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  1. I think that she is just fed up. She doesn't want to be famous anymore she doesn't want to answer to her fans. Someone probably said that she needs to address it. If you have anxiety it's hard to be on camera and have people watch you, I think she just has severe anxiety and some other issues possibly that make her extremely uncomfortable anymore. The conservatorship does not make her act nervous, that's clearly and underlying anxiety disorder. Her conservators should listen to her if she cant handle the nerves anymore and that is wrong that they have put her out there.
  2. Her Instagram is clearly photoshopped as she is not as skinny as she is in her instagram, but at least she's out and about. I'm not hating on her body but just post pics of your real body or cover up, people say mean things regardless so at least show your real self and then they won't say you photoshop.
  3. She's laying down being a chill sunbather so I think that's why her voice is weird. I'm just saying I love how she is like I'm a 90s babe and will always be a 90s babe. Tanning blond hair boxer shorts, she's staying in her era.
  4. I don't hate her for making money I hate how anyone can have that much money and watch how others work their ***** off to make nothing. All her cars, her house, the roads she drives on, the phone she uses, all that work and she's out there making a bill for being an influencer. She could never help the world but there's like some crazy statistic that all these billionaires could donate like a mil or something to each person and still be fine. It's crazy the world is nuts, always appreciate the small things and be grateful for what you have, envy is the worst trait we have and it's so hard not to fall into.
  5. Putting anything in your body is dangerous as there's there's risk of a reaction. There's always the chance the vaccine could actually give you the virus which is crazy. I don't trust it because of how much these companies are profiting off them and how quickly they are done. The idea is smart but I'm young still my body can fight this and create it's own antibodies and yes hopefully I not one of the .0000078% in my age group that does but i am willing to take that risk. Also herd immunity would have been the best bet as the body would evolve to beat the virus and benefit future generations. Yes unfortunately people will die but that is part of life, and it's hard but everyday you get in a car you could die I mean its probably a higher possibility that that's more likely anyway. I think people forget that viruses are an important part of evolution it's how our bodies learn to adapt to its elements. Yes people die from them but the ones that live and reproduce pass on so many traits to their offsprings to survive. Think about before modern medicine how many people got sick and died but were still here. This virus won't eradicate the population, but its not the last one, viruses are just part of the world and it's crazy how small minded people are. Every day you are fighting these microorganisms you just don't realize it because our bodies are adapted to this because of what I stated before. I am more concerned about overpopulation. This will no doubt cause mask wearing and isolation in 500ft or less sq ft places while the rich live in palaces in the future, look at China. People don't see what's coming and of course I don't but i research a lot of this and many scientist have been warning about overpopulation for years. Simple equation = growing population needing more resources 》(greater than) actual resources available. It's pretty simple.
  6. I think it's good she's trying to be transparent, but at this point her recovery should be more personally involved with her family, but I'm assuming a lot of her problems relate similarly to how Britney had no family influence. She clearly does not have enough love for herself and is looking for someone to care for her and love her and drugs help fill that void of loneliness. She should get a hiking dog and maybe take up hiking in loneliness to really learn how to deal with negative thoughts, it has helped me immensely. When you hike somewhere not crowded and is quiet you are able to think about the world and see it so differently. You realize how everything we care about, cars, money, fame, etc really means nothing in the grand scheme of it all. We are just trying to survive everyday because that's what is in our DNA. To replicate and survivor.
  7. Its instagram who the hell knows who post it. Instagram for celebrities is so different as I'm sure there are co tracts involved and all that crazy b.s. of what they can post on there. I see fans saying Britney doesnt care about her fans, but I think you have to remember we're just fans to her amd theres so many, but it's part of her job to her and I think she see it as a job. I dont think she wants transparency with us and that's very clear, but why do her fans think she should share any of this with us. If you had a breakdown lost your kid, accused of drugs and everything else would you really put it out there? Look at Demi she keeps trying and shes starting to have backlash and it's not healthy for her, but she clearly hasn't learned but I think Britney has learned to just keep work and private life separate as much as possible.
  8. Love how these celebrities dont realize how damaging this is to people that are in this community. Miley is also a culprit of this and they use it for their advantage to make headlines. It's not brave its ignorant.
  9. You think shes gonna flop?
  10. Britney, there are probably plenty of lawyers who will work for you for way less especially after this movement.
  11. The hard part is for Britney to get control she has to trust someone bc idt Britney herself is I don't want to say smart enough but hasn't developed the skills needed to get out of this. It's all shes ever known she never learned anything other than being on stage. Education was probably done for her. It's sad to see these women all struggled, I mean where is the self worth when something is wrong stand up for yourself, money should not matter if you are losing any worth or being abused or anything. It's crazy to me but then again I have never experienced anything similar and would like to think its that easy to say no.
  12. Did someone once tell her that if she doesnt stop spinning the earth will come off its axis like damn, she got me out her stuck in permanent vertigo,, needs a warning like " due to large amount of spinning stroke and heart attack patients beware"
  13. So what we just going to forget about project red that we've been waiting for. #justiceforprojectred
  14. This site is the most social media and reddit(I only read post but it's usually about questions like why am I not losing weight) that i use. I have instagram and Facebook but to me, most of the times people make fools of themselves and I enjoy it evily. I also have to say, it is brave to put yourself out there but my experiences are for me, not for someone to casually look at and like. I am much happier not using it then I was back in the day when I cared. The people who I use to care if they liked something, turned out not to be so important. Last note is social media allows people to gain a profile of who you are by what you like and post. I dont like that aspect of it and these new algorithms can predict your behavior based off that stuff.... just saying. Good vlog and like the discussion, sorry I am not modern enough haha.
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