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What was Exhale like 10 years ago?


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I’ve visited breatheheavy daily since early 2008. I made an account in 2019. I remember the excitement of the opening night of the Circus tour in New Orleans.  People at the show were live posting updates from beginning to end with pictures, videos and side notes. I remember my mom had made banana nut bread and it was cold outside. I believe it was early March. That night I went up to my room with a warm plate of banana nut bread and refreshed breathe heavy every minute for the next 5 hours eager for more updates, pictures and videos. In my head I was there! Little did I know just six months later I would be witnessing the spectacle, the genius, the goddess herself, live in person with my own two eyes. To be in the same room with the Queen I had worshipped, surrounded by hundreds of other loyal devotees ready to worship her every move and follow every command. That s*** was epic. 

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You really had to keep up because it wasn't just a couple of active threads like it is now.

On one hand it was very free and often light hearted. There were many silly threads of us just joking around and posting memes and gifs which would probably get locked pretty quickly nowadays.  There were very little rules, and what rules were there were hardly ever enforced. Britney was busy so we had a lot of thing to look forward to and discuss about her career as well. 

On the flip side of that, the lack of moderation also meant a lot of negativity and trolling. I remember during the Circus era, there were countless threads after almost every show criticizing Britney and saying she was fat and lazy. The "fans" here at the time could be really, really cruel and nasty. Honestly, Jordan's attitude and lack of care at the time was also very problematic, there were always a lot of people calling him out for posts that seemed shady towards Britney and supported the likes of Sam Lutfi. I'm glad he grew up and changed his ways. There were also many attacks on the forum (some say were coming from the early days of Gaga Daily) where you would enter a thread and it would just be flooded with real gore images, photos of dead babies, extreme gross-out ****, etc. 

At one point guests could make posts without registering and so you can imagine the type of **** there was... 

Basically it was complete chaos. But fun.

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