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  1. Clumsy. I loved it when it was first released. Then Glory came out and it ended up being one of the worst songs of the album. Since then I always skip it
  2. "Britney" yeah, sure. You mean Lou, Jamie and Cassie Funny how all the posts in which she talks about what's happening (for example this post or the video recorded in the mh facility) always have loooong captions but the videos say nothing at all. So, I dont trust in Britney's account anymore, not until she directly speaks about what it's going on. And a fake caption written by Cassie doesnt count.
  3. Never liked the first one and I absolutely hate the BBMAs red carpet look. And that make up? Gosh, it was terrible. The others were pretty nice, her style in 2016 was amazing! (but not in POM lol)
  4. OMG she looks so happy and beautiful! I just saw the original on ig and she still looks beautiful. I love seeing her with her kids!
  5. I'm sure about that. I think the moment he attacked Preston that was the last straw for her, hence the "i'm afraid of him" after so many years and why now everyone is against jamie (lynne for example). If Jamie was as abusive as we think he was, I can imagine Britney and Lynne trying to avoid that situation for her kids. And I don't think that Sam would post that without her "approval". Right now, I think he's one of the few people that really has access to her.
  6. What? Britney said she's afraid of him and that's ab ig thing to say. And just because he's her father doesn't mean that he wants the best for her (hello, a 13yo conservatorship!), parents can be **** too. Oh and let's not forget that he phisically assaulted Preston. Jamie is not a good person and we should be glad that finally people arestarting to speak.
  7. This is the first time someone really close to Britney says something against Jamie (besides Jayden) and you are fighting over whether we should trust him or not? Something big must have happened since the doc premiered. I'm more worried about Britney and what Jamie could do to her if he keeps losing control over her and her money than if Sam is reliable.
  8. I'm losing my mind. I can't believe this is really happening. Jamie is losing control and he knows it. I'm wondering what happened because it must have been something "big" for Sam to speak against him publicly. Anyway, I'm soooo here for this. FINALLY!!!
  9. "spent time together for a few hours" **** I hate Jamie. This makes me so sad for her, we all know how important her kids are for her. Britney doesn't deserve this.
  10. They were done on "the same day". And also, the "swimming in the stars" dress looks pretty similar to the golden dress from Make Me video. I think they did the shoot on the last day of filming the music video (day 3), but since there were no photos of that day, I think few believed that info.
  11. Thank you! I knew it reminded me of a song but I couldn't remember which one. Definitely a sample
  12. YES. Only 40k? (even when the physical sales mess?). This album really deserves better. I'm not a fan of her and I've never heard one of her albums but this one is really good. Honestly, I don't even know why I ended up listening to it on spotify, I was bored and decided to listen to one song to see what she was doing now and now I'm obsessed with it. It doesn't have any fillers and all the songs are great (Well, ironically, I think the duet with Joan Jett is the worst song on the album, that's a skip) And as someone said before, I also think the problem is her personality. She keeps changing or trying to hard to stay relevant. Yes. I love the album but it's annoying in some songs lol
  13. Agree. Of course I'm always excited for new music but this is so wrong and I'm 100% sure that this is Team Conservatorship trying to stop and distract the GP from the FreeBritney (it was getting REALLY popular everywhere!). And of course, we already know that Britney refuses to work as long as Jamie is still in control of her life and career (let's not forget that she said she's afraid of him), so this wasnt released by her. So I didn't buy the song and I'm not goona do it. Also, I'm not buying the new re-release nor Matches Oh... Still no promo directly from Britney (like a video or something like that), that says A LOT
  14. I still can't believe they had this INCREDIBLE photoshoot but they eneded up releasing the album with a ******* SCREEN CAPTURE AS THE COVER!!!!! and for the whole album of course. I want them dead. I can't believe how good this shoot is and how good she looks! The car/transformers pic is weird tho
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