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  1. This caption screams damage control and it's coming from her team. But I can bellive that Britney doesn't like seen a victim. But again we have to hear everything from her mouth. What we need here is transparency. Otherwise everyone will assume things and continue to talk for her. If she really wants documentries to stop then she needs speak about it physically. Not these staged captions.
  2. This time it really looks like she's pointing to the camera behind her at the bushes. Weird.
  3. I feel like they let her off her meds to get the vaccine. She seems soooo normal. Like old Britney here. I truly believe that her weird instagram dancing posts are result of her meds. It's like a side effect of her meds like a manic attacks.
  4. This is scary they probably feel she’s worth more dead than alive if she won’t preform they’ll make millions off her death and royalties.
  5. He is just another predator. He doesn't give a **** about Britney. He is after money. He loves delays. This means more money to him.
  6. Guys hear me out if we choose to believe this caption coming from her then here is my theory: She doesn't want to see it like a victim. I think she was made to belive she needed cship. So maybe she thinks it's her own choice. She doesn't want to people think she is helpless. She didn't see the whole thing. So maybe she thought they only talked about why they put her cship. All of the bad 2007 memories triggered her. And obviousy people around her doesn't have any good interest. So she may received false information from them too about documentry and media reaction to it.
  7. I may understand that old footage especially from 2007 may triggered her and bad memories comes back. So maybe this is why she cried. But this documentary did big favor to her. So idk what to think anymore. We need more transparency here. She need to do live stream. Otherwise not buying any of her post captions.
  8. These are the womans who supported free Britney recently. So this post is not conciedence.
  9. Maybe that day she was on her period. who knows I mean she doesn't have to be a kind person all the time. God knows what happened to her behind the scenes that day. I don't think she is enjoying M&G in general. They shouldn't forced her.
  10. Of course she sent her this video. They just want their cash cow back.
  11. Well she can go freely gay club and dance with people while Britney as a gay icon just dancing in her living room alone. Britney is nothing but a cash cow for her family. A business to manage.
  12. There will be no other Britney. She is unique. But Doja is also very talented artist. She can dance and sing at the same time. Her latest video Streets definitely her best. She will be huge for sure.
  13. David using religious themes in his work a lot. So make me video wasn't different. Britney's team wanted to see ***kitten Britney in video without any deeper meaning. They wanted to edit the video shorter without any real message. They don't have any vision.They don't care about Britney growing as artist. They just wanna grab money in most fastest way. David refused to edit the video. And they told David that Britney is the one who didn't like it. But that's not true. Jamie didn't like the result. Team cship and Jamie found the video too risky.
  14. I think this blind item is unfortunately true. Its all make sense when you think about it. Did we didn't find out recently they are paying for Sam from the court document? Because he is like Britney's personal chef. He has an own ajanda. He is not working with team cship. He wants baby with Brit I guess. Cuz baby means life time money from Brit. That's why he and Jamie are enemy now. What Britney needs life coach and right treatment.
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