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  1. I don't know. There's no telling what's going on behind the scenes. I don't know Britney so there's no telling if she just has anxiety/depression or if there's something more serious going on. I just wish her the best. I hope the leeches see justice and Britney can get any help that she needs--whether she's okay enough for all restraints to be lifted and she be free or she still have some stuff in place to look after her best needs versus the needs of other people wanting to make $$$$ off of her.
  2. Agreed. Same goes for any other artist I like. I'll easily admit when I don't like something or if something just sounds weak to me.
  3. I'm not too surprised. You got to have massive balls to pull this **** when your actions are already under the radar. Hope justice comes to all those that participate in this **** show.
  4. I think it's two different answers. And perhaps one of the answers is a silly one. I liked Gaga and her music up until that award show where Britney was being honored and I thought Gaga should've sat her *** down after a certain point. And maybe that's a silly reason for starting to dislike her. Maybe MTV set it up that way. Have somebody big and bold up on stage and people might notice that person instead of Britney being nervous, awkward, etc. Or maybe it'd calm her nerves by having somebody to bounce off of instead of Britney just being on the stage by herself. So maybe this stuff was just set up that particular way. I still don't like it, no matter who was the one that thought of it. Whether Gaga was coming up with this stuff on her own or some bigwig came up with the idea. But Britney's the one being honored, let her having her moment of glory. No pun intended. And I also think I just got tired of the weird ****. Just got to a point where the outfits and all that other stuff just seemed like it was being forced instead of it being natural. That being said, I'll still listen to a couple of her songs. I just don't like her anymore. I'm just writing from the point of frame I have where I said to myself 'ugh, enough'. Idk if she toned the crazy outfits and **** down or not.
  5. You're right. I'd do things differently back then if I could. I'd be more compassionate towards Britney and I also wouldn't have been clicking every news story either. I wish I had just unplugged and focused on articles that focused on her career. She's an entertainer and her personal life shouldn't be considered entertainment.
  6. Bold part: We just veered into weird territory. Who the **** wants to see that? I don't put celebs at some level where I think they're just perfect. If they have to pee, they pee rainbows because they're just that special and beyond the rest of us peon humans. I'd still like to shake Charlie Sheen's hand because he's the one that really got me to unplug from celebrities private lives. He's the one that did it. Something snapped inside of me and I finally got it. The only thing I want from celebrities is the projects they do for entertainment. I don't need to know about your kids, who you're dating, if you're getting married. I'll be concerned about you if you live the kind of life where you're hooked on drugs/alcohol. I feel for fans of Charlie Sheen because it had to have been hard for his fans to see him spiraling out of control and people are rooting his breakdown on. It was drastically different than Britney's breakdown where I felt like people wanted to stone her to death. But this isn't anything new. I'm a fan of Little House on the Prairie and I think I remember reading how it was a struggle of moving Michael Landon's corpse around so the media wouldn't get pictures of his body. I don't really get it. Why do people want to see pictures of dead bodies? Unless you got some sort of fetish, why? I don't want to see the dead bodies of celebs I like. Definitely don't want to see dead bodies of celebs I don't like. I'm just not gonna say anything. I'm not the type to say "Good. I'm glad that ******* finally died. Gonna make that picture into a desktop background because it brings me such glee."
  7. Okay, I'm probably gonna go against the tide but I appreciate the fact he says he doesn't give a ****. Again, I don't swallow these apologies that spew out of mouths just because they're catching heat. I'd rather somebody say "Yeah, I don't give a **** that I hurt you or caused you pain. Literally don't give a ****." versus "Oh my goodness, I'm sooooooooooooo sorry. I just didn't realize the pain I was inflicting on you. My behavior will haunt me for the rest of my life that I basically turned you into a sideshow circus for people to gawk at." *thinks and smirks* Wonder if that's enough to shut everybody up because I'm clearly not sorry in the least bit. *laughs* I made bank during that time period and it was on par with winning the lottery. Hell yeah. Only way anything will change is if the tables flipped and he was the one being harassed while going through a bad spell. Hate to say it but there's just way too many people that just don't know what it's like until they go through it themselves. And that goes for any topic you can think of. I kinda hate bringing this example up because I don't know what this guy's attitude is like as a grown adult. I had to do a project with a couple of guys in high school and the topic was about suicide. One guy said "you'd have to be stupid to kill yourself". It bugged me because my grandpa had committed suicide a few years earlier and goodness knows I think this **** has just touched base for quite a few family members. Depression runs down the family line imo. Even at that table I was thinking "And here I've been depressed and suicidal for years." But I sure as **** wasn't gonna admit that at the table. I caught enough **** at school without adding more **** to the pile, ya know? And the guy even said afterwards after I said that my grandfather had kill himself that he had a friend that killed himself. I think I was too busy being ***** towards this guy back then to seriously think about the disconnect. So you're saying your friend is stupid? Okay. Again, maybe this guy went through things in his life and he finally saw what his friend went through or what other people that are clearly in pain and just can't take it anymore. There's no telling how long people suffer in silence. I don't see it as being a case of "One bad thing happened. Think I'll go kill myself." Anyway, maybe this guy sees it now. Or he might be in his late 30s and still thinking "Yeah, you're still a ******* idiot for killing yourself. No question about it."
  8. Read this and thought it was an interesting article. And gotta speak up for my love of "Matilda" and "Mrs. Doubtfire"
  9. And tbh that still startles me. You gotta be all kinds of pissed to breaking a door down. And I can't even imagine the fear of the people in the house that he's that pissed to be doing this.
  10. This might be an unpopular opinion but it's been something I've been dwelling on since the Framing Britney documentary. I'll be the first to admit attention can be used for good. And perhaps attention to Free Britney is a good thing. This might come out sounding all mixed up and jumbled and I'm trying my best to explain how I feel...I do think there's something wrong with the c-ship. It's the general description of "How can you work so hard but you can't handle your own life? You either can't handle life and you need the c-ship or you can handle it and you can control your own life. Ease up on **** or get rid of it completely." I truly want what's best for Britney. Again, I hope I don't sound like crazy stalker or something. It's just that I like Britney and she's one of the few people I liked from my teen years that I still like today. I just wish people would listen to her. It's not like she's got the mind of a child and she literally doesn't understand what's going on. Listen to what she has to say and have people around her that will look after her (if she needs it) without using her as a lottery ticket or a slot machine that always comes up jackpots. IF she is sick and wants to cut down on her work load, listen to her. But there's an uneasy feeling going on inside of me about all this attention. Something just doesn't feel right when it concerns the media. I really hope this isn't a case of building Britney back up and we go through the process again. You have to wonder if Britney will ever be able to do anything without whispers of "Is she okay?" "Oh dear, I think they made a mistake freeing her. She's probably one step away from I just want to know what all of this means going forward, ya know? Whether Britney stays in the c-ship or is 50% freed or freed completely, will she be left alone? Or will it be fair game for the **** talking to start up again and her to be torn down again? Again, I wish/want the best for Britney. This isn't about performing or putting out a new album. This is about Britney the person. I just wish things hadn't gotten to this point. I wish the system were honest and trustworthy and there'd be no doubts that everything about this is fair instead of looking shady as hell. And this is probably one of the last comments I'll make because of how uncomfortable I feel. Maybe it's not the same thing but it feels like it's back to water cooler conversations again.
  11. Don't really know that much about Drew but she strikes me as being as being on par with Olivia Newton John. They both just seem like genuinely nice people.
  12. I'm in the south and it just bugs me how that's the narrative of "that's just the way southerns talk!" No. I've never said that word. Literally don't give a **** about the color of a person's skin. I care about character in a person. If you're a nice person, we're good. If you're an *******, well, nothing's gonna change that.
  13. Olivia strikes me as being a genuinely nice person. Wishing Olivia the best as well. <3 I'm in safe mode because of computer problems so I can't hear the audio to see if she touched base on her health problems.
  14. Again, this doesn't mean anything to me. It's not genuine. Just coming out because the heat is on. And truth be told, sometimes it's just too late even if it is a genuine apology. I think of people from my past that have hurt me. I don't want an apology because it won't take away any hurt or pain I went through or any damage I still carry around to this day. Sometimes "I'm sorry" is basically on par with how the adults talk in a "Peanuts" cartoon. Anybody that hurt me just needs to leave me alone in person or never talk about me again, ya know? I'll end this by saying Britney's a better person than I am. She's talked positively about Justin over the years, listening to his music and I honestly wouldn't have done any of those things. Not gonna sit here and say I'd **** talk. I'd just stay silent.
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