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  1. I just dunno about her Instagram. If it is Britney then I want to be supportive of her because she looks and is amazing, however It does seem a bit coincidental that a topless photo was posted literally within an hour or two of that old 2009 court document being uncovered where they'd listed her as deceased (sinister AF if it's genuine). Everyone's now talking about her ***** rather discussing that. It's reminiscent of something controversial being posted on her Instagram a few months ago (can't actually remember what it was now) at the same time that Jamie's extortionate expenditure on legal fees were reported on court documents. The media ended up fixating on her post and it completely overshadowed the important stuff.
  2. Great article, it seems crazy looking back that settling in your early twenties was the norm - it's sooo young! Your brain isn't even fully developed until your mid twenties.
  3. Eh, he's irrelevant in 2021 anyway. If Perez is one of the few people who actually supports the Spears family then that reflects badly on them frankly. The most productive thing you can do is just ignore him.
  4. "She's stopped me from making a lot of mistakes in my life" ...said with a straight face while sat there dressed up as a bunch of grapes.
  5. She's not working so she doesn't need to pretend to be polished all the time or to keep up with the kids. The older you get the fewer ****s you have left to give about all that anyway.
  6. Society is misogynistic towards the way that women are expected to conduct themselves and it frustrates me no end that this mentality hasn't changed in the 13 years since Britney was put under the conservatorship. When a woman is anything other than sweet or smiley she gets labelled as unstable, cold, a *****...you name it. If a man were to have an angry outburst people would most likely either not bat an eyelid or would otherwise praise him for being real, passionate and telling it like it is. Most workplaces I've worked in have been male dominated and I've seen examples of this attitude time and time again.
  7. I don't think it's a strange topic at all, the third eye is taught in yoga and is all about spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It relates to inner peace and is a very positive teaching. I wonder if by saying that her third eye gets closed once a year she means that the memory of a traumatic event disrupts her spiritual well-being.
  8. Yeah it's pretty gross actually, I'm not surprised that made her feel uncomfortable. Would have been brilliant if the video featured her whipping a bunch of old lawyers in suits instead, with extra long neck ties as leashes. 😁
  9. He's just not publicly active so it's out of sight, out of mind. Andrew Wallet deserves way more exposure too for his involvement but you barely ever hear his name uttered.
  10. It's baffling. Why not just use a well known lyric from one of her own insanely popular, chart topping singles? Oh wait...
  11. I agree, I think they've made it look so unlike a Team Con move that people are left baffled and start questioning whether it really could be Britney. They have nothing to gain from directing people to the new Toxic podcast that's dropping tomorrow, however perhaps they consider that a worthy trade-off if it means that people start thinking that Britney truly is in control of her Instagram. From there, they can go back to the old status quo of dragging her image through the mud and attract the "ARE YOU OK?" comments. I bet they're desperate to gain back some ground with tabloid manipulation at this point.
  12. Yep, he's realised there's no possible way he can stall the inevitable any further. I think he's getting the hell out of Dodge before the **** really hits the fan.
  13. I'm struggling to believe that someone who allegedly purposefully sent Britney to therapy in a public place knowing that she was terrified of being photographed by the paps while vulnerable and in tears truly has her best interests at heart.
  14. I hope he calls their bluff and lawyers up. Team Con will surely be verging on defamation if they attack him too publicly. I would get a bodyguard and extra security too. Sounds extreme but things are getting ugly and if I were Sam I just wouldn't take any chances!
  15. Absolutely nothing I imagine, unfortunately this is something that happens quite often in dysfunctional families with a toxic parent at the head. If one child dares to speak up about injustice or abuse within the family (or chooses to no longer speak with the parent) then they become the family scapegoat/black sheep and the remaining family members turn on them. It's pretty much cowardice and sticking their heads in the sand, particularly from Lynn who has been a textbook enabler.
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