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  1. Well she had the British accent going! I love it when she does that haha
  2. Yeah Lou is very much a sociopath but I can't imagine the huge amount of evidence showing her huge role in creating the conservatorship won't be looked through (especially with Rosengart leading the charge). Unless she has paid off Judge Penny... truly mind-boggling how ethically depraved these "people" are
  3. Idc what people are saying, she is free and allowed to post whatever she wants! Also, her body is banging
  4. Hopefully Robin gets jail time alongside Lou Taylor for the psychopathic ways they controlled and abused Britney for so many years.
  5. Wow... what a horrible human being Jamie is. He's clearly so jealous of his own daughter's talent and success and is deranged as hell. Hopefully once Rosengart can get her out of the conservatorship, Jamie gets a serious mental evaluation... because he needs one
  6. Keep the pressure on! It hasn’t happened yet. This is really exciting news if it is true, but ultimately only media statements have been made and Britney hasn’t been “freed” like some outlets have been saying. also the cship team needs to be investigated regardless
  7. Y'all this is scary... I sure hope nothing happens to her If there is a hell, all these psychos who stand to profit from her death are headed straight there
  8. This is truly just so disturbing. How can such a kind and sweet soul like Britney be the daughter of two psychopaths? It’s clear they’ve been grooming her her whole life to accept something like this happening, it’s beyond inhumane and exactly what Judy Garland’s mother did to her. It’s honestly miraculous that she is still alive, but as long as she’s under their control things are still very very dangerous. Just really hoping some sort of good comes for Britney out of this corrupt legal bull****. We are HERE for you always Britney!!!!
  9. Wow... we need to up the dirt on Judge Penny!! I feel like Lou must have paid her a ton of money or something :/
  10. Britney's family is trash. Sam Lufti is also trash I do think there's some truth to what he's saying about Lynne introducing Britney to uppers as a form of weight control. But he also was probably drugging Britney as well. Britney herself actually hasn't really talked about Sam Lufti since the beginning of the conservatorship though, which is very significant. Why does Team Con always insist on him being silenced/kept as far away from Britney as possible, given what we know about the abuse she has undergone by her conservators/doctors/etc.?
  11. Wow, reading this is really sad... especially the part about when he says if she is put in a conservatorship, then it will be "too late" for her. He really did care about her and not want to see her get torn apart by all the greedy people in her life. The downtown LA court system really is incredibly corrupt, and Britney can't get these past 13 years back, but she sure as heck doesn't need to lose any more. K-Fed and Kaplan need to be in jail for this
  12. This was so sad to read :( didn't realize Britney had such severe abandonment issues. That explains why she has had a hard time on tours in the past/being separated from her kids. It makes the type of abuse she has been put through in the conservatorship with being locked in the mental facility even more egregious if that is even possible...
  13. This! There's no proof at all that she posts, we were even told in the documentary that she just sends pictures/videos to someone (I guess Cassie) to then upload onto social media. It wouldn't make sense for them to give her control over her instagram and her social media image when she can't even see friends that live 8 minutes away.
  14. An absolute gem! Love her so much 😊 wish there could be a series of short videos like this of Britney commenting on/singing along to her old songs
  15. Wow. So many mixed feelings, but Vivian really is antagonizing Britney more than ever now and it really seems like she is just treating her like a money-making object, as opposed to a person capable of thought and feelings. Absolute monster.
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