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An article in the independent suggests people can't accept the relationship to Britney and Sam, due to the 12 year age gap. Even states that this isn't the first time an older female gets harsh criticized for dating a younger man.

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Britney and Sam's relationship has always been questioned as Authentic.  


The independent finally has the answer why people questions it or uncomfortable. 


It's all due to the nearly 13 year age gap.


She's 39 and He's 27, but it's also ***ism as well, cos if Sam was her age, and Britney was his age. It wouldn't be questioned, it would be celebrated like he's the man, yeah, you go there dawg.


But, due to Britney being the oldest and a female it's being questioned to the point that it reminds of several high profiles, where one of the fellows was assumed gay..


Unfortunately that relationship ended up in divorce cos the media treatment and treatment from the public was so bad, it actually managed to ruin the love they had for each other and they started hating each other.  


But, in 2004 Janet Jackson said this comment when asked of why she was in a relationship with Jermaine Dupri, who was only 7 years her junior, and for females in Hollywood.  It just makes sense..


"With men my age it's like a competition of what they do to me, and how they got me to date them, with younger men, they're just interested in me as a human being who happens to be Janet Jackson, a celebrity ."


For the record their relationship ended due to the long distance, she wanted to stay in California, JD, is an Atlanta boy through and through and he'll never leave home. The long distance is what hurt the relationship..

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Ill be honest I dont believe a relationship with such an age gap (where the female is older) is meant to work in most cases. There gets a point in which what you want is not the same as what the other person wants.


For example eith my age i cant date someo r older than me who wants who wants to have kids in a villiage and have a quite life...

I do wish her the best and that it works! Anywsy sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment because nothing trully lasts forever

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Sam comes across as extremely mature and level headed and Britney is fun and energetic, so it levels out and works. Can totally see how people who don't know this can be quick to judge a 12 year age gap, but it's not like a 20 year old guy wanting to marry a 90 year old millionaire granny. Britney's beautiful inside and out and even if she was poor she would still be a catch for a younger man  - Sam is very lucky! 

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Well, I am not shocked with which women this didn't happen? Madonna was heavily criticised here in India a successful actress called Sushmita Sein is in a live in relationship with a 29 year old man while she is 45! This always happens with women, but if a man does it it's okay it's the the other way around. 

We need Britney to be free, and for once she makes a decision by herself people criticise in which boat people want to sail I don't understand? 


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I honestly didn’t think of their age difference until now. To me they were almost the same age actually. Personally I’m just iffy about the guy due to Britney’s history with men in her life. KFed and Justin have traumatized the fan base, so any men she ends up with, regardless of age, some of the fans will be iffy about them.

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1 hour ago, colormelou said:

Age gap is the least of her concerns with Sam. I don’t think ANY relationship with ANYONE can be healthy when one of the partners has literally had no legal rights throughout the relationship. It’s just obviously unhealthy to jump straight to marriage from that. 

i agree with this so much. i commented the other day, how she is trauma bonded with him. they've never had a "Normal" relationship and there will be some issues creeping up behind them for sure...its not my life, but if i was in her place i'd fully heal and find to myself first instead of jumping in a marriage or strong commitment...hes clever with the timing though...almost like she couldnt have said no because she would be alone in her final months to freedom..

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16 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

He looks older than 27 and there are people who claimed to work with him at Best Buy in the late 2000s lol Also his older pics of him when he was a teen had clothing and hairstyles like 2008

Some of you guys need to chill with your theories and spend your time on other things :spit_lmao_spitting_spraying_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_jlaw_jennifer_lawrence:

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