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  1. Are you sure you're not mixing this up with Hey Ma? I don't remember hearing this and cant' find any info But to be fair, a lot of songs get offered to big a-listers through their labels/managment, people are probably still offering hundreds of songs per year for Britney lol
  2. Don't underestimate the cheap stans. It will probably be ripped from netflix 1 hour after release and shared on every possible site ever
  3. I mean I understand where his comment is coming from. You can be happy about the documentary and still frustrated that people are making money out of the situation. Also knowing the fanbase, half of Britney's stans are going to watch the documentary pirated without any remorse anyways lmao
  4. There is vocal minority calling the show problematic and I've seen even some people wanting to censor/remove episodes. I mean it does have same problems as every other tv-show until like 2005; "fragile masculinity" (as in borderline homophobic jokes), lack of diversity (virtually everyone are white), almost predatory flirting (joey), fat shaming (young monica) etc etc. While I personally do find some of the jokes very dated and some of them really unfunny or offensive, I always try to remember that this show was made from a different time and it reflects different values than that we celebrate nowadays.
  5. She's been teasing this album even before ANTI was released. I mean that was like 6 years ago.
  6. Well, most stans were really either oblivious, delusional or questioning the truth. After Femme Fataleney many stans started to jump on to the same bandwagon as GP; they thought that Britney needs the conservatorship and it's none of our business to talk about it. I can forgive anyone in 2019 not believing it at first. However, by now, if you don't 100% support #FREEBRITNEY... I will find you and I will change your mind (no seas cortes) forcefully
  7. This reminds me of our own #FREEBRITNEY thread which had over 2 million views? Whatever happened to that thread...? Edit: found it by sorting
  8. I don't know, but I feel like it's not. Netflix posters are always way busier
  9. I'm sure this is what Britney herself wants too. Even if she sounded pretty nervous last time, she KNEW that finally her voice is being heard loud and clear and it must have felt so good. I hope they'll agree to do this
  10. Think of the positives; once she's jailed she can't sneak away to the Philippines and will held accountable for her crimes against humanity, including Britney ALLEGEDLY
  11. I wouldn't blame her for anything. Pretty flops flopped because it was cheap money grab, a literally recycled production for song that was rejected by like 50 other artists before Britney and the only promo for it was one singular performance and when Iggy tried to tell salty stans that it's not her song (aka it was Team C's job to promote the song) she got backlash on social media and even ""Britney"" (it was so obviously NOT her personally) bashed Iggy on twitter. Seriously one of the low points for Team C
  12. "It's all due to the nearly 13 year age gap." Not all tbf, I've seen more people bashing him because he's not celebrity, or at least wasn't when they met, and how he's supposedly using her for money and/or fame and attention (see: the recent prenup controversy). Haters will hate for any reason whether it's logical or not
  13. Not to be that annoying ***, but I usually call this one rearrangement, since it has completely new vocals, similarly how the "Bonus Remix" of BTMYH just actually uses the original unused vocals
  14. Honestly, I wouldn't even care if she returned and lipsynced again because I know that happy Britney can and will slay with her energy.
  15. -It came out in 2013, when EDM was very popular in both underground and pop music. Electro house and big room music was especially popular so it fit well on the radio and streaming services. -It was during Will.I.AMs solo peak era. While the album was pretty much flop, all of the singles did relatively well -It was also after the hugely popular Femme Fatale era so there was still a lot of hype around Britney. Oh yeah and don't forget that it was also premiered at The X Factor which Britney was part of so that also gave some popularity boost to it
  16. Just because Britney used to create magic with someone doesn't necessarily mean that it could happen again 20 years later. Just look at Max Martin nowadays, he's creating totally different music than he used to 20 years ago. But once Britney is free and possibly inspired to work again, I hope she gets to choose who to work with (instead of her label), whether it be Nigel D, Max Martin, Danja or Randee St. Nicholas () etc or completely new roster. She needs to have creative freedom and to be comfortable with her work.
  17. I may sound like some kind of elitist, but I feel like songs from Oops...! are always underrated in these lists because of the albums uniquely advanced production. I mean this is probably the reason why so many fans rank Oops...! album so low in their mind, most of the songs have so many layers, harmonies, hidden vocals, variations and unusual chord progressions but people only listen to them once and think that they are aged and basic while they are timeless and resplendent. The list itself is okay. I'm kinda bored of having mostly singles appear on these rankings, but hey at least Stronger is finally getting what it deserves instead of always putting toxic at the #1 place
  18. I've tried to like his music but I can't. For me the current pop scene is tired and needs a complete overhaul sound and image-wise. Also, forcefully being controversial is so 2009. That being said, I wish him nothing but the best since I don't have anything against him personally
  19. For any people saying that Amanda, or anyone else with similar conservatorship (including Britney) needs, or ever needed conservatorship; FYI there's a lot, I mean A LOT of alternatives to it. In fact conservatorship should be the absolutely last resort when nothing else works and the person is unable to take care of their basic needs. It's funny that some people just agrees that it's okay to have another person to take LEGAL OWNERSHIP of someones human rights and their money just because they went through harder times or are disabled. Conservatorship (guardianship) has always been problematic and faulty system and people under it around the world have fought against it for years, even before Britney's case. These people wouldn't be under one if they didn't have huge amounts of money.
  20. Awards shows are a relic from the time when people used to go on music stores and BUY albums/singles, and artist had to be creative with their songs, music videos, performances and tours to lure people to buy those albums/singles, meanwhile nowadays artist can produce endless amounts of generic filler songs to spotify and albums are meaningless collections of those spotify songs. Artists nowadays get awarded for being mediocrely popular
  21. It used to be, but I think it was area restricted in many countries for some reason. Now it seems to be totally removed from her page (the singles section) and you can only find it if you have the link
  22. Seems like it was also removed on youtube and other platforms too. If you try to open the link on youtube, it leads to "twister remix" Edit: it's still on Apple Music
  23. Beyoncé album sales: 115m Net worth: $420m Jennifer Lopez album sales: 70m Net worth: $400m Katy Perry album sales: 143m Net worth: $300m Lady Gaga album sales: 125m Net worth: $320m Christina Aguilera album sales: 75m Net worth: $160m Britney Spears album sales: 100m Net worth: $60m Either a lot of money is missing or someone spent all of them (which would be really against the idea of conservatorship tbh). We have to remember that Britney also toured actively from 2013 to 2018, selling out almost every night with average ticket price being $150 so her tour grossed like $500k-900k per night. I mean of course there is taxes and royalties and salaries of all the people around but let's be real, there's no way her net worth is under $100 million when she can only spend around $2000 per week (~100k per year) and has lived in the same mansion since like 2015.
  24. MADtv was always pretty harsh and somewhat offensive but they were still very funny without just mocking her appearance/mannerism. This one was my favorite
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