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  1. Britney supports the Free Britney movement, but doesn’t support a documentary, which is, essentially a condensed version of all the facts, despite saying in court that she wants to “expose” what they’ve done to her and share her story with the world? Sure Jan. I’m sure feels some type of way about using specific footage (head shaving, ambulance, etc) but I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t at least appreciate the support. Either way, it’s a huge case - and for years the public has been relatively anti-Britney, assuming she’s crazy. These documentaries are changing that narrative, while simultaneously casting a huge spotlight on all these shady, corrupt, team-con players. So even if she feels some type of way, I’m still here for it and (assuming it’s COMPLETELY on her side) I’m here for it. She will get the chance to share her story in her own words, trust and believe.
  2. Is the curly haired brunette with tattoos the Britney’s Gram girl?
  3. These documentaries are made by people whose jobs it is to make them. Of course they’re gonna get paid…just like we get paid to do our job. Should documentaries about things like social injustice line they pockets rather than donate to a related cause? No, it would be nice if they did, but again, it’s their job. Britney’s case is public record. She didn’t want it locked away like a “family secret”. The public is on her side now after these documentaries laid out a foundation of truth. I understand her having embarrassment over her mistakes, but these documentaries paint her in a phenomenal light…a woman who is HUMAN just like us. These documentaries also cast a giant light on the people who are exploiting her…I just hope this one includes Lou Taylor and Andrew Wallet.
  4. I get what they’re saying, but it is a huge platform getting a piece of her story out for the world to know, which she said she wants. I do believe that any documentary of this nature should donate it’s proceeds, or at least a portion of, to a cause related to the film…but it is what it is I guess. There’s no denying the support the GP has shown Britney since the FBS documentary was released, and Netflix is a whole other level of viewership. I understand her being embarrassed by her mistakes from 2007-2008…and I hope the documentary doesn’t spend a ton of time focusing on that…but these films have the potential to get more eyes on the corrupt people involved. I will be ticked off if they don’t mention Lou…why is everyone so afraid of her? 🙄. I’m glad this one may discuss Wallet.
  5. I honestly don’t like it. Love the lyrics, but it’s not a good vocal. The production is underwhelming too. Don’t come for me
  6. I’m also sitting here like…there’s no way this isn’t all about getting justice for Britney because…who in their RIGHT mind hears her testimony, gathers the facts (all of which are pro-Free Britney) that a film maker should, and still says “eff you, I’m still making a documentary to condone denying you your freedom and rights to your own body.” There is no way in hell.
  7. Love the BG girls and TSW and all they’ve done for the movement, but they’re ALLLLLLL about spilling tea about Britney’s conservatorship, and suddenly when something like this comes up (and now has fans worried that this may not be a documentary shedding the greatest light on Britney) and they’re silent with nothing to say or explain in DETAIL why they feel this way. We can spend hours analyzing every court document, but we can’t know which people have provided TSW their opinions on this documentary (and what those opinions are) that has her skeptical? That’s annoying.
  8. Considering a HUGE part of the conservatorship revolves around Britney’s turmoil with her family, it’s an amazing title.
  9. I hate how ThatSurpriseWitness is like “I’m trying to be optimistic but I’ve heard opinions from people I trust that make me feel otherwise” or whatever. I like her a lot and appreciate the work she’s put in, but that’s information that she should also share. Whose opinions is she trusting? What are they saying? Same with the Gram Girls and their alleged shade towards the director of this documentary. Like, if these people KNOW this documentary will be pro-con then they should TELL US because we have the power to DRAG.
  10. So people are assuming this because ThatSurpriseWitness made a comment about not supporting it? I’m confused. Someone please fill me in on what she said, please.
  11. This. After her testimony, being pro-con would be absurdly unpopular. Netflix isn’t this stupid.
  12. Then these girls deserve awards for the amount of time they’ve spent “acting” like they care. From their deeply educated podcast, their constant researching, their involvement in (to my knowledge) every court hearing/rally, involvement in these documentaries, etc…they’ve put in some serious work and time. Let alone the fact that they initially ran a podcast about Britney’s quirkiness because they were fans. …it’s almost as if they…*gasp*…care.
  13. I know the lyrics to EM, but for a while the beginning of the first verse and a few other spots had me like
  14. I really don’t think they filmed anything of substance like this. I truly think original GM video just didn’t work because it was so all over the place. I mean the cat. 😂 But IMO a random *** video would’ve been better than Stripper Britney who didn’t even do any pole tricks.
  15. If he truly changed, he would step away from all of this that has caused this image of him. He continues discuss it, as if he is some sort of victim. He was obsessed with fame back then and getting as many hits as possible on his website. He comments were disgusting and out of line (beyond just Britney, too). There’s a level of sociopath associated with people who find that type of behavior acceptable and/or comical. You can “grow” and apologize all you want, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to forgive you for being BEYOND and indecent person at one point in time. He still seems obsessed with fame, hence his complete mental breakdown over his TikTok being banned…go be a dad to your kids and live a normal life. One apology is sufficient if you, truly, mean it. Beyond that, actions speak louder than words…if he wishes to still use his “celebrity”, then he should be doing more with his platform to raise awareness for very serious issues in the world…not talking about stuff like this every chance he gets. He was a really bad person back in the day, even Gaga ended her friendship with him…and she was just as fame-obsessed as he was, so that speaks volumes.
  16. Even the fan base sleeps on it. It is, truly, masterfully produced. It’s one if my favorite Britney songs. The way the choruses build is so epic. And Britney’s vocal isn’t over-produced which gives it a more intimate feel. It truly deserved to be a number 1.
  17. The show is just trash at this point. They try to be so over the top and it always just falls so flat. Back in the 90’s - early 2000’s it was pretty much a standard awards show, but with a little bit of an edge. The stage wasn’t some absurd shape (and it wasn’t the size of a standard kitchen)…all the nominees showed up…nowadays it’s pretty much just the winners that show up (which makes it super predictable)…there used to be an array of performers from Rock, Rap, Pop, Country, R&B, Etc…now it’s just basically pop and rap…it didn’t try too hard back in the day…it was just a really cool awards show. It lost its appeal, to me in 2007. Yes, Britney was there, but it was so all over the place…in Vegas with performances in a million different places throughout Vegas. Ever since it went down. I haven’t watched since 2016 (that one sucked too) but I feel like the amount of awards they give out has gone down too. Idk it’s just not interesting anymore. MTV has lost all credibility. It might as well be called RTV (the R standing for Rediculousness, because that’s pretty much all they air).
  18. Hahaha I am not it was just a nickname a friend gave me a million years ago 😂 50 has some bops tho
  19. It’s simple, classy, and she’s effortlessly eye-effing the camera. And the blue just gives off a vibe of ***uality somehow that completely encompasses the album. Everything about ITZ is flawless.
  20. Something has never sit right with me about her case. For one, she doesn’t deserve to have her entire life and liberties taken away from her due to mental health issues. But she legit, over night, went from so put together to completely losing control. She was always such a breath of fresh air…something horrible absolutely happened to trigger the issues she has faced. She also seems to, still, struggle immensely…so her conservatorship obviously isn’t helping her that much. No one should ever be under the restraints like this at such a young age unless they are, legitimately close to death or in a vegetative state. It’s absurd. Find ways to actually help her (because I do believe she has very serious mental health issues that are far more severe than Britney’s)…it’s been years and she still seems to struggle. It’s so sad. If a conservatorship doesn’t help, why is it in place? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  21. He aged like milk sitting outside in the summer of Louisiana. 🤮 idk why but I spit my coffee out at the pap asking “do you think your dad will walk her down the aisle?” 😂
  22. I didn’t know this 🤯🤯🤯 I wonder if this time, though, she’ll professionally drop Spears as well in favor of Asghari since her family is…well, her family.
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