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  1. So, this is a story I can't 100% confirm but what I heard. Before JLS released her EP, she did a secret show in Nashville at 3rd and Lindsley and I just so happened to know someone who did something that got me into that show. It was actually pretty full but didn't generate but it didn't cost anything and wasn't promoted so probably just, like, industry people and people who knew people like I did. Anyway, I was told (but can't 100% confirm cause I wasn't there) that she threw a fit after the show because people didn't cheer for an encore after the show that she was planning to do. But listen: at this point in time she didn't have any single or anything and, like, I had no idea if she even HAD another song ready to perform if we requested an encore. I think the people were confused. I also remember seeing Lynn there but I didn't try and interact with anyone. I'm also not sure how big this fit was so keep that in mind. Anyway, I do remember really liking the song "Miss Mississippi". I also met her once in Nashville when she was staying at my hotel. She came up to the bar (not for a drink but food) and for some reason told me she didn't want to stay at my hotel. Which is weird. Again, I played it cool and 100% didn't mention Britney but I think she knew I knew. But to answer the question, doesn't her husband have some coins/music connections? I may be wrong cause I literally posted the extent of my knowledge of JLS just now. Her brother said she had a number one single, right?
  2. What took them so long? What took them all night? What took them forever to see what’s right? You know marriage would make them feel good; make them feel fine. They’ll never give it up this time. Oh, no no.
  3. (Hilary Duff) Pop Supreme : Dignity (2007) Greatness : Hilary Duff (2004), Breathe In. Breath Out (2015) Just Right : Mixed Bag : Metamorphosis (2003) Underwhelming : Shelf It : Santa Clause Lane (2002) (Mandy Moore) Pop Supreme : Amanda Leigh (2009) Greatness : Mandy Moore (2001), Wild Hope (2007) Just Right : Coverage (2003), Silver Landings (2020) Mixed Bag : Underwhelming : So Real (1999), I Wanna Be With You (2000) Shelf It : (Britney Spears) Pop Supreme : Britney (2001), In The Zone (2003), Glory (2016) Greatness : OOPS!...I Did It Again (2000), Blackout (2007) Just Right : Baby One More Time (1999), Femme Fatale (2011) Mixed Bag : Circus (2008) Underwhelming : Britney Jean (2013) Shelf It :
  4. So, I guess the relationship between me, you, and Greyson Chance is in my head? Wait.
  5. Ready but I hope the vinyl doesn't take another half of a year to be sent out again.
  6. Happy pride month, indeed. My boy, Greyson, posted a thirst trap today.
  7. Mandy Moore's Amanda Leigh Pop Perfect = "Nothing Everything" • "Fern Dell" • "Pocket Philosopher" • "Love to Love Me Back" Almost Perfect = "Indian Summer" • "Merrimack River" • "Everblue" Meh-diocre = "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week" • "Song About Home" Skip = "Bug"
  8. I actually was thinking how this was a good idea a few weeks ago. I have some Christina dolls that I’d be into selling here and can’t wait to see what you kids are selling.
  9. Technically my most expensive (for me) record was Louis Tomlinson single for “Hold On” that I believe was only released with UK pre-orders via his website in small amounts ($100 US). At this point, I’d pay a bit more for Hilary Duff’s Dignity or Mandy Moore’s Amanda Leigh but neither exist.
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