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Found 11 results

  1. On June 15, 2006, NBC aired the now infamous interview of Britney Spears by Matt Lauer, who questioned the singer about her relationship with fame, paparazzi, previous relationships, and motherhood, or as Matt called it, "mommy mistakes". Britney, while pregnant of her second son Jayden James, invited Matt and the crew of Dateline to her house in California for a rare chat that lasted more than 40 minutes. In the emotional interview, Britney addresses the way the media has invaded her private life, and Matt asks her about the magazine tabloids and people that judge her actions as a mother of her baby.
  2. I don't know about yall but my YT algorithm has just now revealed to me this old interview, and i've never seen it before . Just thought i would share it with you guys. The quality is really good i think ! Have you guys seen this before? Cuz i've never . And here she's performing afterwards:
  3. Anyone have a link/transcript of the Britney Glamour UK 2016 interview (the one with all the orange background pics)? I live in the US and can't locate this anywhere, only excerpts here and there. THANK YOU!
  4. Okay, I dont know about you, but I've never seen this interview before Full Interview: Britney Spears, Shakira and Mary J Blige - 2002 Interview Today Show 'Rolling Stone, Women Who Rock' Interview
  5. She talked about how she was experimental with her droplets last year to see how the fans reacted to it and how KP5 won't be experimental and will be based on last year's releases This explains why she didn't promote much. More NRO like bops and less Small Talks Katy will join ProjectTV for a live chat AND PERFORMANCE (Possibly Never Worn White ) tonight
  6. He does NOT stay still a single second, he barely looks at Zane in the eyes when he's speaking, everytime the camera points at him he's in a different position or doing something different while talking, and the constant fry on his voice gets on my nerves... I don't think this guy is ready for a tour.
  7. I think it was around 2001 - 2002 (Britney era) she was at a talk show and by the end of the show when the credits started to roll she performed with the band of the show a song completely live and she was great! It was a cover... i don't remember the song and also I'm not sure which show it was.. I think it might have been Jay Leno's show but I looked it up and couldn't find it... Can anyone help me? Do you remember what im talking about?? Thanks!
  8. So the world exhibition TFWA apparently took place in Cannes and Revlon (holding the Elizabeth Arden and thus the Britney Spears Fragrances brands) was present to introduce Rainbow Fantasy. Link: https://www.fragrantica.com/news/The-Magical-Colors-of-Rainbow-Fantasy-by-Britney-Spears-11811.html Fragrantica just published an interview held with Britney Spears but provided by Revlon Here's the interview: What is the inspiration behind Rainbow Fantasy? I wanted to create a scent that makes people think of moments full of bright colors and amazing experiences that inspire everyone to dream big. Rainbow fantasy makes everyone feel like they can overcome any challenge. How would you describe Rainbow Fantasy and what are your favorite notes? Rainbow fantasy has mouthwatering, juicy top notes combined with oriental notes to make it extra addictive. I love the unique floral Show Girl Peony note and the Vibrant Woods. Where is best place to apply Rainbow Fantasy? I like to spray this fragrance in my hair, so the Amber scent stays on me all day. How does Rainbow Fantasy make you feel when you’re wearing it? I feel like anything is possible! My goal is always to inspire my fans to dream big and this scent embodies that. What do you hope other wearers will experience when wearing Rainbow Fantasy? I want Rainbow Fantasy to be an escape for everyone who wears it. Tell us about the bottle design. How is it reflective of the scent? The colors of the bottle bring the idea of Rainbow Fantasy to life. The oranges, pinks and blues remind me of a dream. Funny enough, an interview was also held with the perfumer, Gil Clavien, and was also provided by Revlon... One of the questions is: This is the first iteration of Britney’s best-selling Fantasy fragrance that is for both women and men. What is it about the original scent that has been changed or adapted to make it appropriate for everyone, regardless of their gender? This fragrance iteration can change and adapt to each person, no matter the gender, because of its multi-faceted palette. It is like music, which has a universal language. Later on, Revlon on the bottle and box design: "The colors of the bottle bring the concept of Rainbow fantasy to life; gradations of iridescent oranges, pinks and blues evoke a wonderland of visual delight. Delicate white daisies adorn the outer carton for a whimsically feminine touch." What is the truth ? Where does the interview comes from ? Is it marketed as unisex or not ? Is now her team also in charge of her fragrances communication (a confusing mess) ? Larry is that you ? (can't be, it didn't get scrapped) Don't take this topic too seriously, but I loved "hearing" from Britney through this "interview" that she definitely gave EDIT JANUARY 23, 2018: Here is another interview she held for Fantasy In Bloom sometime in early 2017, I'm not sure it has been published in here before: What is your inspiration for fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM? (press release quote) I love flowers, and fantasy IN BLOOM gives me that fresh feeling of smelling agorgeous bouquet. It’s like a daydream in a bottle – a beautiful garden where the warm sun is on your skin and blooming flowers are all around. How is fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM different from your other fantasy fragrances? fantasy IN BLOOM features some of the elements of my fantasy fragrances like the bottle shape and fruity notes. This time I also incorporated a beautiful bouquet of floral scents. It smells just like my dream garden. When do you wear fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM? fantasy IN BLOOM is perfect for day or night – the floral notes make the scent soft and fresh, but there’s a creamy quality too that makes it very sensual. Tell us about the bottle design. How is it reflective of the scent? The bottle design is so pretty and complements the scent in a really amazing way – it’s pink, which is my favorite color, and it’s soft and pretty, just like the fragrance. I also wanted white cherry blossoms in the design because it is one of the main notes in the fragrance. What do you think your fans will love most about fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM? My fans are truly the best and so supportive, and with each fragrance I try to give them something new and exciting. I hope that with fantasy IN BLOOM, they feel the same happiness I get when I smell it – I want it to transport them to a gorgeous garden full of beautiful flowers. What makes this fragrance such a perfect scent for Valentine’s Day? fantasy IN BLOOM has a lot of delicate, floral notes, so it’s perfect for a Valentine’sdate night. The sweet and sensual scent makes me feel beautiful and ****. It inspires confidence and owning who you are, and I believe loving yourself first and foremost is the most important thing. This one seems a little more natural, what do y'all think ? 
  9. HERE IT IS! (thanks to user BritneyIcon!! <3) ----- Original post: Hey guys, I need help! I could swear years ago I read online a super interesting and insightful interview wih the guy in charge of mixing the DVD Audio of ITZ, and I would love to read it again and share it with others because it was a gem for any fan of Britney's music, especially now being the 15th anniversary of 'In The Zone.' He basically said he was working overtime and super hard on the mix but having an absolute blast because of the amazing production of the whole album. I especially remember him saying that all the crazy little sounds in the original inspired him to be super creative and experimental for a moment, though he already knew what the final product should sound like and what the record label expected of him (his job was to sort out each sound or instrument or voice or whatever from the stems into each of the 5.1 channels of this mix, if I understood correctly), but I loved reading once again that somebody was inspired by Britney and making them work hard for the end result. I obviously already tried to google this interview, but nothing came up (I swear the Internet should have regulations on archiving because I feel like it completely changes over time, and unless you make a copy of pages or media from it, you can never make sure you'll find stuff again, ugghh.....) I'm talking about this version of the album (a mix I never got to hear, by the way... sniff...): www.discogs.com/es/Britney-Spears-In-The-Zone/release/6151005 There it says this, among other information: I'm not sure what everything really means, but I googled those four guys in bold and I found nothing. Or am I that bad at googling? If any of you remember reading this interview and can help me find it, I'll appreciate it!
  10. Happy Friday loves. Quick question - Does anyone know where this is from? (below) I think it’s 2004 but IDK what it was pulled from. Obviously VH1 Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Her hair is beautiful here, right? ♥
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