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  1. I think she’s saying her brother thinks he’s HER . She said just because she’s wearing a coat like a doctor, does that make her one? Her brother wears a hat like her does that make him her? I’m confused about the dig about the skirt…is she implying he wears skirts ( acts like a woman).👀😂
  2. Y’all are gagging over the Justin reference and I’m laser focused on the part about her brother and remembering the account of someone saying Jamie said “I’M BRITNEY SPEARS “
  3. There’s no doubt in my mind that at the very least his mother tried to reach out to Britney. I honestly think she loved her like a daughter….. and she was always helping that family out. I remember reading she bought Lynne and Britney’s plane tickets back home when someone in her family died. Britney’s family was so ****ed up , honestly two financially irresponsible parents smh.
  4. NOT **** Eddie! He used to dance for Justin up until FS/LS. I was literally 15 and he tried to bring me on the dancers tour bus after the Justified/Stripped tour show. I hope they’re NOT taking advice from him. 💀
  5. That was messy… i feel like the boyfriend showed it to her and she reacted. He is ALWAYS looking at other celebrity posts and commenting. Anyway let me mind my business, if she likes it… I love it.
  6. Don’t do New York sis ….please. The paps will make you miserable the days leading up to it and of it.
  7. I hope he doesn’t try to go visit his friend Su (if you know what I mean) before his lawyer hands over the paperwork .
  8. He and Timbaland have a writing credit in the song only because they SAMPLED ‘until the end of time’ at the last part of if song. He didn’t write any actual lyrics for TSU! 😂😂😂
  9. I think it has to do with it being a full body shot when she’s answering questions…. Like she doesn’t know what to do with herself. When she usually does a full body shot it’s either her dancing, doing a fashion show or exercise.
  10. I don’t believe anything he’s saying BUT……..My friend is Schizo active and you would never know! He was misdiagnosed multiple times, but when they finally sorted it out w/ recalibrating his medications he was fine. Mental illness is not a handicap and I wish people would stop with that narrative. I hate that we even have people sharing stuff like this about someone supposed health. Like SIR your husband already publicly inserted himself into someone’s personal struggle before knowing the full story STFU!
  11. Well didn’t her boyfriend comment saying the internet would “explode” after the last hearing? This sounds like her to me…. She’s just mad. Also I’m sure her lawyer has advised her not to go too in depth with any accounts of abuse, because (if she still wants to have them charged) if she writes something one way on Instagram, and any statement she gives during trial differ in the slightest she can lose her case.
  12. Both can be true…. Maybe the actual tribute was touching to her but then when she’s in rehearsal and they’re telling her she can’t switch up her songs her mind is going back to them allowing her sister to do it.
  13. Honestly I feel like her father has felt emasculated by her role in the family. His history of being abusive shows he has low self worth. All her life SHE’S worked to feed HIS family , SHE’S put a roof over HIS family’s head, SHE was the breadwinner in HIS family. And she did all that without his help…. In 2007/08 he was finally able to control the one thing that probably in his mind kept him from feeling like a “man”. I felt this especially after reading how he stated HE was Britney Spears. The mother is someone that never had anything and will do anything to keep what she’s got. She plays dumb when **** gets real but honestly she’s the scariest kind of person to be around, because she’s about self preservation. the brother MONEY/entitlement The Sister I honestly believe resents her…. Also the sense of entitlement( I’m a Spears) from even early in the Zoey 101 days.
  14. I read she also made sure to bring up them vacationing at her Florida home when she was in the facility …. Weren’t her mother and her sister there twice a few years back? Her mother is ridiculous and this scramble to get her daughter “freedom” is a farce. I honestly think her brother and sister feel entitled but also somehow resent her, and that’s why they do nothing to help. You advising your sister she needs new council is doing jack **** when she legally was not able to get it. As a family member, even if she is bat**** crazy(I don’t believe she is) why wouldn’t you at least TRY to help her feel supported ? What would’ve been the harm in filing paperwork to at least get her a lawyer SHE picked?
  15. Not everyone that disagrees is Lou Taylor 💀. I don’t find it hard to believe she was able to support herself post Maddie and I gave examples of why. I’m in here almost everyday supporting Britney and denouncing her family, but I guess .... this is why you’ll turn people away from the movement.
  16. Sis LMFAOOOO that’s like a couple grand ‘IF’ it’s real(It looks like they’re at a venue), and she legit can make that just doing an ad on Instagram( which she does a lot of). Of all the ways she’s been a terrible sister, this living off her thing is NOT where I’d put her under. Jamie and Lynne definitely,they have like no income ...Brian I have no idea what he does(do we know?) and he lives in California, but Jamie Lynn can always use the fact that she’s Britney’s sister and was on a popular Nickelodeon show to get 5-10k in Instagram ad money you’d be surprised. Like I said she’s very shady in keeping quiet the way she has but I feel like she may resent her sister(which is worse).
  17. I don’t know about anything else she said but you guys are acting like she had some big mansion in Los Angeles, she stayed where she grew up for the most part and that area is dirt cheap. I’m sure by the time she had her daughter her house was paid off etc by her Nickelodeon money and she probably had enough to live comfortably. Look at her she doesn’t look like she particularly spends on extravagant clothes, make up etc ... she looks terrible for her age LOL
  18. The owner for most of the DC sports teams / the arena , said years ago ( I think she was dating Charlie at the time) that he’d been in the same elevator with her in a Chicago building and had a strange experience with her. He said he spoke to her(said something like “ Hi Britney, I’m Ted Leonis and you’ve performed at my area many times. We love your work “) and all she did was stare in front of her blankly ignoring him. Like at the time people were mad at him/ thought he was lying but if they would’ve looked deeper they would’ve seen the signs of abuse. She honestly sounds like a battered wife.
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