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  1. Normally when people are not in conservatorship, it's just bunch of verbal questions and filling questionnaires to check if person has mental health issues (and what kind of). In conservatorship this process will also include evaluation if the person is in need of conservatorship, is their human rights violated, and also checks to ensure that the legal guardian (James Spears in this case) is unbiased and good enough to take care of the conservatee. These evaluations can be done by family doctors etc. And Britney hinted that she was always forced to go certain place in Beverly Hills for these evaluations so... Pretty sure there's some bribing going on. No professional psychologist/doctor in their right mind would say that James Spears is the right person to take care of Britney.
  2. The account is owned by "Britney Brands Inc.". A brand that is worth billions. Of course they'll do whatever they need to do to keep the the brand's image clean. For me this is nothing but "corporation acting relatable and humane to get more sales" stunt (read: wendy's twitter). Also reminder that by keeping fans believing it's her, they can easily manipulate them in the future. PS, just to give you a clue who owns and runs Britney Brands (hint it's not Britney):
  3. *Nsync only has that account so that it can promote "it's gonna be may" memes in every May 1th
  4. This one I can understand. That pattern is very common and when people go to halloween costume shopping, they usually find that kind of skirts which probably causes people to forget the original design. Btw, the dress is dark grey, but since the music video was filmed in such a sunny location, and has tons of 90s color correction, it looks black.
  5. That seems to be working. The instagram comments turned from #FREEBRITNEY to #STRONGINDEPENDENTWOMAN really fast
  6. The way how she's not even laughing or smiling, she's literally dead serious Also the whole interview shows how boring and basic she is. "I think I'm a lot of things and embracing all of those sides of yourself is important" girl bye
  7. This is the biggest issue in the whole debate. Reminds me of the times when I talked about conservatorship and abuse related to it years before #FREEBRITNEY and argued that if she can can record hundreds of songs, get on stage 100 times in a year, be on photoshoots, work out for months to get on shape, then how come she's still in conservatorship, and I all people said to me is "maybe she wants to be in it, maybe she needs it, how about shut the **** up when you know nothing". If it is Team C posting, their strategy is working, since 95% of the fans now thinks she's in control, which is good way to silence a lot of fuss around #FREEBRITNEY movement
  8. Can someone wiser say, what was the turning point that caused majority of the fans to jump on the conclusion that Britney herself is posting? Just 11 days ago "she" posted the maid outfit picture and everyone was arguing that it's not her, but suddenly everyone thinks it's her? Not just exhale but I've seen fans on twitter, instagram, reddit and facebook saying it's 100% her and downvoting/bashing anyone who thinks otherwise. Is it because "she" says what fans want to hear (dragging JL and her family) or is it because the "free internet access" request from ACLU in July's court date because nothing of those things "she's" saying seems to be personal IMO. Just like the maid caption, it reads like a fanfict based on the court documents and all the news surrounding it. I mean, nothing has changed since the me time-post. This fanbase needs to be more rational instead of believing what they want to believe. That's how they got away with with the conservatorship abuse for so long....
  9. Just for fun: Does Britney feel negatively about "Hold it against me"? Does Britney dislike Femme Fatale (album)? Does Britney know about Myah Marie singing some of the lead vocals in Britney Jean? Does Britney read online comments and forums about her? Did Britney ever record full version of Rebellion?
  10. I thought the new rules specifically said not to doxx random people? I mean while the video is funny (or shady if she did it on purpose), what's the point of digging up their names and instagram account? Are you gonna send hate comments because of what they did in 2011
  11. This! But also, Bryan is the only person related to Britney who actually has CAREER. Although I don't think he's still worth more than 1 million at best
  12. I've said this before and I will continue to say this; saying sorry doesn't mean that the apology is automatically accepted. Some people deserves the consequences for their actions, like Perez losing all his followers and credibility. Don't give attention this pig
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