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  1. I wish I could be that way. I truly want to just walk away from bull**** instead of it basically pulling me inside of a grave because I get so damn pissed at what the other person's trying to pull over on me.
  2. Absolutely the truth! I used to have more patience but that's long gone. I don't have any patience for bull**** anymore.
  3. Anytime I see those pics, I still go back to that looks like cancer weight loss. Not saying that it is...just makes me think of how Patrick Swayze looked towards the end of his life. And he's probably even skinnier than you think. Look at the clothes. It's not like they fit him. The shirt and shorts both look a bit baggy imo. Again, I might be wrong. I know stress can **** you up. Might absolutely be a case of "I don't feel like eating because I'm scared ****less I'm gonna be going to the slammer soon. Can't eat when this is looming over your head."
  4. Wish I could remember the appearance but I thought Britney resembled the actress Inger Stevens: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0828447/?ref_=nmmi_mi_nm
  5. Can you explain a bit more of what you mean? I know of the threads you're talking about although I got to the pie one a bit late and couldn't see the picture. Another user that saw the picture replied and told me what it was but I still couldn't make heads or tails out of the caption. Sometimes a lot of what Britney posts goes over my head so it might literally be a post of "I was making my kids favorite pie and it'll be done by 6pm. No analyzing needed." If it's about the kids, I still stand by what I said before. You make a date and you keep it unless there's a dire emergency. I realize we're talking about 2 teenagers (do they both have their learner's permit now?) and I'd hate if Britney was expecting them to stay for a few hours and then they got the **** out of there after 10 minutes. "Yeah, that pie looks good but we gotta go. Bye, love ya!"
  6. It's not the same thing and I'll be the first to say it's not. I take muscle relaxers when it's that time of the month since I have such bad periods. I'll take the muscle relaxer and I'll watch tv for a bit. I'll point out Mannix because I usually watch the episode even if I know it's gonna be good, gonna be dumb as hell or if I know it's gonna be boring. You got that perfect storm. If Mannix is a slow episode and I have that 1 Baclofen in my system, I literally stagger like I'm drunk. I'm not play acting or drama queening it up. I damn well know not to take that pill if I still have stuff to do around the house. It's only taken at night and it's definitely not something to take and then take a bath because I could honestly see some **** going down if I did that. That's one pill. There's no telling the amount of meds Britney was/is on and the disturbing thing is (imo) you wouldn't be able to tell it. Yeah, you might have some scenes of her looking bored. I'm talking about scenes where she's staggering around or just acting out of it. Meds can be damn strong, especially if they're going against you. My dad was in poor health before he passed away. He was one of these that literally had a duffel bag of medication. He got put on something...can't remember the name or even what it was for. He was tripping the **** out. And it wasn't funny to see. It was frightening to see him saying "Please look up on the internet how I can get these sticks and twigs off my arms." "I'm seeing hairballs rolling across the floor." One doesn't know if that medicine was just off for him or if it was a case of he was taking so many damn medicines and they're CLEARLY not mixing well with this new one and that's what's throwing everything off.
  7. I'm short on time so I'm gonna try my damndest not to turn this into an essay post. And I should also say that I'm not defending Jamie Lynn with this post. I made a comment about "Some things never change" when it concerns the phone being taken away. I put myself in Jamie Lynn's shoes...I'd already be scared ****less once I realized I was pregnant. There's another whole level of fear coming into it when it's time to tell the family. I point to the situation with Sean Preston...we don't know/might not ever know what caused that drama. I picture Sean might've been a smartass to Jamie, Sean walked away from Jamie and that set Jamie off even more. I was all over this forum talking about how it takes real strength and anger to knock a door down. We're not even talking about a teen possibly making a smart *** comment and walking away from his grandfather. We're talking about a teenage girl telling her parents she's knocked up. It was probably a nightmare being in that room. I still have the gut feeling some **** has been shifted around in this book and one probably will never know if JL was the one pushing for the abortion and everybody else was pushing adoption or if this narrative of they were pushing for abortion/adoption and I wanted to keep the child was the accurate one. If you can be a man in your 60s and knock down a door in a moment of anger, what kind of **** is spewing out of the younger man's mouth/what's he doing when it concerns his teen daughter being pregnant? I sincerely doubt it was sitcomland of "We love you. We'll love the baby. You know you both will ALWAYS have our support." I just picture a lot of anger, ya know? And it wouldn't surprise me if Jamie Lynn was called a ****** for being in that situation. A phone is a lifeline. I realize you might have people like Britney that's in a freak situation and she's got to memorize numbers because there's no telling how many times she got her phone taken away and if she could try and call out if she could get her hands on any kind of a phone in order to get help. You might have some people that can have somebody hold their phone and call out names and that person be able to tell you that person's phone number in a split second. But I doubt there's many people that can do that. So for the person that's having World War 3 going on in the house, phone's been taken away and you'd love to escape to somewhere, what do you do? I look at these phone books that come to the house every year. I remember when I was a kid and you had the back cover and at least a page or two to fill out phone numbers on. It hasn't been that way for years. And I sincerely doubt a teenager would have telephone and address book so they could grab that book, go knock on a neighbor's door and ask to use their telephone. I bet that's the general attitude of at least 95% of people with a cell phone. Why the hell would I need a book when my numbers are in my phone?
  8. And how can that not hurt? My cats are my family. Pets I had when I was younger I'd consider to be on par with younger brothers and sisters since I didn't have any. I'm older now and consider them to be my babies. I go into deeper levels of depression when I lose a family member. How can somebody write it off like "lulz, I just made roadkill of another cat. Guess I'll have to go adopt another one! " How can somebody not have the common sense to realize something isn't working? Either she needs to stop taking in cats or the cats need to be indoors if she's going out to drive somewhere.
  9. I'm on another site and the main thing I do is reply to snarks. I posted something on my journal when my dad died and left the entry public just in case there was anybody on that community that was wondering where the **** I went off to. I didn't get too deep because I sure as hell wouldn't want to go in depth after such a devastating event happened. I can see it be a 50/50 thing, ya know? Some people might post something on social media whether it's just in depth or a couple of lines to let people know why you're away and then there's the people that will go on as usual. I've said so many times that snark community is one of the few things that brings me laughter these days. I cherish that community so much so I truly get what you're saying about it being an escape from real life ****. And I'm a du*****. I didn't even notice this was an old post.
  10. Hope everybody gets what I'm saying. Was Britney even close to this uncle? I realize you can have aunts, uncles, cousins and not be close to them. I think barely seeing them might be one factor of feeling that way. Another factor is realizing "I literally don't have any desire to be close to these people."
  11. I wonder if it's a southern thing? Seriously. I WASTED my youth by being the bigger person, treat people the way you'd want to be treated, bending over backwards to still be nice even if I knew I was dealing with somebody I didn't like. Sometimes you do have to walk away. You HAVE to stop giving yourself away. And I wish this had been taught instead of this bull**** I lived with for so many years of my life. And it sounds like Britney was in the same boat. You keep the people you KNOW have your back and you have THEIR back. Everybody else can go **** off. And if you do make a date with somebody, you ******* keep it unless there's a DIRE emergency going on. "I can't make the dinner tonight because I have to go to the hospital or I just had a family member die, etc." It shouldn't be a case of "Yeah, I was gonna show up but something better came along. Bye!" I see people talking about how ****ty things are in today's time and you see people blaming lack of god and stuff like that. I just think it's a case of being raised and not being taught manners and respect for others--whether it be people or animals. But I also realize the other dilemma. How can you teach your kid(s) something if the parents don't know it either? "I can't teach your about manners and respect or you'll turn into the biggest ***** ever. You go out there and you better be willing to walk all over everybody and backstab whoever to get what you need in this life." I'm not down for living like this. No wonder there's so many times I feel like this existence is a cruel lab rat experiment.
  12. I truly hope justice is served in the here and now for everything Britney's went through. I know I go through my life feeling hopeless the bulk of the time. I just can't picture being in Britney Spears shoes and still feel like I'm talking to an empty room because nobody listens, nobody does a ****** thing unless the lights go on and the cockroaches crawl in all directions, how can you hang onto even a crumb of hope? It's disgusting.
  13. I'm such a du*****. I was just taking my bath and it dawned on me that I wouldn't have let comments like that go without commenting. Weight is something that gets under my skin...been there when it concerns being mocked. So I'd definitely be posting my two cents if weight came up. Came across a thread I replied to on here. But beware the reporter is saying "I always heard...." Stuff like this I do lean towards being in the direction of it being the truth. I'm going through my post history to see if I can see the Lynne/JL story cause I know I had to have jumped on that one too. Bingo. Again, I'm leaning more towards it being the truth since this family is truly that ****ed up. They would be the type to ***** about a Diet Coke.
  14. All I can say is words hurt. Whether it's written words or words said aloud. **** tends to stick with some of us. There's no way you can put the cat back in the bag once it's all out in the open. I apologize for bringing up cats since hitting cats with JL's car seems to be a hobby?
  15. Say what? Did Britney hold a gun to the back of her head? You two **** til a child's conceived. NOW.
  16. It wouldn't surprise me if stuff's twisted. Put yourself in the kid's place if she reads her mom's book. Wouldn't there be a sense of pain "My momma wanted to abort me." This family is so ****ed up and dysfunctional there's no telling who was pushing for abortions or adoptions and who wanted to keep the child.
  17. Bold part: Some things never change! I remember JL getting pregnant. Didn't she write a note to her mom telling her she was pregnant? I can't call it a ***** move. You know what you're gonna get from your parents. You know if you're gonna have parents that will support you or if they're gonna hit the roof and there's gonna be hell to pay. Why couldn't she go to Britney first? I don't have any siblings so there'd be nobody to help soften blows if I'd gotten knocked up as a teenager. Britney could've been the calming influence (even if she was going through her own stuff at the time).
  18. source for the daddy comment: https://www.newyorker.com/news/american-chronicles/britney-spears-conservatorship-nightmare As for the Lynne/Jamie Lynn story, I think it was somewhere on here for where I saw it. I've been trying to search through stuff and I'm coming up empty. Does anybody have a link to that story?
  19. Yeah, I'm with you when it concerns being a fan versus a stan. I go back to my default answer. Britney does stuff I wouldn't do and vice versa. Oh, you bet your sweet *** I'd be pissed if I had lived like Britney has during the c-ship. I probably would've already dropped dead by this point because my head probably would've exploded by this point in time. Imo I think the best revenge is getting out of this **** and reclaiming everything. Again, I don't know if the houses and expensive possessions are under Britney's name or what. If they're under Britney's name, everything should get sold. Cut everybody off without a penny. Update all important documents and make sure they never see a penny EVER. It won't resolve all grief and pain...but it's a start imo.
  20. ....Must admit my mind didn't go there. Feel tasteless saying I picture a nude picture with apple pie on her **** with the text talking about "Come lick it off." What in the flying **** did I just write?
  21. ???? I can't see the post but I can see the bottom text? Why include Marilyn Monroe? Is she wearing a Marilyn t-shirt or something? Don't think I'd want to be doing anything with Marilyn as of today...Idk, maybe I should say "I don't get it" and move on.
  22. Exactly. This is what Britney wanted. If you're a fan of Britney's you know she wanted that fairy tale life of having a family. They basically **** all over her dreams. Not just career wise. It's different actually being in the house with your kids versus "It feels like I'm big sis home from college while visiting with my younger sibs."
  23. I used to love cards like that tbh. If we're talking about Britney's real feelings, I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to shove staplers down the leeches throats. Chew on that for awhile.
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