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  1. So so so strange...so I have just noticed that Vicky T liked Lynne Spears's new Instagram post asking Britney to speak with her in private. Vicky T doesn't follow Lynne. So it makes that like even more interesting and confusing. It proves she really meant to like it... Your thoughts???💭💭💭
  2. 🚨🚨So long time not seen. A lot of is going on in my life but not less is going on in Britney's! It seems that after unfollowing Britney and Sam(and vice versa) Vicky started to follow Jacob Diamond and Jansen(Britney's ex BFF)🚨🚨🚨 It wouldn't be surprising if Jacob didn't dig his way into the life of people from Britney's past. First he was a friend of BFF of Lynne Spears,then he met Lynne herself and then Fe. Since some time he seems BFFs with Jansen. As recently as today he posted about sending a gift to her daughter. For some time we can already observe that Lynne,her friends,Fe,Jansen and more old friends of Britney and Jacob are one time that would like to get back to Britney's life. Interesting enough is the fact that Jacob recently wrote that "they can't reach to Britney ,only to Vicky or Sam". My guess is in the light of the recent events it seems that Vicky switched the sides! Your thoughts???🔔🔔🔔
  3. Meaning of Probate notes: Probate Examiner Notes (Probate Notes) are summaries prepared by the probate examiner after reviewing your petition. This summary is transmitted to the probate judge and may assist him/her during their review of the matter. Probate Notes will include an identification of the parties involved in the matter, the relief sought, summaries of reports and objections, and a listing of deficiencies in your petition. These are the notes, apparently everything is going in Britney's favor to win this case, but as I mentioned these are the PA notes, The judge is the one who makes the final verdict.
  4. According to Jamie Lynn Britney bought a house for Lynne on the condition that she divorce her father. Lynne agreed but lied to Britney and didn't divorce him at the time, Jamie lived in that house since day one according to Jamie Lynn and he didn't want to live there because Britney paid for the house. What do you think about that?
  5. Lynne Spears must be out her d*mn mind. She recently wrote (in a now deleted comment): "You have got to be kidding me!!🙄" It's under a new post from Brit of a video that states "Don't you ever forget how they gave you distance when what you needed is love." Lynne has a lot of fricken nerve! My guess is she finally dropped the act bc she's pissed Britney gloriously told off Lynn's first born man-child, Bryan. Related:
  6. Britney’s mom Lynne comments on her daughter’s wedding photos Related:
  7. Including perfect performances of "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" & "Oops I Did It Again" with 100% Live Vocals & a Live Band. There is also an interview with her mother promoting their book "Heart To Heart" ... weird seeing them talking how amazing their mother-daughter relationship is with today's perspective on things. Anyway, check the YouTube channel, it is gold there's many old HD remaster performances.
  8. Apperantly Lynne and Fe spent Friendsgiving together? Does anyone know anything more? I'm confused and my brain hurts.
  9. I can't with Lynne. While I'm not completely sold she plays a huge role in Team Con I still can't with her actions. She can't speak up about her daughters engagement or the Free Britney Movement but can comment that Britney's British accent would make her grandmother proud I'm not a Lynne hater at all, but I can't with her lol Thoughts?
  10. Unbelievable 🤯 Lynne Spears's friend still tries to gaslight us that Lynne is a "good"one here and that Britney doesn't know the truth 🤯 it's basically calling Britney a liar. Look for yourself:
  11. So a friend of Lynne and her BFF Tatum Solis just admitted to use Lynne's yard that officially belongs to Britney and in the past 13 years CONservatorship team took care of it😳🤦😳 Really Lynne ?
  12. She knew she was clout chasing and that by calling a public doctor, it would get out to the public and create more controversy surrounding her daughter. That b@stard witch is now out of her life thank God.
  13. Britney Spears' Instagram account recently posted a video of Britney from the 'Baby One More Time' era singing live during a performance in Singapore. In the caption, Britney said her mom sent her the video and reminds her to sing. Lynne commented on that Instagram post: Related:
  14. Okay so I'm on Instagram right and I look at my Stories starting with Sam's, then it goes to Britney's mother Lynne's stories. She posts a pic of her holding her rosary in her hand. I'm pretty sure this means she has been praying for this to end and she fully supports her daughter and her freedom I think we should take it easy on Lynne tbh. Out of the entire family, she seems to be the least one I get bad vibes from (please don't come for me I'm entitled to my opinions and thoughts) Thoughts?
  15. My opinion is that I have always found Lynne to be a fake person. I remember, a documentary dedicated to Britney, where it was said that she would pass over anyone to make Britney famous. And then, the book thing ... your daughter is in trouble and what do you decide to do? Publish a book where you tell all kinds of stories ... OMG I hope I'm wrong, but I've always had this feeling.
  16. So TMZ caught both Lynne and Bryan at Los Angeles airport yesterday. They were alone and when asked Lynne said that Britney is fine. Related:
  17. So now as we know what we know about Jamie and the whole Spears's family really Joe Jackson starts to seem as a good supportive father. In the end he made amendments to his kids and rebuilt contact with them and he was a lovely grandfather (Prince Jackson shows his love towards Joe for example). Joe Jackson was abusive in the childhood of his kids,abused them physically and mentally. But his abuse stopped and he changed. When MJ died he was at peace with his father that had his back in the biggest crisis of his life. Joe was many times at court with MJ in 2005. Holding his hand,being there for Michael. When MJ removed him from being his manager he accepted it as he saw his son and his kids were becoming too big for him to handle. ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × And MJ'S siblings never showed such a lack of respect for MJ as Bryan and JL show. Janet is much more bigger than JL and Bryan toghetr. But she accepts that MJ is even bigger than her. And never she or any MJ'S siblings showed lack of respect to his achievements. Of course they were somehow jealous of his success but it never became as unhealthy as in Britney's case. And MJ'S family never even attempted to take MJ's life over or to put him under CONservatorship. They were fighting to help him and were against his inner circle. But they never dared to take his life over. Neither they were never plotting to take MJ'S kids from him. They understood how much he loved his kids and never tried to take them from him. Even during 2005 trial. MJ had full custody of kids till his death. And even after his death they kept fighting against his inner circle. They sued MJ Estate (Jamie's lawyers)but they chose wrong attorney (same like Britney in 2008-they both got Adam Streisand and he filed to dismiss MJ'S family lawsuit as their attorney). Even though Katherine Jackson is a weak person and never divorced Joe Jackson and never protected his kids from him but she always loved and supported MJ. She was for him. Even if it seemed just to hug him. Really Jamie won from Joe Jackson title of th worst father of the popstar. And Spears's family got broken and trusted wrong people like no other famous family .
  18. So when Britney is not allowed to even pay for her own coffee, Lynne is having the time of her life at the parties in Louisiana! Unbelievable 🙀🙀🙀 If my child fought for her life I wouldn't be able to go and enjoy any party. All of are banch of abusers. I really hope that the rumour that says Britney doesn't speak to her mother is true! Lynne does not deserve such a great daughter!
  19. Do they live together? I see them together a lot more than Jamie Lynne with her husband.
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