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  1. More delay tactics to waste Britney's money no doubt. Further apathy and silence on Ingham's part, as seems to have become the norm since Vivian came on board on the other side. Hoping Lynn comes through and continues standing up for her daughter though.
  2. So basically Vivian's doing that crappy lawyer thing where she can't justify the expenses so instead slings mud at the other side. She'd make a great politician.
  3. It's all a bit... desperate. These dinosaurs are stuck in the early noughties using scare tactics which used to work, but I think if you keep throwing lawsuits at people for their free speech in this day and age it's just going to **** people off and spread even further on social media.
  4. I would love to see Lutfi explain how he also came to hang around Courtney Love and Amanda Bynes, who were then deemed mentally unstable and in need of conservatorships (albeit unsuccessfully with CL thankfully). It's quite the coincidence.
  5. With the privacy thing, the key is that it's on their terms. If they want to do press now they get to choose who with and when, plus now they're self sufficient financially they can have security to make sure their son is safe. They were literally gagged before and expected to just smile through it all. I don't think they've ever said they want to step away from public life completely, unless I've missed something. The closest thing I think has been said is in a speech made by Harry shortly after their departure was announced where he said that they were hopeful for "a peaceful life". They can now say their piece, go on a nice family day trip somewhere and just chill if they want to. No more having to get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and put up with disapproving side eye from other family members if they dare to not do what they're told. I dunno, I imagine getting your truth out there is quite cathartic. If there were people out there believing that I made my sister in law cry when it was actually the other way around I'd want that cleared up too because it's just plain unfair. Even more unfair is racism towards your own child - screw that. I wouldn't want him growing up in that environment either.
  6. "Daddy loves you" - puke. She's 39, not 9. Could they get any more emotionally manipulative? Respecting your daughter would be communicating this to her outside of the media so that she process it privately, not announcing it to the whole world when you no doubt know full well that she is unable to speak out publicly herself. Plus if people are wrong and she does have the opportunity to speak out, then clearly she doesn't want to. So it's disrespectful and manipulative either way. I bet they're doing this to goad and get a response from the other side so that they're distracted from going over the accounts. Kudos to Britney for remaining dignified and mature throughout this, it shows so much strength.
  7. What a load of nonsense Vivien's talking. You can both love your daughter and still be a crap, dysfunctional father with zero self awareness (or self control when it comes to his grandkids). They're not mutually exclusive.
  8. Yes! Particularly when they have 25 million YouTube subscribers and rack up a few million views per video.
  9. Is she even worth cancelling? She seems fairly irrelevant and I don't think anyone with two brain cells to rub together would give her the time of day anyway. I remember looking her up on YouTube a while back because I'm in the UK and was curious about who she was: I had to click off the video after only two minutes because she was just needlessly loud, annoying, self absorbed and blatantly not very intelligent. If that's the only 'celebrity' publicly supporting Team Con then it just makes them look all the more pathetic frankly.
  10. Yeah, this. I think it was also seen as Jamie's time to shine and step up too, almost like a redemption arc. When it comes down to it both Lynn and Jamie are really simple people and were way out of their depth; they were extremely easy to manipulate
  11. Yeah I agree, Crowd Surf advertise that they do "digital PR" for their clients and all I'm getting from Cassie's statement is that they've allowed a certain type of content to be posted knowing that it encourages trolls and negativity. Even if it's what you're paid to do I think it's morally and professionally questionable. There doesn't seem to be much quality control either. For example, this photo from May 2019 with the Photoshop on it was initially not spotted (even though it's glaringly obvious) and is still up to this day: Even if it was Britney who tried editing that photo, if someone with some imaging skills had checked it over they could probably have fixed it in 30 seconds. If this company is being paid to look after Britney's social media and her public image then why didn't this happen? If all they're doing is posting photos that Britney sends on then why are they needed in the first place? I thought Jamie was concerned about money being spent while she's not working?
  12. I feel like once Britney's out of the conservatorship she is going to have so many opportunities open to her. She'll be like a phoenix rising from the flames (while a select few people burn below her). Imagine how lucrative a book deal alone will be for her. I can't wait, so looking forward to seeing her creative freedom.
  13. I don't get what was supposed to be so scandalous about her website to be honest. There was a screenshot of a 5 star review for Jodi Montgomery but I think anyone could have left that (?) It just looks like a really boring directory where you can look up lawyers and conservator type people.
  14. Lisa's an LA lawyer who's been campaigning for conservatorship reform for a while from what I gather, so has been publicly supporting Free Britney. She offered to provide Lynne with free legal assistance during Surprise Witness's livestream, then shortly after that the website she runs went down and Lawyers for Britney started trying to cancel her on Twitter. I've seen Lisa publicly calling out lfb on Instagram before now for their stanning of Ingham. She hasn't been afraid to openly criticise him.
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