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  1. The hair is amazing, I love it. she needs to pose like the queen she is though...the second one in the cheetah catsuit yesterday was flawless. it’s almost like the camera is set up really high. the angle makes her ***** looks gigantic haha
  2. I’d actually be here for an album called “Lioness” tbh lol I think it will speak volumes if her IG doesn’t wish Lynne a happy Mother’s Day. Britney is obviously in good terms with her and yet Lynne is anti-Team Con so I’m sure they’ll forego posting anything.
  3. I believe they have to have these scheduled, legally. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they have the “order to show cause” hearing every year, I believe. It’s possible it could end prior to any of the scheduled hearings, if she petitioned for it to end. I doubt it will end, ever...but in theory the scheduled hearings aren’t a definitive sign that it’s not going to end. I really do wonder why she has never petitioned to get out of it. Seems so strange...they must be feeding her all kinds of lies.
  4. When she first posted that video saying she was ok and needed some time and whatever (the one where she was still in the facility and had the king caption about fake emails written by Lutfi) had me on the fence at first. I thought, why would she say this if she’s not involved with her IG? Then it all became clear. She no longer records these videos asking for the fans to give her privacy and space...probably because she won’t. That initial video was the first and I’m pretty sure they fed her this false narrative that “hey things are getting out of hand and people are threatening your family/us with death you should say something so that stops”. Britney with her big heart probably had no issue doing that. Then BAM the caption. And I’m sure not long after that she realized she was being manipulated so they stopped asking her to record videos like that (or she blatantly refused to) and just posted random dance videos to go with their captions. It just doesn’t make sense. Since then it’s gotten WILD and her team has been dragged through the absolute pitts of he ll (rightfully so). You’d think if it was really her she would be recording more in depth videos asking for privacy as it got more and more out of hand. But it’s not her running it. I’m just confused as to why she continues to provide them with content (some of which has to be relatively current because she’s often lipping to newer songs).
  5. Has he responded to Britney’s IG saying she isn’t talking to him? lol
  6. I won’t give this “documentary” a second of my time. Trashy af. They interviewed PEREZ HILTON LMFAO...he doesn’t know her. He is a HUGE part of the problem. The biggest keyboard bully of all time...I certainly hope they put him on the spot for the abysmal things he said about her and her children. For the horrible person that he was, and likely still is. They interviewed Billy!? LMAO. Girl. I guess they’ll take anyone’s word as fact...I wonder what type of fact checking they did in regards to his “friendship” with Britney (spoiler alert, they didn’t.) this is like the trashy tabloid version of FBS. No real insight. FBS had not only Felicia, but also THE lawyer that Britney personally chose to fight the conservatorship who could speak her truth from 2008. This is just...gross, but I guess go on with it and get some publicity, however it’s immediately disgraceful when they’re using Perez Hilton and Billy B. Lmao
  7. I mean BJ and Glory can both be argued to be flop eras, but you can also argue for them being relatively successful I guess. WB has become one of her newer classics even though it was only a moderate hit. POM was part of the BJ era and the first several legs of the residency were completely sold out and she won the Best of Las Vegas multiple times. POM was also a big part of the Glory era. While the Vegas portion wasn’t selling as well around this time (it still did sell great) when she did the international tour, if I remember correctly, it was pretty much sold out. The Piece of Me Tour in the US and Europe also did really well with many dates (esp in Europe) completely selling out. Glory also had quite a few resurgences, getting to number one on iTunes years later and getting a deluxe edition 4 years after its release...😂 But yeah, in the generalized sense that we’d consider an era a flop...album sales/single performances/etc argue that they were flop eras, but the amount of money she brought in during those two eras says differently. The BJ era will always be a flop to me for clearly obvious reasons.
  8. Idts but Blur is one of my favorite Britney songs. Her vocal is amazing. I so wish an uncensored version existed...censoring the curse words was so stupid, because they add to the emotion of the song IMO. Like, why even put them in there if they were going to silent them? So aggravating how they censored the curse words on Blackout and Circus. She very clearly wasn’t the 1999/2000 Britney that all the little kids were listening to. Hopefully one day her work gets re-mastered (with her blessing) and they release unedited versions of Get Naked, Hot as Ice, and Blur.
  9. Yeah his literal OBSESSION with Britney is super alarming to me. It’s been 13 years bro. MOVE ON. He’s already gone through a deposition, granted not in relation to the cship, but still, you know he spilled most of the tea about the family and Britney’s situation from 2007/early 2008. It’s so strange...it’s like he’s just waiting for her to be free so he can attempt to prey on her again. I really hope her fans aren’t giving him any type of forgiveness. He had every opportunity to be a good influence and, as a “friend”, he failed her miserably. A “friend” doesn’t also then ask you to let them be your manager. And basically move into your home. He is sick.
  10. I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to call Britney’s potential wishes to have another child, potentially under a conservatorship, stupid. She’s almost 40. Her window to carry is getting smaller. This thing doesn’t show any signs of going anywhere anytime soon. Every woman who wishes to have children has that right and that should not also be stripped of her. Her situation with Kevin and her boys is different. She lost custody prior to the conservatorship being established. She and Kevin were divorced and their divorce was ugly af. while I’m unsure of how custody of a newborn child works under a conservatorship (if she would be able to have custody or if it would be completely granted to Sam), she should still have her reproductive rights. At the end of the day, custody doesn’t make you a good, loving parent. Hopefully she and Sam are truly in love and they are together forever if they wish to have a baby...but it would make me even more sad if Britney were stripped of her rights to have another child because she’s under a never-ending conservatorship. Motherhood is clearly something she cherishes and she DESERVES it, whether or not her decision to have another baby results in team con getting more money. If this is what she is hoping to talk to the judge about, hopefully she’s asking to be fully educated on how it would work under the conservatorship. Raising a newborn baby would give Team Con absolutely no reason to argue she still needs a conservatorship.
  11. Probably my delusional stan self, but between Britney posting that she’s wanting to get back in shape (lol she’s literally in shape) yesterday, and wanting to personally “allegedly” tell the judge herself that Jamie has to go (and requesting the chance to speak ASAP)....maybe she’s getting bored and really does want to work again. That’s the big thing she wants to happen immediately is Jamie being axed. Let me live my delusions. But also if she’s going to discuss her desire to have a child with her boyfriend (and possibly get married) without restrictions...I’m here for that too because we know she wants it.
  12. The hearing 100% will not be open to the public. Even if they don’t discuss her medical records. It’ll be a conversation between just Britney and the judge, behind closed doors.
  13. Oh god Penny by far. She’s worse than Ingham in terms of knowing how to do her job. Postpones EVERYTHING (and therefore can’t fit BRITNEY SPEARS in for a conversation within 30 days), has absolutely NO presence over her own courtroom and allows lawyers to run the show, no backbone to call out very obvious corruption, got disconnected and when she was reconnected she was CONFUSED 😂. She literally is an idiot. Imagine being a judge and being a complete and total PU SS Y. Judge Judy would be a better fit for this. At least she knows she owns her courtroom. 😂
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