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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Exhale, I'm still pretty mystified that BreatheHeavy is 18-years-old this month. Today, June 4th, to be precise. The receipts : Instead of a one-and-done kinda post, I'd like to offer some insight into BreatheHeavy throughout the month of June. Share stories, memories, layouts, things like that. In this latest installment, I took a walk down memory lane to check out some of Exhale's history. I have actually not seen some of these themes in more than a decade, and they've got me in my feelings. Wow, what a journey it's been thus far! To my surprise, I discovered I launched Exhale in 2005. For some reason I thought it was years later, but no, only one year after I launched BreatheHeavy, I created Exhale. Even back then, it appears 16-year-old Jordan somehow knew how important the element of community is and would become. That's some Jedi mind trick I pulled! Take a peek at some of these themes. Do any of them trigger a memory? 2005 I thought I was being edgy. I remember at the time this photoshoot came out for Play boy and everyone thought it was Britney. It's not, but clearly I liked the pics anyway. I think this was me trying to convince everyone nothing to see here! I'm straight! See?! 2006: 2007: 2008: The tear on her mouth was around the time I was going through that legal trouble with her dad and team. Looking back, that was pretty rebellious. Very unprofessional, and essentially an F U. I literally used imagery of her mouth and voice being ripped away from her. Unfortunately, 12 years later she's still legally in that same spot, however I personally would never roll with something like this. Then again, I am also 12-years-wiser. This header probably stands out the most out of everything I made graphics-wise. 2009: At one point, this had handcuffs on her wrists attached to the pole. Yikes. Also, notice the Circus tour ad. 2010: I honestly don't remember making this, but alas it exists. I have an inkling this was me still feeling rebellious towards the injustice I perceived was happening. It feels like I would've used this as like an "aye aye, captain" kind of thing. Not a very flattering picture of her. Good going, Jordan 🙄 2011: I thought this was sooo lit. Like she was Exhaling out the words. But NGL it actually kinda looks like she's inhaling. A choice. 2012: This year is when we had a software change from XMB to Invision Power Board (which is what we use currently). A lot of data was lost in the transfer and is why the themes look different now. 2013: This was a good era. I miss Britney 2014: This was the year I expanded from Britney-only to music. That's why the rest of the layouts don't actually feature Britney in the header anymore. I actually got some complaints on Instagram today of people wanting me to go back to how BH was before - Britney only. More on that - the transition from Britney to pop music - in my next installment. 2015: A Britney Jean theme 2016: Ok this one was actually dope af. I might bring that text block back. When I saw it just now I was like Do any of the themes take you back to a different time? Let me know what you think! Related:
  2. Hey fam, I'm going to take a trip down memory lane this week seeing as BreatheHeavy turns 18-years-old today, June 4th. Here are some of BreatheHeavy's ancient themes used from 2004-2012. I literally changed the layout every month or two in the beginning because I genuinely was having so much fun doing it. Love me a good theme change. It's super interesting to watch my graphic design skillz develop over the years. Some of the stuff I made in 2010-2012 is low-key pretty lit still. The later years is when the themes started to get kinda iconic. One of them had a tear over her mouth as a response to the conservatorship, but I removed it at some point and didn't save that version. But I remember it getting a lot of hype on Exhale back then. Super bummed I can't seem to find the layout I used when we launched in June 2004. It was called 7 Deadly Sins. I used 7 photos from Britney's Casual Fridays photoshoot - the one of her in the tie from the calendar. Do you guys remember any of these? Comment your favorite one. Or if there's one missing post in the comments and I'll see if I can find it. 2004: 2005: 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: 2010: 2011: 2012: Which one's your favorite?
  3. To celebrate BreatheHeavy turning 16-years-old this month, I am taking a stroll down memory lane and share past memories, stories, old layouts and more. I'd like to open up about the uphill battle transitioning BreatheHeavy from Britney-only to pop music in 2014. Below is the announcement I made... before the blood bath. BreatheHeavy.com Sees Major Changes On Its 10th Anniversary At the time, I knew there'd be a lot of resistance and negativity flung my way about the decision, but I didn't anticipate how much of a physical and mental toll it'd take on me in the months to come. I actually got pretty depressed for a few weeks after the change because there were SO many hurtful comments about the change. At the time, I remember feeling like I betrayed Britney in some way, let the fanbase down, pissed off my members/readers and worried I was going to lose everything I spent 10 years building. It was really hard to pull myself out of the fire. I remember telling my CrossFit coach about all of the madness going on at the time, and he suggested I make a big change in my life. Which resulted in him literally shaving my head in his garage after a workout We still to this day joke about that cause as soon as he did it I was like... Here's a photo from that day. I look confident but yea, inside... felt like crap. Cut to six years later, I still get a lot of people telling me they miss the old BreatheHeavy, when it was just Britney, and that this place is a flop now. Unlike before, these comments don't hurt my feelings anymore. It's not because I've built up a giant wall, rather... I understand now where they come from. It's almost as if people think I expanded because I felt like Britney was irrelevant, and that was a reflection on her legacy. It's not the case at all. I decided to venture into pop music because I was no longer challenged by writing exclusively about Britney. Isn't that a good thing?! When I first launched BH, it was scary and exciting. I had missed that feeling. Covering Britney for a decade gave me the courage to jump into the unknown again. Everything was new, and that was nerve-wracking, but exciting. Then, the added layer of an avalanche of hurtful comments. It was a lot to process. It lead to me tuning members and commentators out entirely versus engaging in any kind of dialogue because I didn't want to hear it. I was protecting myself. I'll never make that same mistake twice. Hence why Exhale is so special to me now, because I've learnt how to hear constructive criticism and run with it versus shying away / ignoring it. Even if someone says something really out of line to me, I pause and do my best to refrain from reacting. I want to live intentionally and treat others with respect no matter the circumstance. I think if I hadn't ever expanded, that would've ultimately been BH's demise. Not everyone saw the transition into new territory as professional growth for me, but I did. Those earlier lessons also gave me the confidence to begin featuring topics on the homepage that don't pertain to pop music - that's why you'll see topics related to Black Lives Matter, Coronavirus, politics, and other non-music related things now. Because I want to continue to challenge myself and make BreatheHeavy better - even if that means ruffling some feathers in the process. I encourage you to do the same in different areas of your life. What's something you could do that'd make yourself become a better person, but scares you? If you can become comfortable with discomfort, you'll manifest some pretty astounding life experiences. What were your thoughts on BreatheHeavy expanding from Britney to pop music in 2014? Do you think it was a good change? Or do you still wish it was Britney only? I'd love to hear from you. Thank you again for the support over the years. 🙏 Jordan @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark
  4. Hey Exhale, Jordan here. When BreatheHeavy turned 15-years-old last summer, I was in such a lost/bad place with the site that I didn't even acknowledge the anniversary. I'm SO glad that I decided to put all my time and attention into Exhale, because I have never felt more fired up. WHEW! We love a 180. Despite the site's growing pains we're experiencing right now, things are looking up. In the month of May, there were... 1636 new registered members 1370 new topics 37,433 new replies 67,966 reactions Now that BreatheHeavy is approaching its sweet 16 on June 4th, I wanted to put out a few new topics over the coming days that take us down memory lane. Below is the first graphic I ever posted on the site. Even though literally no one was checking for BreatheHeavy because it didn't even exist yet, I put up a coming soon graphic that I made of Britney dodging a bullet I remember watching The Matrix Reloaded and was obsessed with the movie. I remember being in love with the Britney era photoshoots. I actually have one of the black & white photos of her wearing the tie from that era's calendar framed and hanging in my apartment. Anyway, check it out. I do want to point out that I am aware of the bullet / gun imagery in the edit. I can understand why some people may think this is in poor taste to post right now. I would never make something like this now, but this is part of BH's history. I hope people understand that this is NOT me condoning gun violence or shootings in any way, shape or form. I am actually personally very much against guns and gun violence (I also understand the irony of some of the emotes). Just want to be as transparent and clear with you about my intentions of this post. 15-year-old Jordan had his head in the sand. Do you have any early memories of BH? I'd love to take a mental break from everything going on and live in nostalgia for a moment.
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