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  1. Not a fan of portraits because a lot of times they end up not looking like the people they’re supposed to look like (and a few of these, while well done, don’t do Britney’s face justice). The cartoon-y ones/pin-up versions are cute though. And the portrait that legit looks like a photo is outstanding. I have one Britney tattoo and it’s the lyrics from BOMT/Stronger. In black it says “my loneliness is killing me” and then in red “is” is crossed out with “ain’t” above it and “no more” added to the end.
  2. I doubt she will involve herself with him again. She is smart and she is well aware of the fact that she would be looked down upon if she chose to include him in her life again. At that point in time, she was sad and lonely. She had no one. Even when she was reaching out to him at the start of the conservatorship it was because she had no one to help her. She knew she was a prisoner and she was desperate for help. Now she has Sam A, these friends from AA that she so badly wants to reconnect with, Paris (assuming Paris is telling the truth), and I even think she’d welcome Fe back into her life with open arms. She has support. Hell her children are old enough now to be a shoulder for her to lean on. She wants to get married and have another child…she doesn’t wanna have Sam Lutfi moving in with her and her boyfriend being this weird hanger-on. If Britney chooses to return to her career, I am SURE she will receive offers left and right from some of the top managers in the industry now that Rudolph the red nose reigndeer has legit taken flight. She’s gonna be ok. Lutfi is trouble, but if he wants to stir the pot and call team con out and make their jobs more difficult, have at it buddy.
  3. Her maturity equates to that of a 11 year old girl in middle school who often uses the phrase “keep my name out of your mouth!”
  4. I’m confused as to why they disbarred him. For trying to help Britney? Did he not have a right to reach out to her or something?
  5. I’d still want pop, but more along the lines of MATM and a lot of ITZ…more live instrumentation rather than all the electronic stuff. And I would love for her to write a lot and be really open through her music about what she’s been through. I want songs that very obviously connect with Britney and humanize her…not just fluff s**, party stuff. Also I’d love for her to make it a vocally amazing album. Glory was solid, but she can build on that and really serve her natural vocals.
  6. I really think it was Ingham telling her “you got what you wanted and spoke your peace for the world, don’t air all your dirty laundry out let’s close the rest of the hearings for YOUR privacy.” or something along those lines. He prob made it seem like it was for HER, but remember she called him out for not doing his job, so he prob didn’t want anything else getting out. From the transcripts from the last hearing you could almost HEAR the tension between Britney and Ingham through the text…he was VERY clearly butthurt. I think it was all him trying to save face while making her think she got what she wanted, but that she deserved privacy. She was REALLY quick to say “it’s fine, it can stay open.” after Penny said she needed a solid reason to close it.
  7. I heard Japan has a bonus tracked called “NOTE THAT”. Can anyone confirm before I preorder the standard edition?
  8. Jodi has no choice at this point but to be team Free Britney. She’s not getting the crazy amount of money she wanted for security from Britney’s estate, she’s in hot water with the movement, and she knows if she makes one single mis-step she will be crucified. Good for her for actually going with what Britney wants. Now, she better be prepared to step down without any fight as soon as the termination petition is filed. She knows Rosengart is the real deal and she knows he’s capable of finding all the bad.
  9. You’re totally fine! The point remains, she was a bad*** when she did that! ❤️
  10. That was epic, but I think she actually interrupted Laurianne Wright, Jodi’s lawyer, not old crusty Viv. I could be wrong though.
  11. Toxic all the way down the board. Gimme More is an amazing song, but the arrangement, instrumentation, production, vocals, and experimentation on Toxic are why it has stood the test of time and gone down as one of the best pop songs of all time.
  12. So weird how so many others can get away with stuff that ACTUALLY shows nipples and people can show their bare *****.
  13. I so can’t wait to see HER name in documents and her *** have to go to court. It will be so interesting to read what that weasel has to say and try to lie her way out of everything. Under oath. You don’t take advantage of people and get away with it forever. Prepare your colon, Loucifer, the rupture is coming soon, I would suspect.
  14. I get so much satisfaction at the thought of Britney belittling misogynistic Bryan and asking him how it feels to be so much less successful than her….his sister….a woman. And that HE worked for HER. 😂. He aged so badly. 🤮
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