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Jamie Lynn Spears says in 2007 her parents and management tried convincing her to have an abortion

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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On 10/22/2021 at 9:21 PM, B. Leigh said:



Ppl in this thread are saying this is coming from Lou and Jamie but this makes Lou and Jamie look worse and exposes a pattern in the family of denying women body autonomy and controlling cultish behavior...

I think this story is being pushed in TMZ by Larry...I think he has always been their source...

I agree Larry is an important source to TMZ, but in this case how could he get them an excerpt of the book, unles JL herself gave him permission? 

I think this is JL's doing. I doubt the general vibe of her book is going against her family but she can use this episode to buy herself some time and clear her name a little bit in the public eye. She clearly cares what people think of her, and this plays well to gain a little sympathy even if it is at the expense of her parents.

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Once JL is off of all of Britney's financial matters (in charge of a trust - seriously?) and Britney is FREE I can go back to simply enjoying ignoring her.

She is not the first child star to have a work horror story to share, unplanned/unwed teen pregnancy, grown-up poor, has an abusive father, etc.

Book would never be published unless she was Britney's sister, Lou's prodigy and published by yet another weird religious culty business.

Right now I am so on edge about November 12 and I wish JL was not a trigger of mine. UGH!!

Happy Sunday GIF

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On 10/22/2021 at 6:03 PM, G-unit said:

Wow.  Imagine being her grown daughter…hearing her own mom say that her grandparents wanted her aborted.

Juno really is shameless af.  Some things are better left unsaid for the sake of your children.  Hearing this will probably break her daughter’s heart…she’s so disgusting and will do anything for a little fame.

I completely agree. And I’m not even that outraged at the fact an abortion was brought up. I know some people many disagree but I believe it would have been a legitimate option for someone like JL at the time. Even so, there’s no reason to burden your own child with this knowledge. The fact that she’s going to such a hurtful and personal place is gross, especially since she claims to be a very private person. 

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All I can think about is people commenting on her phone being taken away….. SHE WAS A CHILD. That’s what happens when you disobey parents as children right?! You get grounded and things taken away?? My cell phone was taken away my senior year in high school because I went over my minutes and texts (yes I am that old). Just like I take away my nieces phone now when she’s caught looking up things she shouldn’t. 

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On 10/22/2021 at 11:56 PM, glitterfalls said:

Bold part: Some things never change!

I remember JL getting pregnant. Didn't she write a note to her mom telling her she was pregnant? I can't call it a ***** move. You know what you're gonna get from your parents. You know if you're gonna have parents that will support you or if they're gonna hit the roof and there's gonna be hell to pay.

Why couldn't she go to Britney first? I don't have any siblings so there'd be nobody to help soften blows if I'd gotten knocked up as a teenager. Britney could've been the calming influence (even if she was going through her own stuff at the time). 

if you read Lynne's book, despite lying and omitting things, it's pretty clear Britney was very distant from her family 2006-2007

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This story is really starting to annoy me since now whenever I see it the title is “JL says parents forced her to get abortion at 16”. And with so many people not willing to actually read the articles people are saying how awful she was forced an abortion…which she wasn’t, clearly it was given as an option but she has the child so no abortion was forced on her. 

it’s still really freaking awful that JL wrote about this story and now that daughter has to hear about how her grandparents- that are actively involved in her life - wanted her aborted 

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Juno gurl... what convenient timing jumping on Britney's train.  You should have announced that earlier, which actually could have helped in Britney's case tbh.

All annoyances with JL aside, this shows that Papa Spears just repeats the same nasty tactics his own father did to his wife who committed suicide.  He really needs to seek psychological help, because even at this old age he's still repeating that **** that traumatized him when he was a kid and hurting those closest to him.  Britney needs to get as far away from them as she can.

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On 10/24/2021 at 9:48 AM, ToxicMadLove said:

All I can think about is people commenting on her phone being taken away….. SHE WAS A CHILD. That’s what happens when you disobey parents as children right?! You get grounded and things taken away?? My cell phone was taken away my senior year in high school because I went over my minutes and texts (yes I am that old). Just like I take away my nieces phone now when she’s caught looking up things she shouldn’t. 

I'm short on time so I'm gonna try my damndest not to turn this into an essay post. And I should also say that I'm not defending Jamie Lynn with this post. I made a comment about "Some things never change" when it concerns the phone being taken away.

I put myself in Jamie Lynn's shoes...I'd already be scared ****less once I realized I was pregnant. There's another whole level of fear coming into it when it's time to tell the family. I point to the situation with Sean Preston...we don't know/might not ever know what caused that drama. I picture Sean might've been a smartass to Jamie, Sean walked away from Jamie and that set Jamie off even more. I was all over this forum talking about how it takes real strength and anger to knock a door down. We're not even talking about a teen possibly making a smart *** comment and walking away from his grandfather. We're talking about a teenage girl telling her parents she's knocked up. It was probably a nightmare being in that room. I still have the gut feeling some **** has been shifted around in this book and one probably will never know if JL was the one pushing for the abortion and everybody else was pushing adoption or if this narrative of they were pushing for abortion/adoption and I wanted to keep the child was the accurate one.

If you can be a man in your 60s and knock down a door in a moment of anger, what kind of **** is spewing out of the younger man's mouth/what's he doing when it concerns his teen daughter being pregnant?  I sincerely doubt it was sitcomland of "We love you. We'll love the baby. You know you both will ALWAYS have our support." I just picture a lot of anger, ya know? And it wouldn't surprise me if Jamie Lynn was called a ****** for being in that situation.

A phone is a lifeline. I realize you might have people like Britney that's in a freak situation and she's got to memorize numbers because there's no telling how many times she got her phone taken away and if she could try and call out if she could get her hands on any kind of a phone in order to get help. You might have some people that can have somebody hold their phone and call out names and that person be able to tell you that person's phone number in a split second. But I doubt there's many people that can do that. So for the person that's having World War 3 going on in the house, phone's been taken away and you'd love to escape to somewhere, what do you do? 

I look at these phone books that come to the house every year. I remember when I was a kid and you had the back cover and at least a page or two to fill out phone numbers on. It hasn't been that way for years. And I sincerely doubt a teenager would have telephone and address book so they could grab that book, go knock on a neighbor's door and ask to use their telephone. I bet that's the general attitude of at least 95% of people with a cell phone. Why the hell would I need a book when my numbers are in my phone?

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