. I agree with you that she is the one behind these posts, and that in the past her team simply controlled her social media for the most part. We know for a fact that she has been actively rebelling the conservatorship since mid- to late-2018, and finally has her own litigation counsel to fight her father. Obviously we don’t know everything yet, but I‘m feeling good vibes about how this situation is going to end Britney’s perseverance and strength never ceases to amaze me!
  12. Whoa! I'm not surprised she deleted the tweet, the sheer fact that she even sent it out in the first place is HUGE since she's probably the most popular/followed celebrity today! Really hoping that big moves are being made behind the scenes by powerful people to get Britney out of this corrupt situation (and to throw Jamie and Loucifer in jail )
  13. This post actually lifted my spirits ahaha all the good energy out there for Britney! Eat ****, Loucifer.
  14. Wow, this is huge. No wonder Britney never wanted her father to be in charge of her finances, he's a moron and literally gives psycho Lou however much of Britney's money she asks for in a single email. Shouldn't this massive increase of income to Tri Star have been reported to the courts, per court regulations? Clearly this was nothing more than a big money laundering scheme from the beginning. Hopefully this big piece of evidence ends up supporting Britney's case and helps prove the corruption of the conservatorship. I can't wait until Britney is free and Jamie and Lou Taylor are rotting in jail. They are about as awful as human beings can get.
  15. The corruption in the conservatorship could not be more blatantly obvious at this point. Jamie and Lou can literally rot in the worst pits of hell. Glad Britney is finally seeing through the bribes to do anything to make money for them, though! She's stronger than we all realize
  16. Lol Lou is clearly a sociopath - if she doesn't care about anybody but herself and personal gain, then we ought to not give a **** about her (outside of putting pressure on the conservatorship)
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