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  1. LITERALLY came to post this exact quote. Also:
  2. I think the concept was amazing but it's a shame that she was either heavily medicated or not feeling it because she definitely looked bored. This is a pretty interesting interview that the director gave: https://sydurbanek.substack.com/p/jonas-kerlund-talks-10-years-of-britneys
  3. Death threats are totally unnecessary and just makes the fanbase look crazy. Let's investigate her for corruption sure because if her decision making when it came to Britney's situation was compromised, it's likely she'll join the rest of the con artists in prison or at the very least lose her career and reputation
  4. I just think that celebs publicly supporting #freebritney with a short statement at this point is nothing more than a publicity stunt, unless they're able to articulate why they believer her situation is so messed up and what they're doing to stop it. Otherwise, any kind of public statement seems hollow and just jumping on the bandwagon. Actions speak louder than words. If you're a powerful celebrity, you gotta step it up a little bit. Posting #freebritney isn't enough. On the other hand, commenting on Sp*ear*s family posts to call a certain family member a spider... that's the energy I wanna see
  5. His thirstiness was only outweighed by Britney's class, because I didn't even realize what he was trying to do until people started picking up on it. Good for Britney for stopping that Z-list wannabe Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly from having a moment at her expense.
  6. I mean at this point most people in the media publicly support #freebritney, which is nice, but in the end doesn't mean much. I don't think it's necessary for a celebrity to make a public statement, unless asked in an interview, about Britney's situation. Maybe in the early days when not much was known, but now that there's so much coverage, there wouldn't really be a reason for Taylor to say anything.
  7. Exactly. It's definitely troubling that people are suddenly making him out to be the good guy when he was a major contributing factor to her current situation. That being said, I think she's in a much different and healthier place in her life now with (the other) Sam and her boys being older and she's probably smart enough to not be taken advantage of by him again.
  8. Loved this era, loved this movie - I thought it was so smart to have Britney be a *SPOILER ALERT FOR A MOVIE THAT CAME OUT ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO* fembot
  9. All excellent EXCELLENT points. However, the corruption in this is so strong that even small victories are considered a win. As a lawyer, I'll try to go through your very well expressed strategies: 1. This is kind of small potatoes since there's been an inherent conflict of interest all these years: Britney is paying for people to tell the Court she's so incapacitated that she needs to be in a conservatorship, despite the money she makes for all these leeches. In the grand scheme of things, Britney doesn't need Jamie's "money" since it's basically Britney's, and would probably be more willing to give him a few bucks to go away than fighting him in court. 2. Abso-effing-lutely. 3. You're on a roll - this is the heart of it 4. Yes but the stronger argument is why the conservatorship needed to continue. Team Con hangs their hats on the fact that Britney was being manipulated by vultures before the cship - financially, emotionally, etc. The whole rhetoric that Lutfi was an angel and Jamie stepped in solely for the purposes of abusing his daughter doesn't hold weight. People remember that Britney was in crisis before the conservatorship and think that something was necessary to get her back on track, which everybody saw when she went to the VMA's, released Circus, and went on tour shortly after the cship began. However, despite seeming healthy and vibrant during that era, Britney was visibly different after the Circus tour, which was a direct result of her learning that even though she did everything right, she was still being taken advantage of by people, only this time it was her family who was doing it pursuant to legal documents.
  10. Y'all, I can't go through over 100 pages on this, but OMG from a legal perspective... THIS. IS. HUGE. Is it weird I had a dream last night that the judge denied her motion and I was genuinely upset about it? This is a MASSIVE win for Britney. By ruling in her favor, not only is Judge Penny officially stating that Britney has the mental capacity to hire her own counsel, but that Britney has the capability to make decisions that will benefit her in a healthy way. This whole thing is so messed up because Britney is being treated worse than a criminal defendant in that she has legally been declared so incompetent that she needs the Court to appoint an attorney to do what that attorney believes is "best for her". Now that this is clearly not the case, it is an AMAZING sign that Britney is healthy enough to find someone who will fairly represent her, but also that Jamie and all the other vultures clearly abused their power and need to face consequences. I cannot state this enough about the #freebritney movement, and I really don't even think it's premature to say:
  11. @Jordan Miller Don't worry - at most they'll probably just send you a scary demand letter again. They have no grounds to sue you and judges don't tend to look favorably on frivolous cases where the party can't even make out a basic claim.
  12. Exactly! She looks so amazing and is clearly having fun. There's no reason for them to chop it up other than to make her look crazy, which at this point is pretty lame if that's the only thing left in their arsenal.
  13. I think regardless of his ***uality, he was drawn to Britney because she was someone he could easily manipulate, which likely turned him on. He tried the same mess with Amanda Bynes. He's clearly insecure to the point that he needs to feel like a man by emotionally abusing someone in need and making them dependent on him. I agree with the responses that it's a shame he's being brought up lately when it's partly because of him that Britney was so broken down that a conservatorship seemed like the only option.
  14. ALL of these rodents should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  15. Honestly it can go either way but the amount of attention that is now being paid to the conservatorship is huge, and there's really no reason why Britney should not be able to select her own counsel.
  16. The issue of when the content posted was actually taken is nothing more than a red herring. Obviously, Britney is alive and out and about, but by posting old content and making it seem new, her team just fans the flames to the super-crazy conspiracy theorists who think Britney is a clone or is dead or hidden away somewhere, which does nothing more than advance the narrative that Britney is A-OK and the #freebritney movement has no basis in reality. The actual issue is that her posts don't align with the corresponding captions in a realistic way. Why would Britney post a video of her saying nothing more than "all is well" while the caption is all about emails crafted by Sam Lutfi when Britney doesn't even come close to mentioning him in the actual video? Why would she post a super chopped up video of her dancing, making her seem manic, when the caption makes it seem like it's just a raw video of Britney having fun coming up with new dance moves? That's the disconnect they're trying to make everyone ignore.
  17. Not necessarily. Ordinarily, one would be able to make decisions for themselves such as signing a DNR if they become incapacitated to the point that there is a very slim chance of recovery. However, if one does not make any choice either way, I'm pretty sure the spouse would be responsible for deciding. However, Britney's case is unusual in that she legally can't make these decisions for herself, so her conservators basically have the final say. It's really, REALLY, messed up.
  18. https://abcn.ws/37MsQgY You're absolutely right - all of her answers were prepared ahead of time to play on emotions instead of giving factual responses. Specifically at 3:20 when Amy Robach asks Vivian why Britney and her lawyer would publicly state Britney is afraid of her father and refuses to perform until he is removed as her conservator. Instead of answering the question, Vivian spouts some long-winded BS about "throughout 2020 Britney and her dad had plenty of loving conversations and were hunkered down with other family members in Louisiana blah blah...." None of that actually addresses the issue - why would Britney claim she's afraid of Jamie and wants him gone if their relationship is so great? Essentially she's just filling space with info that's not relevant in hopes that the interviewer thinks she got an answer when in reality none of it was actually responsive.
  19. I used to want to believe that too - that Britney's relationship with JL was genuine, but now we know that Britney is clearly able to mask whatever painful feelings she may have to put on a happy face. For JL to not acknowledge AT ALL the financial benefits she gets from Britney just makes her entire statement feel shallow and fake. If one of my siblings was being abused in the way Britney is by her own family, whether or not I was receiving some kind of financial incentive, you better believe I'd be going scorched earth on the ones who caused my siblings harm, rather than trying to make myself look better in the eyes of the public.
  20. Vivian makes me sick. I can't watch her without feeling physically ill. Most attorneys I know are able to present a coherent and well-reasoned argument regardless of the position they're taking for their client. Vivian is the most annoying type of attorney - everything out of her mouth was already prepared by her or some underpaid paralegal and nothing she says actually answers the question asked. Go back and watch her on GMA and notice how she never substantively responds but merely keeps talking until the interviewer gets bored and moves on. It's the most basic tactic used by attorneys who are not only unprepared but can't think on their feet. Usually it's just embarrassing to watch, but in a case that essentially involves a grown adult being forced to work against her will who can't enjoy the fruits of her labor (read: SLAVERY), it's infuriating.
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