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Britney posts video saying she is okay and discusses the Red refrigerator post

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I genuinely believe she is okay, she’s enjoying her time off working, knows she has so much support, progress is being made in her case, she’s in a long term relationship, Jamie is hopefully on his wa

The rough cut during the last question I....  Finally real questions being answered. 

She's clearly aware of what's on her insta and she is probably fine with having a social media team like every other celebrity of her calibre. I really think at this point she's just sending off

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I love how genuine she seems this makes me happy. It didn't feel forced. I never thought she wasn't ok I think she is the type of person to make the best of any situation and her circumstances are unusual.  I'm just happy to see her address something in a non caption

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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2 minutes ago, phareezy said:

I think she has a say but I don't believe she is in total control. She's definitely not the one hitting upload. I think she sends them content and maybe captions and they decide at their discretion how and when they want to post. They also probably edit her to fit whatever agenda they have. We don't have Britney on video saying she's against the documentary which I think is telling.

FreeBritney for me is about her illegally being thrown into a conservatorship without at least getting the opportunity to select her own legal representation. That's an injustice right there. I won't go into all of the other alleged crimes that have happened because we don't have enough evidence to back those (although it looks extremely likely) but that point right there should raise a lot of red flags about how and why she's in a conservatorship.

But as the time passes more and more of her posts keep hinting she is ok with this ordeal. So I am genuinely conflicted. 

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2 minutes ago, joe sp said:

Something is not right...the video is cut and she keeps bouncing and looking to the side :mj_reading_paper_michael_jackson_blinking_glasses:

To me it just looks like she’s thinking and trying to remember what she wants to say.

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16 minutes ago, godneyjspears said:

She's clearly aware of what's on her insta and she is probably fine with having a social media team like every other celebrity of her calibre.

I really think at this point she's just sending off random content for her insta to be uploaded.

None of it really means anything and it's just an expression of what's going on in her mind at that moment

The red, the pink, the roses, the dances it might come across as "weird" but really I think it's just her doing whatever she thinks is cool in the moment :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:

Weirdness is one of the reasons I'm a Britney stan in the first place so her weird instas not an issue for me 


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2 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Read my other post, she’s obviously not okay with the c-ship but she’s obviously happy about other things and progress is being made. I’m happy this c-ship doesn’t make her sad 24/7 - shows she’s able to control her emotions and have a positive mindset - another thing which shows she shouldn’t be in a c-ship as she is of sound mind and making rational decisions.

Yeah time will tell I guess. I might step down from this entire situation for a while though.

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1 minute ago, britneyluv said:

I agree 100%. I don't think she's necessarily in danger, but she seems to have made peace with the fact that whatever kind of freedom she desires might take awhile to attain. Nevertheless, it finally looks like there's some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, and for the first time she's made her feelings publicly known: she's not happy with her father being her conservator, she refuses to perform until he's gone, and she wants more transparency about her case. She's smart enough to know that even if she wanted to, it's not a good idea to reveal intimate details about her case on her Instagram while progress is being made. I think she feels emboldened by the public's support and is actively working to improve her situation, but in the meantime, she probably figures she's got a hot boyfriend, a beautiful home, and her two beautiful children who she probably sees more than we think.

For the first time in a long time, she seems optimistic that she's not stuck in limbo and positive changes are coming, and she might as well focus on the good things in her life and look forward to each new legal proceeding that brings her one step closer to living free and authentically. 

So many logical posts here, I'm loving it lmao :katyfrog_perry_upset_um:

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1 minute ago, phareezy said:

I get what you're saying but also keep in mind she doesn't control her IG account. No way her team would let her post a video saying, "Y'all help me!" lol the uproar that would cause.

Also, she's been under this for 13 years now. There's a very real chance she's got Stockholm Syndrome by now or is just used to it. When I hear, "I'm ok" from her, I think she means "all things considered, yes I'm ok." I don't take it as "I'm ok with being in the conservatorship." Bryan even recently said she's always wanted out.

I think her team has a lot of unanswered questions and putting Britney on IG to answer questions or write "assuring" captions isn't enough, but that's just me. It doesn't make sense that a woman like her was put under a conservatorship.

U worded it perfectly.

Time will tell. This is gonna be a long "battle" if its a battle indeed on her part.

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16 minutes ago, J in the Mix said:

One thing I notice with this question video is that it's not one single take, like the other question videos.

It cuts after she answers the red refrigerator. The next question is when she answers "Are you okay?" 
Almost as if someone prepped her on how to answer...


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BTW does your user name mean Justin In the MIx?

I am  curious , have heard about that movement though

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9 minutes ago, Easy There said:

But as the time passes more and more of her posts keep hinting she is ok with this ordeal. So I am genuinely conflicted. 

I don't think she's ok with it, but knows that progress is being made so she finally has an optimism she previously didn't have when she thought she was going to be trapped in a conservatorship for the rest of her life with no possibility of changes being made. She probably doesn't want to rock the boat when there have been a lot of positive developments in her case, as incremental as they may seem. 

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