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  1. BreatheHeavy turns 18-years-old today. I managed to find the first layout BH ever had. I used these photos from Britney's "Casual Fridays" photoshoot from the Britney era. They're still some of my favorite photos of her ever. This is the only Britney anything I have in my place. It reminds me of how far I've come and this journey with BH I've been on. This was the coming soon graphic up on BH before it officially launched. Anyone remember any of these?
  2. -put the thumbs down in reaction to a comment / thread , we have the thumbs up why not down 👎 -delete a thread: it would be so nice if we could delete a thread that we posted, for example imagine that we posted a thread but that it quickly becomes obsolete or while we posted a useless or annoying thread it would be useful -report a thread, i realized that it would be a good idea when a user had posted a hateful thread towards the children of britney, instead of identifying all the mods, it would be easier to click on an option to send a report notification to all mods including @Jordan Miller
  3. Hey Exhale Before I share this with you I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night. Here in Las Vegas Nevada it's about 2 am and I'm not tired... can't sleep and have to get this off my chest. I thank Exhale for being my escape from a very difficult time in my life. The laughs, the tea spilled, the fellowship it makes being a Britney fan for 20 years well worth it. You all in a short period of time after returning to Exhale have a piece of my heart and I actually pray for you guys But with that being said... I made a YouTube video especially for you guys, My family and friends and Britney. I know this is a reach but after the day I've had to come home and see Britney's post finally speaking to us it was a moment for me, and I shot this video before I found out Britney's video... she is so strong and I am looking to her for strength because if she could have lived through 14 years of trauma then I definitely can overcome the last 10 years of my life... since my Mama died... I hope you all know how much I care for you all and don't give up.. we all are having hard times with the holidays here some of us have lost loved ones or are going thru life's bs but we are in it together. Blessings (please read Instagram caption and check out the message to Exhale) To Britney, Exhale and Etc. @Danielle1987 @Cinderella85 @Doja Kitten @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright(ur mentioned in video) @MikeHunt @Rik @blackoutbixxh @rennen @MikeHunt @Nickey @SlayOut @Style. @Slayer @Midnight @Justin Woodpond @princessmimi @PokemonSpears @MadonnaBritneyLove @Adriannn @Henry M. Torres @Jordan Miller @justhanging @DJBringItBack @Rik @SPEED28 @Lil-Jay @reVolution @rosenotes Current song on repeat @MissSpearsSaysSo @TommyX @gapeach704 @nwonder @jordeezy Thoughts
  4. Jordan Miller announced on his Instagram stories that he’s been interviewed for an upcoming project discussing how the biggest britney and pop culture website that is Breatheheavy.com helped spread the word for positive change. There’s no details as of yet unless it’s a follow up of Mobeen Azar’s BBC2 documentary. Whatever it will be, We’re definitely staying tuned especially over here in the UK 🇬🇧
  5. We all have our Exhale besties on here. A few of mine are @rennen2.0 @SlayOut @3IsACharm33 @thebritmaster @runoncoldfire @FreeBritBrit to name a few oh and @Louis mah boo Feel free to follow your besties. We are a sisterhood here in Exhale. Bros before Hoez Here's my Social Media. No Facebook. That's too personal and I post a lot YouTube: JayTawndré Instagram: @JayTawndre_ Twitter: @JayTawndre_ TikTok: JayTawndré @Henry M. Torres @DJBringItBack
  6. Okay, so Jordan wanted me to announce this on here. We have decided to make a BreatheHeavy Discord server, and I added on some extra features to it in case you want to know more about other things. He's the owner of that one, and I'm the admin on it, so if any of you Exhalers want to join, then use this invite link, and we'll get you set up. https://discord.gg/DdHJd8CKH3
  7. Jordan sweetie. We miss your Livestreams! Where have you been? Loved the idea of you looking back at past performances and interviews of Britney. Your last Livestream was super good. I've watched them all. Sending love!
  8. I've released "Britney Changed My Life" the complete episode. The intro and part one were released on Britney's birthday, December 2. Part 2 released today. Here is all three Parts of the episode. Forgive the audio not matching the visuals for the first two parts. Part 2 (Just Released) I've also released a Christmas bop for you all called "What I Wish For." Sonically the song while I produced it, was heavily inspired by underground techno, Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" record as well as Britney's song "Body Ache" and Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia." Hope you all enjoy this song because I am going on a break! Happy Holidays! Thanks to everyone at Exhale for their continued support. I'm announcing that you will see less of me on here for personal reasons. Enjoy the content because I'm not releasing anything for a little while! Apologies to @Urbanneyand team Exhale mods for being upset with my tagging. Hope you all appreciate my art. Have a blessed Sunday. Here is some pictures with Adam Leber and a few of Britney's dancers including fan favorite Willie Gomez from Circus Tour.
  9. So when I first signed up and made a comeback to Exhale 10 years later last July I was friends with a few of the Exhale members who just vanished into the thin air! What happened to @boyinthemirror @whitedove @rosenotes @Danielle1987 Those are a few off the top of my head. Can yall name any others? We are a sisterhood let's stick together
  10. So I know that one of my posts was taken seriously but I just cannot deny that I believe in my heart that Britney saw that Hit featured thread about her lurking on Exhale. I believe we know which account it is as well too. I won't tag that account but we all know who it is. Maybe it's too hard to process that the Queen of Pop we all have looked up to is literally within reach to be able to communicate with her or even just knowing she is here. That just gets me so excited and it sucks that everyone doesn't believe me. Receipt 1: The Happy Birthday Fausto incident after I posted a thread jokingly about Christina and her videos she did for the birthdays. After posting that thread and it being featured, a day later she is posting that! Really? And we all were actually questioning what it's about then the caption is deleted after the chaos was unveiled. That day was messy AF. RECEIPT 2: another thread of mine featured about Madonna's Jimmy Fallon interview. Then @Spicechinodivamade one saying Britney should watch the Jimmy Fallon interview. She makes the Just Saying vlog post talking about the interview. Receipt 3. The Halloween post. Yellow handcuffs. And finally the most recent Receipt. Number 4. The YELLOW thong post. What's significant about Yellow? The response @Kletusgave in the Britney on Exhale thread. "Queen if you see this, WEAR YELLOW" I had to do this post. Some say it's a reach, others believe me. Either way just like the very beginning of the conservatorship everyone praised Jamie and thought he saved the day. Nobody believed the claims of what really went down either. Until 2019! just saying. UPDATE: Receipt 6. we all have said on multiple threads if she is on here to wear Red and Yellow one of those people who said it was @Kletus she's wearing Red and Yellow in her new post not even a day later!
  11. Can we take a moment to say thank you to Jordan Miller for Exhale He is such a Legend. An Icon. He literally started the #1 fan site in the world. He has met our Queen. He is Everything! Also one of the very first Free Britney supporters/activists alongside Cara Cunningham. He has always had a love and respect for Britney and Exhale. He makes this place a wonderful sweet escape. Let's light a match for JORDAN SLAYLER @Rik @I Always Sing Live @MikeHunt @Markoct @gapeach704 @Danielle1987
  12. I just wanted to make a video saying thanks to you guys before work Sending my love @MikeHunt @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears @Midnight @SlayOut @rennen @nwonder @Alexanda @rosenotes @Rik @Style. @Slayer
  13. Is it time to change Britney's forum photo Jordan? The current red one looks like a Team Con special because it feeds into their narrative of something is wrong with Britney - come on folks it is not her best! The thumbnail with this post shows the three times Britney has worn the same dress over the years... She only looks happy in one. A new Britney forum photo could be released on the new #BRITNEYisFREE Day November 12. Hundreds of thousands of photos to choose from... Can this group please submit suggestions?
  14. SURPRISE! BreatheHeavy is featured in Netflix's forthcoming Britney documentary, 'Britney vs Spears,' out September 28th. 😱 I sat down with the film's director Erin Lee Carr back in April (months before Britney's testimony btw). I talked about Britney with the utmost respect like the living legend that she is. For a lot of the #FreeBritney movement, I've felt out of place. This opportunity reminded me that the community on BreatheHeavy and all the hard work I've put in over the years actually mattered. 😭 I know there's some politics going on, but I firmly believe Free Britney has been a team effort since 2009 and am grateful to everyone who's put in countless hours reporting, reading court docs, making YouTube videos and podcasts, organizing rallies or even leaving a supportive comment for Britney. It ALL matters. Special thank you to Erin and the doc's producer, Sarah Gibson, for all the kind words this past year and for including me in the film. I hope I make you all proud. ♥️🌹 Thoughts? Drop me a line in the comments. 🙏
  15. Guys, can we please stop with this? It’s literally a few seconds to register. Most of us have been here for soooo long (guilty!) so give the guy a break and just register if u want to read the latest news en stuff. He’s our go to Britney page since I can remember so stop with the rude comments about why you should register. Show the guy some respect and be proud of this whole forum and the #FreeBritney movement. Okay? 👸🏼💁🏼‍♀️
  16. I found it on the Wayback Machine site, looking in old Breatheheavy versions. Of course I saved the photo, but I accidentally closed the page, so I don't remember the year.
  17. I haven't been on this site for well over a decade! But it used to be my LIFE when I was 17/18 in 2009/2010. Those days were CRAZY on here 🤣 I don't even know how to use this new site! Is anyone else from back then still on here? Does anyone remember me? I had this username but people often knew me as Gabriella.
  18. Last year, Exhale was having its biggest boom since 2018 but nowadays it feels so dull...I mean like... Exhales server caught fire lately thus leading to it being shut down for a few days akin it's own stock market crash moment Iconic users like @Iconic 4 U and @ColdAsFire88 left Exhale The amount of general visitors and online exhalers has been falling down since this year has started Slayer's Britney album megarates are over, and didnt the last one like have only a few visitors (relevant to my last point) It has been stagnant around 65k something users Not many threads nowadays are crossing over a 100 replies which connects to my 3rd point I have entered my first flop era AKA Blackout2006 Jean And Exhale has been feeling so dry lately Thoughts exhale?
  19. Hello yall Does anyone have a spare ATRL account? I'm looking for an account on ATRLbut it seems they'll most likely never open up registrations but probably they did but my stupid self choose to not check if they did So any?
  20. After declaring to the world that they were non-binary, Britney Spears fan, Courtney Stodden is taking over the music industry with their new certified bop, “Pleasure” — and OK! exclusively chatted with the model and obtained behind-the-scenes photos of the **** music video before its release on May 6. “They/them/theirs,” Stodden wrote alongside a selfie on Tuesday April 13, sharing their new pronouns. “I don't identify as she or her. I’ve never felt like I ever fit in anywhere. I was bullied horribly in school because I was different. The other girls never understood me. It got so bad that my mom pulled me out of school. And still, I don’t fit in. I never really connected with anyone my age.” Now, Stodden is owning who they are and ready to show the world. “I wanted the video to tell a story of who I’m becoming and I wanted to shine a light on that,” they exclusively dish to OK!. “The song is very seductive and upbeat so it was important for me to create a visual where I represented someone in power,” they say. “Cause I feel like for so long I’ve just been obviously under the thumb of men, really, especially Hollywood men.” Stodden made headlines in 2011 when they married actor Doug Hutchison — when they were only 16 years old and the Green Mile star was 50. Despite Stodden and Hutchison’s nearly 35-year age gap, it was the blonde bombshell’s aesthetic and quest for reality TV fame that people ridiculed them for, with Hutchison seemingly getting a pass in the media. The influencer took their toxic relationship with their ex-husband as well as the ridicule they endured and used it as fuel to drive their art. Although Stodden doesn’t identify with any specific gender, they still own their femininity in their new music and accompanying music video. “I just wanted to definitely still have a **** video and a **** fun song, but something where I just felt like very high-fem and still in charge,” they tell OK!. “I’ve always wanted to create music and present myself as who I feel like I am, which is high-fem and definitely take charge and just create, they add. “Music is an outlet for me.” “For me I’m gender fluid and I don’t feel like I’m exclusive to either gender and just cause I don’t look a certain way, I wear lipstick doesn’t mean I can’t wear the pants too,” they dish. “That’s something that I’m starting to feel more confident in expressing because also I’m kind of free now, I feel more free in my life and I’m taking charge.” source: https://okmagazine.com/p/courtney-stodden-song-pleasure-behind-the-scenes-photos/ **give her, her flowers @jordanmillerrr @Slayer @CrazyButItFeelsAllright mainpage plz+ #FreeBritney
  21. Salut, Exhale! BreatheHeavy a été présenté dans Nylon France. Notre entretien ensemble a duré une heure, mais seule une petite partie de la conversation en a fait l'histoire finale. Hé, c'est toujours assez cool. Découvrez-le ci-dessous: Lisez l'article complet ici. English Translation: Hi Exhale! BreatheHeavy was featured in Nylon France. Our interview together was an hour long, but only a little portion of the conversation made it into the final story. Hey, it's still pretty cool. Check it out below: Read the full article here.
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