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  1. Curious is hand down my forever favorite, followed by private show aka the only two that I have ever bought.
  2. I loved this album back when it came out. I’m going to have to look into this rerelease. Sounds awesome
  3. If true then this is ridiculous. A, she’s fully vaccinated. B, the LA country courts probably have back doors for the famous after Lilo’s multiple appearances and new paparazzi laws. And C, couldn’t bodyguards take her there.
  4. This is the biggest duh headline that I've seen all day today. I had a feeling that her testimony would be kept under lock and key. Fingers crossed that excerpts of it are put online, but I'm doubtful even that will happen.
  5. This will get settled out of court for some undisclosed amount. Also, I always have felt that Scooter was a poacher of sorts when comes to getting clientele over the past few years. Also feel the same way about Scott B. and talent and that this was why he had to sell big machine, but that's just my opinion.
  6. As human beings we are all hypocrites in one way or another. Some of us are just better at hiding our hypocrisies than others. And Demi ( and like at least half of Hollywood) is just plain terrible at it. Get yourself a new PR team sweetie, they aren't doing you any favors. Oh, wait the problem is you, not them, never mind.
  7. This is government corruption on full display. It has to stop. The right to an attorney is in the frickn constitution. Britney deserves that right. #FreeBritney
  8. This instant I saw this post I know y'all would be going down the rabbit hole. When it comes to trying to find hidden meaning a celeb's instagram post I swear Britney fans outdo swifties by a mile, even if there's no hidden meaning to said post.
  9. Well, she did say that she wanted a career like Britney's in one of her first auditions for Disney Channel.
  10. Anybody else thinking that she might throw some jabs at Paris Hilton in this? So glad that she has gotten her mental and physical health in check and is getting back to work on film sets. Hopefully she will become a Netflix rom-com queen like Lacey is on Hallmark.
  11. Did any of you read his interview with Variety? I really liked it. He seems like a nice guy. So glad to see what he's liking online. What you like on social media speaks volumes since actions do speak louder than words.
  12. I have to get a new computer at some point so I was hoping to just let it sit my CD booklet collecting dust and not reload it into iTunes when I get said new computer. There are a few good tracks on this album though so a T-swift style re-record with the removal of the bad tracks replaced with better ones is not a bad idea. However, I'm forever in agreement with BSMichelle on the fact the Britney Jean should have been an EP and not a full album.
  13. I am about to say something that I feel everyone in the Exhale community should know: Every US celebrity magazine/tabloid is owned by the same company (I am 99 percent sure that company is called AMI) except for People Magazine. This why Stories in OK or Star can sound very similar to each other.
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