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  1. And I think Kevin's 'argument' was that the boys were used to a lifestyle with their mother that he was unable to match unless she paid up more. I mean, anyone with some talent and a real job could have greater earning potential and buy their kids more stuff. So I can see how this was the quite the predicament for K-Fed. 🤔
  2. I think she just loves dancing, probably does some every day anyway because it's a passion and switches the camera on while she does it. It's just so real and unpolished that people don't know how to react to it because we're so used to celebrities and influencers in general being obsessed with image and how they come across to their followers.
  3. Sam comes across as extremely mature and level headed and Britney is fun and energetic, so it levels out and works. Can totally see how people who don't know this can be quick to judge a 12 year age gap, but it's not like a 20 year old guy wanting to marry a 90 year old millionaire granny. Britney's beautiful inside and out and even if she was poor she would still be a catch for a younger man - Sam is very lucky!
  4. Glad they're no longer around to spread false information and mislead people. Just after Rosengart came on board they posted a copy of some legal guidance or other implying that he shouldn't be speaking to the press following the hearing, however if you looked at the website where it came from they had conveniently not included the part further down the page which confirmed that speaking to the press was an acceptable thing to do in certain circumstances, such as a high profile case. Ugh and all 'Kingham' rubbish too, good grief.
  5. Yeah, I think this is most likely it. In the Netflix documentary Vivian was saying that conservatorships can be in place because the conservatee is susceptible to undue influence and I'm assuming that has been one of the arguments in favour of Britney's conservatorship. By removing herself from social media and the spotlight when media coverage on her is particularly intense it sends out the important message ahead of the hearing that Britney is capable of self care and self preservation: she doesn't need anyone to make that decision for her.
  6. Unless she knows Britney and Sam personally how can she possibly judge? Plus better to be a childlike adult with a glittering career and a hunky fiance than a *****y old hag churning out crappy videos on YouTube for mediocre views.
  7. Yeah that's my reaction too, it's gross. It sounds like the sort of thing an abusive spouse would say. I wonder how many times Lynn has heard that one.
  8. I hope she moves out of LA to somewhere quiet and safe that's difficult for the paps to get to (like up a mountain in Switzerland). It will probably be very overwhelming for a while and the last thing she'll need is to be stalked and harassed while she adjusts.
  9. Pfft, this is desperate. 🤦😂 It's one of those ridiculous marketing things dressed up as an 'award'. You pay money and they feature you as having won something. The company I used to work at would be invited to participate all the time in things like this and really it's just paying money to have some media publication say that you're great. https://www.greatlegalmarketing.com/library/beware-best-lawyers-marketing-scam.cfm
  10. The only recent thing the media has reported on Jamie Lynn is 2 days ago when she randomly posted a photo of Britney's sons, which says it all really.
  11. Without any further information to go on I'm not really seeing the scandal. We don't know the likely motivations behind those involved, their relationship history with one another, how well the brother is looking out for their mother or their mother's medical history. What we do know (as far as I'm aware) is that Jason Rubin doesn't appear to have any allegations of conservatorship abuse against him, unlike Jamie and Jodi.
  12. Yes exactly. If it were true and she's supposedly as ill as they claim then things like this should be very closely monitored. If anything if it were true (I'm saying that but let's face it, it's utter nonsense isn't it?) it would further prove that the conservatorship isn't helpful and that she doesn't have caring people around her.
  13. Yes, all of this! I'll add too that PTSD and trauma causes a lot of irritability and mood swings. You can't heal in the environment that made you unwell, so outbursts are actually a very human, sane response to an impossible situation. I have nothing but empathy and respect for Britney and I believe her because I find what she's saying to be entirely realistic and plausible. I don't think anyone can really fathom how much of an abusive, twisted, manipulative POS a 'father' can actually be unless they grow up with one themselves.
  14. I think this person's tweets are spot on. It can be extremely difficult for a neurodiverse person to understand why people say the things they do and there can often be a naivety to it. Logically we would all tell the truth and there wouldn't be all these subtle nuances. Life would be more straightforward if people would just flat out say exactly what they think without ulterior motive, but it doesn't play out like that. Realistically in order to be aggressive Rosengart has to play the media game with Jamie and fight fire with fire.
  15. Are they just physical folders then? That's worrying. Surely they would just be archived somewhere and an admin worker or whoever would need to box them up ready for collection. Now I'm wondering how Vivian is even aware that Britney's lawyer doesn't have the files yet. How would she know?
  16. Rosengart was appointed over 4 weeks ago now so I don't get why he wouldn't have access to the files yet (other than Team Con being pieces of **** and potentially withholding them on purpose). One again though, it just makes Jamie and Vivian look bad because these delay tactics are continuing to cost Britney's estate in legal fees. As Conservator the priority should be to reduce unnecessary costs. If Vivian is so adamant that having the full files will give Mathew such insight then perhaps she should get off her *** and make it her priority to chase this up and get them over to him.
  17. Yep, while also claiming that Britney and Lynn have pretty much been estranged for the last 13 years and barely have a relationship! I'm really looking forward to Rosengart's response to all this, I predict he's going to wipe the floor clean with Vivian. She ain't all that.
  18. @notedyourhonor has posted it on Twitter. Plus @surprisewitnes is going to run through it soon from the looks of it.
  19. He's made a comment on Britney's latest instagram post. Isn't this a breach of his restraining order? It's in place until 2024. Why haven't Britney's team blocked him if they are supposedly looking out for her welfare and safety?
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