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Found 10 results

  1. Update: This video was originally posted in October, 2020, when BH was 16. Everything I said is still 💯 Check it out! Earlier: Hey Exhale! I put out my first official YouTube video I'd be honored if you'd watch it when you have a few minutes to spare. Running BreatheHeavy, my online community, since 2004 has taught me SO many valuable lessons in marketing, business & entrepreneurship. I want to share them with you all. This YouTube channel is designed to fire you up to pursue your goals NO MATTER HOW unattainable they may seem. With BreatheHeavy, I have been knocked down more times than I can count, but it's my burning desire to get back up, dust myself off, use my failures as motivation and push forward. It's not easy, but I can share with you what I've done and inspire you to do the same. In this video, I open up about a few successes and failures with BreatheHeavy, the "Free Britney" movement and a few career highlights to help paint a picture of where hard work, grit and determination can take you. Let me know what you think and if you haven't already... please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell! Enjoyyyy:
  2. Hey Exhale! Yesterday, I asked you guys what your favorite Britney track to workout to is. This is why 🙃 Throughout her career, Britney often called on her longtime personal fitness trainer Tony Martinez to help whip her into shape, including prepping for the "Me Against The Music" music video, the Shape magazine photoshoot and Britney's wildly popular Las Vegas residency, Piece Of Me. In my 2013 interview with Martinez, the celebrity fitness trainer opens up about his time training Britney one-on-one, doubling down on Britney's tenacious work ethic in and out of the gym. Britney and fitness are synonymous in a lot of ways, inspiring her millions of fans to hit the gym and get to work, *****. Tony details Britney's rigorous workouts he put the princess of pop through, including resistance and interval training, basketball, balancing and what he calls "trickeration." Watch my new video here! Does Britney's fitness journey inspire you? Do you have any personal fitness goals? Drop me a line in the comments. 💪 Related:
  3. No, I don't work for Britney or Gaga (yet? 😏), but the job I landed is life-changing. I've wanted to work with/for them in an official capacity for a long time. Click the image above to watch the video!! It was only until recently that they were looking for someone to join the team. I RAN. Fortunately, I got it. In the beginning of the video, I am a bit cryptic about who I'm working for because I want to keep people watching for as long as possible before I reveal. But because you're on Exhale and we're cool like that, I'll just tell you: I am officially on the team for Invision Power and the Invision Community. https://invisioncommunity.com My role is new: Community Advocate. I essentially am the eyes and ears of the clients who sign up to Invision. I go into detail about it in my new video. Invision Power is the same company that engineered the software Exhale uses. In other words, you are literally looking at a product developed by Invision Power right this second! I am super familiar with the platform because not only have I used it for a decade but I genuinely believe in their mission of uniting people and taking businesses to the next level with community building. Not only am I going to learn so much, and hopefully help people who also use Invision () but it's also going to help me be a better leader here on BreatheHeavy. I've only been working for Invision for one week, but I can already tell it's going to be an amazing new path. I know I hit you guys in the face with that debt video, but that was in-part because ya boy is turning things around As always, please watch the video, engage with it by leaving a comment and smashing the like button, then venture back to this thread and drop me a line in the comments! If you have any questions about Invision Community hit me up!
  4. Hey Exhale, this video was extremely scary but also satisfying to put out in the world. Click above to watch. One of the goals with my YouTube channel is to let you in on who I am. I've shown you guys a lot of myself when it comes to music, Britney, fitness, business, things like that. I've shied away from opening up about my personal finance journey because I've wanted to paint a picture that showed me in the "best light." However, it's not real, and I want to live more authentically. People go through things behind-the-scenes, which is why I encourage everyone to be as kind as possible. It's a tough pill to swallow – that I've failed in terms of building a financially thriving business with BreatheHeavy. I've been able to get by, but I've been on a hamster wheel trying to make things work. It's been a struggle. It's important to me to paint a new picture for you - one that shows its imperfections. I think being more real, and taking action to turn things around, will ultimately help BreatheHeavy and Exhale grow. Please check out my new video! There are two really exciting financial goals that I accomplish in the video. I have NO idea how people are going to perceive this. If people are going to drag me etc but to me this was a real challenge to overcome and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share this side of my life. Things are turning around and I'd like to share those moments with you, too. Any engagement you can have with the video (liking it, subscribing) would be GREATLY appreciated. Smashing the like button is like a digital currency. Thanks for allowing me to be vulnerable with you. - Jordan
  5. Merry Christmas, Exhale! So0o0o0o I impulsively bought the "My Only Wish" vinyl and then decided to cancel my order cause of all the controversy going on with #FreeBritney and spending coin on her brand and all that. Thing is, I legit forgot to cancel the order and it showed up at my doorstep the other day. I decided to open it up and gab about Brit Brit and share the experience with you instead. Don't drag me plz What do you guys think? Do I make some points in the video? Would love for you to check it out and drop me a line in the comments. And hey, ANY engagement on the video itself - a comment, like, share - would help BreatheHeavy's channel out a lot. Looking forward to chatting with ya =]
  6. Hey Exhale, I made a new video on YouTube about Perez Hilton getting banned from TikTok, and basically how the Internet celebrated his loss. It got me thinking a lot about self-worth in regards to social media and how to navigate your emotional state when something devastating happens to you. I know I have a bit of an unpopular opinion here, but hopefully this video sheds light on things in a new way. I'm super curious to hear your thoughts about this. Do you agree with anything I said? Disagree? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! And hey, if you haven't already, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you subscribed to BreatheHeavy's YouTube channel. Love y'all. Related:
  7. Hey Exhale! I thought it'd be cool to give you guys a breakdown of BreatheHeavy's traffic in the month of November. I haven't ever been this transparent with the site's analytics before, but it's something I'm interested in diving into more and sharing with you. Like usual, November was a roller coaster in terms of traffic. In this video, I show how many people visited BH, the amount of hits we got, what device/browser people are using, what countries people visit from and even the gender split. If this interesting to you, let me know in the comments! Any support to BH's YouTube channel is greatly appreciated! Related:
  8. Hey Exhale, when I first launched my YouTube channel, I set out to make a marketing / entrepreneur / business channel, but I started to stray away from that idea a bit because I felt inspired by other video ideas. Instead of stopping myself, I allowed myself to make the videos and see what happens. It's been a month since I started my YouTube journey, and it's been AWESOME. Really appreciate all the support!! My next video aligns with my original intent. This one is about how to grow your YouTube channel in 2021. I've learned sooo much and want to share that knowledge with new YouTubers. I offer 21 tips split into two sections: mindset and mechanics. Half of them are about the mindset you'll need, the other half are tips to get your videos seen. If you've ever considered starting a YT channel, but feel overwhelmed at the thought, watch this!! And hey, even if you have no interest in creating videos, I think this video will still be pretty entertaining and has advice you can apply to other areas in your life. I'd love to know what you think! And any engagement you can have with the video (liking, leaving a comment, subscribing to the channel) would be GREATLY appreciated!
  9. Hey Exhale! Vanity Fair recently published a story about Britney Spears, her conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement. BreatheHeavy / I was included in the article which was super fun and a huge honor. I go through the excerpts and give my take on. Plus, I also address the QAnon reference, which I 100% disagree with. How did this come about? When I first saw the article was online, I grabbed my camera and hit record. Here's what happened... Thoughts?! I'd love for you to watch and show me some love on the YouTube channel as well as the comments here in Exhale! It'd mean a lot to me!! Related:
  10. Wassup Exhale. The other day I asked you guys if you'd be interested in a BreatheHeavy podcast. Well, in true Jordan Miller fashion, I changed my mind (no seas cortes) and decided to pivot instead to video. I'm launching a YouTube channel titled: BreatheHeavy Video! with Jordan Miller https://www.youtube.com/jordanmillerbreatheheavy Check out the intro. Thoughts? I've actually tried making a YouTube channel a thing for YEARS. I bought the domain name breatheheavy.video four years ago but never launched it because I didn't know wtf I wanted to say or do. Well, I've fallen down a deep YouTube rabbit hole recently and started getting SO many ideas. Right now, the channel will center around marketing and entrepreneurship Essentially, encouraging people to go for their personal goals, like opening their own business, and building a community to do so - through the lens of my experiences with BreatheHeavy and Exhale. Community building and being an entrepreneur is literally what I do for a living, and I have learnt SO much through trial and error with BH (BreatheHeavy RX, BreatheHeavy Community, BH Apparel, Exhale etc). I'd love to share what I've learnt and use all the knowledge I've gained with BH over these last 16 years to help others. Of course I am going to loop Britney and pop artists in, but the video channel won't be me reacting to new music or center around music in general. It will center around BreatheHeavy. I honestly have zero desire to review/talk about music because I love doing that on Exhale. I just have no drive to make videos about that (it's also a super oversaturated market on YouTube). The first video will launch in a week or two, and I'll be consistently posting / live streaming moving forward. It's scary but super exciting to me. I'd LOVE for you to be a part of it!! If you have a YouTube account, PLEASE subscribe to my channel, and if you have a moment, like some of my old videos (I've had this channel for a while - I uploaded "Love 2 Love U" on it for instance). What do you guys think? Is this a good move? Lame? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any ideas for videos please let me know in the comments. Love y'all.
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