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  1. There's a Blackout streaming party tomorrow. Didn't you hear? LOL
  2. Lol, then he goes to the bank and withdraws a sh!tload of cash thanks to her...
  3. The fact that Adam is still bothered by this shows that his heart is in the right place. I truly hope he can help her get out of this. Ingham is a rat and part of the problem.
  4. So confused by this comment if you’re being sarcastic but I read that you’re drunk so you get a pass, babe! my username is in reference to her remix albums, B in the Mix
  5. One thing I notice with this question video is that it's not one single take, like the other question videos. It cuts after she answers the red refrigerator. The next question is when she answers "Are you okay?" Almost as if someone prepped her on how to answer...
  6. This is fascinating. Finally some real questions answered, I wonder who gave her these questions... Her addressing the refrigerator is interesting & confirms she has some say in her posts. BUT let's not pretend like that caption isn’t a mess and has nothing to do with the video. Cassie really trying to fool us, huh??
  7. I like this version better but let's be real: not much focus is on the choreography & the obvious body double is still there lol
  8. Oh sweetie, that's a stretch. It's decent but not spectacular or ground breaking. Same, Tinashe was unnecessary although I love her. Makes me think of Boys too and My Prerogative.
  9. As PokemonSpears says, in some ways it was good for Britney. I do think touring took a toll for her during Circus & FF. You can see a huge improvement in her energy and stage presence during POM. That being said, I'm unsure she even wanted to do it and think for her she accepted that a residency is the best she was going to get. And yeah, I agree about the production of it all. Very cheap and nothing special. Femme Fatale was wayyy better in terms of production.
  10. Ooh same! what about Stand Back by Stevie Nicks??
  11. She said this in the Femme Fatale special also. She's wanted a way out for awhile.
  12. It was so tasteless for them to leak this as a distraction after forcing her in that crap facility. Make Me is such a disaster & so were BOTH videos. Shouldn't have even been a single tbh.
  13. Holy crap, yes!! I can totally hear her voice on this. Such a good song!
  14. Lmao I thought the same... these choices were random YES to Keep Me Hangin On (originally by The Supremes tho, hehe.)
  15. Omg interesting to see how she'd sound on this - Dolores' voice is so unique
  16. It was the perfect song for her to be on but it was kinda lackluster. Her vocals seemed so low-quality. That BBMA performance is so cringe & very in tune with the awkward Femme Fatale era
  17. Yeah I'm not into it. I like the verses but the chorus and beat drop are kinda meh to me. Don't think her vocals are that strong either. Much more into Exaholic, even if it sounds like Selena G.
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