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  1. We have grown into a culture where money matters more than anything. Granited it's been like this for years, but social media is just exacerbating it. Once Cade, you were there for the lifestyle
  2. Or, more likely Vivian: Ms Spears has been giving more access to her personal freedoms such more access to her phone and access to drive her car without permission. In the past month she has posted several concerning instagram posts that demonstrate her erratic behavior such as posting videos of herself dancing that seem more disturbing and show extreme distressing videos such as demonstration a. Kn demonstration b we see ms spears posing topless, now your honor does this seem like someone who is working hard to fight for her freedom or does this seem like a celebrity who has struggled from the intense pressure and needs someone to help guide her in life due to the negative effects this has paid on her mental stability. Yes she may be a popular celebrity who has posed like this before, but currently she is in a legal battle fighting to end this conservatorship but here we see similar behavior. It is very easy to turn this negative as you see.
  3. Ahaha I'll be banned in ten mins. It is dumb because they can use it against her if she is posting these types of images, can show shes reckless when given a little more freedom that's how she got into one in the first place. And btw your you're I dont really give a ****, that's what people who know your right try to do to make you feel smalle. Clearly you are pressed bc you know it's TRUE or you would have ignored this post and moved on.
  4. Not everyone sees it that way. I dont think so but I cant say my friend is wrong either. He's more conservative and I respect that ita just his upbringing. Some females would also agree bc it's how it is. I mean think of muslim woman they cant show their face, my friends just saying posting this while fighting for freedom is strange.
  5. Well I've been saying it but shes not okay or blindly stupid. Not a good look for her when shes trying to show she can fight for her freedom. Let's fight for free the *** after your free Britney. My friend saw this and said she needs help and still supports her being in a conservatorship not by her family
  6. She is acting pretty strange, like very childish. Idk I dont like all her posts she seems like shes kinda being a *****. Also family drama should not be aired out like she is doing, fight for your freedom and I want her free but shes being a little trashy. I know everyone's going to be like shes just fed up but I think this isn't a mature way of going about it, I never like airing dirty laundry and how she said she didn't like her sisters performance was unnecessary and had nothing to do with her not supporting her.
  7. I love her facial expressions that shes serving. When she was saying how great she is during her clurt performance, I was like please lord tell me judge penny is not watching her instagram. Like sorry miss britney but I cant rule on your case today I was watching your dance videos and I am still vertigo.
  8. I mean it is a good scapegoat because look at k fed, they are going to argue that and how much whe has paid I child support yada yada da. I mean I think if he gets her out of it good, but honey better sign that prenup.
  9. I think she honestly wasnt bothered until now. It probably didnt impact her life and her and Britney haven't had the beat relationship in the past so in assuming she hasn't always been in her life very much.
  10. What did she think would happen after that court appearance. Not sure why you would come out of hiding now. All this makes me scratch my head.
  11. He wants her money! 5 4 3 2 1 banned. Sorry but he seems shallow and dont trust him, he's another k fed.
  12. Just saying freedom of speech is a right and the censorship on this site is exhausting. Some people dont know how to read and chose to pick apart a post and report it. @jordanmillerrr if you cant run a thread forum where people can state their opinions that might not go along with what everyone else is saying without being blocked or banned your not a great writer, reporter or whatever you claim you are on this site. Oppression is bad and as a gay man you should understand this even more. Fix this issue on this site. I am not saying volgur or mean comments are okay but some people who feel Britney is mentally I'll are getting blocked or warnings. How would you feel if people said you cant post on their site bc it's not inline with a trump supporters mind site? Be a good leader for everyone not just those who agree or that think alike!
  13. They were giving Britney lithium which is used for bi polar. To me thise screams to me she is mentally unstable. Now what her family is doing is wrong 100 percent but she needs to get this taken care of and focus on treating her mental health. Also a severe bipolar person can be deemed dangerous or unfit to parent and that may explain why she is not allowed to have a kid under the conservatorship.Again not saying it's okay. I hate that she may have been cursed with bipolar disorder but If its severe it is extremely scary disease and very hard to be around. The problem is most people wont experience someone with a severe case of it just the one who cries here and there and then gets angry. A severe case of it I have experienced and what a person does during a heightened mania is honestly just super intense and scary. I fear for her because she cant just fade away like Amanda Bynes. Again not saying conservatorship is okay at any means, but to put someone on lithium is a last resort which means they aren't able to treat her anymore, its honestly sod.
  14. On a lighter note Sam has gotta be shutting himself, like girl you just went off maybe let me drive babe. Britneys like nah I got this
  15. I couldn't agree more her family needs out and honestly Sued as britney says, but I am a little concerned why she kept reiterating no evaluation. I think if she was okay she could past one and end this. I think shes not passing the evaluation part of this which is how her family is staying in control. Just I interesting to me that she made it a point for no evaluation. Still shocked by some of this TBh and I vet her family is going to say she is lying
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