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  1. I'm such a du*****. I was just taking my bath and it dawned on me that I wouldn't have let comments like that go without commenting. Weight is something that gets under my skin...been there when it concerns being mocked. So I'd definitely be posting my two cents if weight came up. Came across a thread I replied to on here. But beware the reporter is saying "I always heard...." Stuff like this I do lean towards being in the direction of it being the truth. I'm going through my post history to see if I can see the Lynne/JL story cause I know I had to have jumped on that one too. Bingo. Again, I'm leaning more towards it being the truth since this family is truly that ****ed up. They would be the type to ***** about a Diet Coke.
  2. All I can say is words hurt. Whether it's written words or words said aloud. **** tends to stick with some of us. There's no way you can put the cat back in the bag once it's all out in the open. I apologize for bringing up cats since hitting cats with JL's car seems to be a hobby?
  3. Say what? Did Britney hold a gun to the back of her head? You two **** til a child's conceived. NOW.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if stuff's twisted. Put yourself in the kid's place if she reads her mom's book. Wouldn't there be a sense of pain "My momma wanted to abort me." This family is so ****ed up and dysfunctional there's no telling who was pushing for abortions or adoptions and who wanted to keep the child.
  5. Bold part: Some things never change! I remember JL getting pregnant. Didn't she write a note to her mom telling her she was pregnant? I can't call it a ***** move. You know what you're gonna get from your parents. You know if you're gonna have parents that will support you or if they're gonna hit the roof and there's gonna be hell to pay. Why couldn't she go to Britney first? I don't have any siblings so there'd be nobody to help soften blows if I'd gotten knocked up as a teenager. Britney could've been the calming influence (even if she was going through her own stuff at the time).
  6. source for the daddy comment: https://www.newyorker.com/news/american-chronicles/britney-spears-conservatorship-nightmare As for the Lynne/Jamie Lynn story, I think it was somewhere on here for where I saw it. I've been trying to search through stuff and I'm coming up empty. Does anybody have a link to that story?
  7. Yeah, I'm with you when it concerns being a fan versus a stan. I go back to my default answer. Britney does stuff I wouldn't do and vice versa. Oh, you bet your sweet *** I'd be pissed if I had lived like Britney has during the c-ship. I probably would've already dropped dead by this point because my head probably would've exploded by this point in time. Imo I think the best revenge is getting out of this **** and reclaiming everything. Again, I don't know if the houses and expensive possessions are under Britney's name or what. If they're under Britney's name, everything should get sold. Cut everybody off without a penny. Update all important documents and make sure they never see a penny EVER. It won't resolve all grief and pain...but it's a start imo.
  8. ....Must admit my mind didn't go there. Feel tasteless saying I picture a nude picture with apple pie on her **** with the text talking about "Come lick it off." What in the flying **** did I just write?
  9. ???? I can't see the post but I can see the bottom text? Why include Marilyn Monroe? Is she wearing a Marilyn t-shirt or something? Don't think I'd want to be doing anything with Marilyn as of today...Idk, maybe I should say "I don't get it" and move on.
  10. Exactly. This is what Britney wanted. If you're a fan of Britney's you know she wanted that fairy tale life of having a family. They basically **** all over her dreams. Not just career wise. It's different actually being in the house with your kids versus "It feels like I'm big sis home from college while visiting with my younger sibs."
  11. I used to love cards like that tbh. If we're talking about Britney's real feelings, I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to shove staplers down the leeches throats. Chew on that for awhile.
  12. I'm very curious about this lawyer. The rat's are supposed to jump off the sinking ship instead of trying to climb back on board.
  13. I'm glad that's fake because the girl's panties were giving me nightmare flashbacks of that POM outfit that looked like it was half of a skirt that came from different material. Probably not describing that correctly but I thought it was absolutely hideous.
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