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  1. I mean b4 the relationship.. and I assume I would do the same now.
  2. People missed my point that the community is already stigmatized by just gay guys always having unprotected s** with multiple partners. I'm not sl** shaming I just dont like how I am perceived this way by friends actually bc I'm gay. I never wanted to sleep around but my friends always thought I was bc i was gay. It's annoying and I'm just stating people still assume HIV is a gay person's disease in society.
  3. It can happen! I never wanted to give that up, I always viewed myself as wanting all the same things straight people have or can have, and shockingly I found someone who feels the same way. Relationships problems are still the same as any straight relationship, the only difference is we can choose when to have a kid, but we have a dog and that works great. Both have good paying jobs and most people dont give us a hard time in the work place. It is possible!
  4. How did you decipher what I wrote, i dont even know what i was trying to say. I am the worse phone texter/blogger with my note 8. Thanks for the reply!
  5. I actually agree with you it is good for those cases of people born into it or **** or any other scenarios. I made it about myself and the community of gay people and how they are perceived. However I do think gay men have more unprotected s** as I have had friends(few who are more into the scene) that have told me. It's pretty widely known about the community aka why its percieved that way. Being slutty is fine doing it unprotected is dangerous. My point of view is if your going to sleep around be safe about it, I dont judge but I wanted a normal relationship and that is hard at least from what I've heard in the gay community. And people who get upset about me saying being slutty is dangerous, I still believe you should know someone b4 sleeping with them(personal feelins), I'm not about having warts on my genetials or any other health issues.... plus its costly to pay for the meds as insurance typically doesn't cover it in the U.S. dont call someone rude but maybe try to have a conversation about it.
  6. Great so the gay culture will really be more sluttty... dont really care about other people just hate having people assume that about me because I happen to be gay... no I do not fit in with the culture, I am found the one when I was 21 and been together for 7 yrs now, it can happen for a gay man😜🦚. Just remember you dont need to sleep with 100s of guys to have self worth but If you enjoy no judgement. This is good news not against it at all and hopefully it will happen. I will always practice safe s** and know someone b4 I trust them to have unprotected s**.
  7. It seems good I cant wait ti watch. A lot of fans saying it makes them out to be crazy and saying that wrong, but after being on here and seeing how one sided fans are seems like they are kinda of right. I mean most of the fans dont know if she needs one and dont what could happen if its ended but argue that they know she needs one. I think most people can tell she isnt all there anymore and she's not the Britney her fans want her to be.
  8. Dementia can be triggered by brain injuries, possibly from drugs or a hard impact to the head. I think its feasible I swear she doesnt remember a lot and could explain why she isnt as good of a dancer anymore. But then again it could be she doesnt care. I want the truth but I respect it's her battle and I'm just a stan.
  9. These aren't real men period end of covo. I'm gay but I wouldnt date them as I said I'm gay I date men.
  10. Man he's an interesting human being. I dont really understand him but some of his music is catchy. I'm more concerned why everyone wants to be a [removed] in hollywood. Anyway shootout to the gay community for keeping the tight clean look a live!
  11. It was taken out of context bc I worded what I wanted to say wrong that's why I deleted it. However i stand by my opinion that men from Iran view women less (not all men of course, if you cant understand my meaning as saying not all that's not my problem) and they kill gay men in that country. Unfortunately it came out wrong as it's about Sam but my point is he may not respect her and depending on how he was raised which I know nothing about he could see her as less as some of his videos such as the cellphone make me feel so. I do not hate anyone from that country but I am always skeptical as many americans who have not been exposed to that culture are. Unfortunately they have a bad rep and I like many have to work on it and I am but it takes time as I'm gay and realize they could kill me if I lived there so I have some personal animosity towards that region and culture. Now hear me I understand that not all civilians feel that way and many are probably great but I will have to educate myself on this matter more.
  12. Low key I was waiting for her to do this in the video But happy too see this, I was like no britney dont be grinding at a wedding reception, this isnt piece of me!!!!
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