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  1. Considering I haven't watched since 2009, I guess this makes sense. Also, 900K in the age of streaming is not terrible for basic cable, just mediocre.
  2. She probably should be worth around 200-350 million, however scuzz bucket's lawyers fees and miss slime bot's "management" fees probably have drained her of at least 100 million over the course of this c-ship.
  3. This my stance on this take it or leave it. Also as someone who works retail we are not allowed to be the mask or vaccine police. Corporate won't allow it and if you don't wanna get it fine, just remember the above quote.
  4. Why should I care what this moron has to say? Seriously. Somebody tell me why.
  5. I hate to break it to you, but trouble for me is femme fatale track. The bonus track on circus was called trouble. I can see why you'd mix the two songs up as thematically they're almost identical.
  6. I could see her eloping with her boys, Sam's sister, and maybe Matthew Rosengart as the only witnesses. I do not think that she wants a press spectacle at her wedding. Just those who truly matter to her. Maybe she or Sam will post an instagram photo or two, but I highly doubt it.
  7. The ONLY late night host from that time who actually cared was Craig Ferguson. He didn't joke about her once. I'm sure that one monologue he did back in 2007 has been circulated around Exhale hundreds of times.
  8. Artists have done far worse to get out of record contracts. I believe Neil Young purposely released an album full of terrible songs (in his mind) just to get out of a record contract. If true, I do believe that there will be little to know promotion of it. It would probably be called the Glory b-sides and that will be that.
  9. At this point she has to be aware that people know who she is and what she's done and that by posting things like this, she's inviting trouble into her comments section, right?
  10. This why I said yesterday to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The fight to end this c-ship has officially begun.
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