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New Report: Jamie Abused Britney’s Son


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but good on Britney for doing the incredibly mature thing and removing her children from Jamie and taking them back to Kevin. Also good on Kevin (for once:jj:) for filing a police report.

Now if brenda allows someone who is hiding money, stripping her of all rights, threatens her, and abuses her children to run her conservatorship well.......:badthoughts:

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3 minutes ago, Thecodeman25 said:

Wow. I wonder what this is about. I wonder if Sean was sticking up for his mom? This **** is getting heated. I hope it wasn’t anything too serious.

This. I hope he's alright but it would just be incredible if this whole "altercation" between Jamie and Sean Preston started because he was defending her. 

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Wtf i am truly disgusted by this. :(

On the other hand, this could be the fall of Jamie and the CShip! Glad KFed is functioning for once.

edit: so maybe that’s why there is this 70/30 custody being granted??? Because beforehand whenever the boys are with Britney, Jamie has to be there as well. :xfactorlook:

Now with the 70/30 custody Britney can be with her kids without any monitoring from Jamie. 

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What the actual ****. 

This is very, very messed up. I've not logged on to comment on any story that's been coming out this year as so much of it is subjective and up for debate, but if Jamie Spears genuinely physically assaulted one of the boys that is just horrific. I have no idea what is going on, but I truly hope Britney is on her way to getting a safe and secure support environment around her.

****. In the 10 years I've been a fan, this is the saddest thing I've logged in to see.

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