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  1. I can just picture her sitting with Lou taylor complaining about the hate. And lou taylor just telling her to " Make profit off of it then" And then the b itch of course went ahead with the idea. She's something else.
  2. The queen of arab pop just recently released a new album . These songs were teased ahead of the release:
  3. We all know she mean Satan when she says "lord" . That corrupt b itch. Choke.
  4. Yeah Cassie is doing damage control. "Where u got contact high" . Sorry guys im not buying this.
  5. Ew im legit gonna throw ip. Like wtf is wrong with u ? Im sorry i just hate her entire family. They all disguest me . What a freak.
  6. No he's the real deal. He represented Stev speilberg , sean penn and Madonna. He won't ruin his reputation for a billion dollars. In fact , he'll be the #1 lawyer in the world when he frees Britney . Lawyers like him considers his reputation before ANYTHING.
  7. Bro can this b itch just STFU already? She's so vile and has 0 sense of emotional intelligence. Just shut up. You were silent for 13 years cashing from your sister's misery locking her up in a horrible confined rehab DURING XMAS while you and the rest of ur sh itty family were livin it up . But no , now she wants to save face since the tables have been flipped. Stupid b itch. God she's insufferable . Cant believe how she turned out. She was such a great person.
  9. HEAR ME OUT , she looks great , dance moves arw fluid , she seems CONNECTED and "somewhere else" . Is this a new video? She doesn't look "medicated" at all. Im loving everything about this video. She just seems like the old Britney and is having fun. Idc what anyone says . Just look at her eyes and notice how fluid she is.
  10. Scenarios flip quickly. Britney herself spoke out and she's a WOMAN whos being treated as a prisoner so this is a massive deal in our social construction. No media outlet in its right head will question anything. Plus, it is more profitable to side with her now than be against her. We're all just very used to the 2007 era media where they just want a woman to slip so they could tear her down and ********* bully her till she's officially a loser. That is LONG gone. MJ's reputation was flipping like a light switch back in the day , one day he's a pe** and the next literally everyone would defend him and play his music. On the other side you are right though. It be some form or way for pop culture to revive again and become a hot topic . Then boom all money on her when she puts out an album, documentary and book. It's all hollywood and it's all business. Britney would bring nothing to hollywood if she wanted to be a mum and be at home which maybe lead hollywood handlers put her in a C-ship. But all in all , our girl have had it from the abuse.
  11. "All or nothing" mentality. He knows what he is at this point , he knows what's happening so he's just literally fighting and bullying his daughter. That's power and authority driven people, once you , me or anyone becomes in TOTAL control of someone and their life you just want more. The moment things get out of your hand , you start attacking because you believe it is YOUR RIGHT to have this control you had for a LOOOONG TIME. "Be weary of others the ones closest to you" HITS DIFFERENT NOW. This case is literally teaching me life lessons. You guys think our parents would do the same if there was this much money and power involved? *** ****.
  12. Oh God. May God be with Britney. Is it true tho guys? The scums are usually correct about court docs
  13. They don't care if she's even Dead literally. In fact they're all waiting for that to happen so they can quickly grab that piece of cake and run with it. All of them are monsters. Can her kids be 18 already so this piece of trash finally gets a job? I'm seriously judging the American system, it cannot be this corrupt.
  14. What a despicable move my godddds *** **** seriously this despicable waste of space? Can he and his lawyer just fff disappear? *** **** everyone wants money, she's literally $$ to them all.
  15. Um how about hearing it?? Im seriously heartbroken just by hearing it. And im not even saying this as a fan but a human being.
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