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Britney posts video saying she is okay and discusses the Red refrigerator post

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3 minutes ago, britneyluv said:

I agree 100%. I don't think she's necessarily in danger, but she seems to have made peace with the fact that whatever kind of freedom she desires might take awhile to attain. Nevertheless, it finally looks like there's some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, and for the first time she's made her feelings publicly known: she's not happy with her father being her conservator, she refuses to perform until he's gone, and she wants more transparency about her case. She's smart enough to know that even if she wanted to, it's not a good idea to reveal intimate details about her case on her Instagram while progress is being made. I think she feels emboldened by the public's support and is actively working to improve her situation, but in the meantime, she probably figures she's got a hot boyfriend, a beautiful home, and her two beautiful children who she probably sees more than we think.

For the first time in a long time, she seems optimistic that she's not stuck in limbo and positive changes are coming, and she might as well focus on the good things in her life and look forward to each new legal proceeding that brings her one step closer to living free and authentically. 

I just love your posts :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:

from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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I genuinely believe she is okay, she’s enjoying her time off working, knows she has so much support, progress is being made in her case, she’s in a long term relationship, Jamie is hopefully on his wa

The rough cut during the last question I....  Finally real questions being answered. 

She's clearly aware of what's on her insta and she is probably fine with having a social media team like every other celebrity of her calibre. I really think at this point she's just sending off

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all i am saying is that i am angry you kept focusing on her nervous movements all the time and now you are suddenly: okay now everything is good she is finally there

don't get me wrong i don't think something is wrong with her

but i remember so vividly how you always criticized her nervous movements and like everything you found uncomfortable about her

not once you even thought that maybe its her temperament etc

i am like sometimes you see something wrong that maybe isn't wrong and then you keep lowering and heightening your standards..

its difficult for me to... not notice it really

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6 minutes ago, F-ENE-kass said:

thats some major attention points from you! CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING A ROCK STAR in this forum ♥3♥3♥3

you truly rock

you are the best fan in this forum

if i had to go to prom with someone i would choose you

thank you for existing

you are Britney's best fan

BTW does your user name mean Justin In the MIx?

I am  curious , have heard about that movement though

So confused by this comment if you’re being sarcastic but I read that you’re drunk so you get a pass, babe!

my username is in reference to her remix albums, B in the Mix :)

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I think that she is just fed up. She doesn't want to be famous anymore she doesn't want to answer to her fans. Someone probably said that she needs to address it. If you have anxiety it's hard to be on camera and have people watch you, I think she just has severe anxiety and some other issues possibly that make her extremely uncomfortable anymore. 

The conservatorship does not make her act nervous, that's clearly and underlying anxiety disorder. Her conservators should listen to her if she cant handle the nerves anymore and that is wrong that they have put her out there. 

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The way it sorta cuts off at the very end is weird but I do believe that overall she’s okay. Like, things probably aren’t perfect but things could be worse for her.

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Yasss queen of explaining how to spin!

I knew the fridge was just random and vintage (the way she likes it)... i wouldn't be surprised if she had other low-key meaning behind it (hot as ice anyone?)

That editing at the end though... she was still talking and they cut it!  We need the uncensored clip!

This was my fav Q&A to date.

real housewives yas GIF

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Maybe the captions never match because she's using them like a kind of diary or something, like just to say whats on her mind or talk about her day, just to express whatever she feels like. And I love it:yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

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4 minutes ago, reVolution said:

Oh gosh, she moght have just shut down the #freeBritney movement with this video, not sure how to feel yet :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what:

In no way shape or form did that shut down the movement, she has reason to be happy and thank god she is and not a depressive mess 24/7. 

It’d be weird if she said she’s not okay and can’t cope with things - reasons to keep her in a c-ship. I’ve listed why she probably is happy/okay on the other page. Not attacking you but this definitely does not shut down the movement. I for one am happy to hear she’s okay!

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from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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3 minutes ago, phareezy said:

I get what you're saying but also keep in mind she doesn't control her IG account. No way her team would let her post a video saying, "Y'all help me!" lol the uproar that would cause.

Also, she's been under this for 13 years now. There's a very real chance she's got Stockholm Syndrome by now or is just used to it. When I hear, "I'm ok" from her, I think she means "all things considered, yes I'm ok." I don't take it as "I'm ok with being in the conservatorship." Bryan even recently said she's always wanted out.

I think her team has a lot of unanswered questions and putting Britney on IG to answer questions or write "assuring" captions isn't enough, but that's just me. It doesn't make sense that a woman like her was put under a conservatorship.

This is an EXCELLENT point, and the Stockholm Syndrome theory is something I really worry about. However, I choose to believe that she's come to the realization that she doesn't need such a restrictive conservatorship. The fact that Sam called Jamie out publicly is so much bigger than people realize. The fact that Britney has filed legal pleadings indicating that she's afraid of her father and that she refuses to perform and make money for her team as long as he's in charge is HUGE. Here's my theory, and it's a novel so feel free to ignore unless you want a deep dive :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:

2008-09: She knows she messed up and let people take advantage of her, but figures she'll come back strong with the Circus tour, focus on her work and her kids, and show her team and the public that she understands the gravity of her actions but has moved past that part of her life. There's an energy and clarity, whether it's because she's on the correct dosage of whatever medications she needs or something else, but she figures she'll work hard to show she's capable of being in control of her own life and making smart decisions. 

2010-11: All her hard work is completely discarded when she learns that it meant virtually nothing and she's going to be controlled by her abusive father and money-hungry team for the rest of her life. I don't know whether she had another breakdown, whether she was so distraught that they changed her meds to make her a zombie or what, but there's a sadness in her eyes where she realizes she might as well give up and play along because this is her life now. Go back to any performance in that era, and she knows the choreography but there's no passion because she's just going through the motions.

2012-13: She thinks maybe the X factor will be an exciting new opportunity, but she's under such tight control by her team that she's become a nervous wreck and can barely function without someone telling her exactly what to do and say.

2014-18: If there was ever Stockholm syndrome it was probably here. With every new appearance, she looked better and seemed much happier, but there were always rumors about troubling incidents (like when she was doing promo for her lingerie and allegedly stripped her outfit off and acted "strangely"). However, it appeared like she made peace with her situation and just tried to make the best of it. I think she felt like she was proving she was capable of some more flexibility and it definitely showed in her general demeanor and performances. She seemed to have found a healthy work-life balance and figured as long as she saw her kids and hit her marks when needed, maybe her situation wasn't so bad.

And then she was committed. Then #freebritney happened. And people paid attention and the general consensus was that what was being done to her was not right. Sam seemed to come at the perfect time - he wasn't hired by Team Con, but she had probably more freedom than ever in the cship because she was doing what they wanted with enthusiasm and fell in love with the hot guy who just thought it would be cool to be in a Britney video. For the first time, she was with a guy who had no previous connection with her team and was happy to tow the company line until she was committed and he knew something wasn't right. Do you think Jason Trawick or David Lucado or Charlie Ebersol would ever publicly go against Jamie? Never. So I think she knows the cship is messed up but finally feels like there may be a way out, or at least a way to have more control. However her Instagrams are edited is irrelevant. She's filed legal pleadings expressing that she is clearly not ok with being in the conservatorship, and any kind of contrary message she allegedly sends on her Instagram is just a red herring by her team.

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1 minute ago, Slayer said:

In no way shape or form did that shut down the movement, she has reason to be happy and thank god she is and not a depressive mess 24/7. 

It’d be weird if she said she’s not okay and can’t cope with things - reasons to keep her in a c-ship. I’ve listed why she probably is happy/okay on the other page. Not attacking you but this definitely does not shut down the movement. I for one am happy to hear she’s okay!

I mean she obviously needs to be an independent woman, but this will put to rest alot of the conspiracy theories

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This reminds me of last month’s SNL parody when ‘Britney’ read a letter from a fan to see what the folks at home are curious about...

Same question, “Dear Britney. Are you okay?” 

Rewatch SNL Britney’s response to the “Britney, are you ok??” question 

then watch IG Britney’s answer to the same exact question. :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white: :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

Lastly. Everything happens for a reason.

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2 minutes ago, reVolution said:

I mean she obviously needs to be an independent woman, but this will put to rest alot of the conspiracy theories

They have to be a fickle free Britney fan if this convinces people she’s happy being in a c-ship. 

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from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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