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  1. In the Netflix film Britney vs Spears Adnan Ghalib said he was with Britney one day at Starbucks and saw her write song lyrics on a napkin but which song was it? We know Britney has two writing credits on the songs that made the album "Freakshow" & "Ooh Ooh Baby". Comment below your thoughts, could Adnan be referring to those 2 songs or one that's unreleased?
  2. Apple launched a new karaoke feature to Apple Music called “Sing” and they’ve pre-made a selection of themed playlists for users to enjoy. The photo they use for the ‘00s🎤 playlist is taken from the Blackout album cover! Because Queen B is absolutely the undisputed icon of millennium-era music 👑 EDIT: Found a pic! *** I know that this is super lame music “news,” but it’s better than all the messyass/depressing/exhausting conspiracies about her Instagram and those grody threads… (Also, I wanted to upload a screenshot as proof but that’s not an Exhale feature and I don’t feel like making an account on Imgur or whatever.) Cheers.
  3. Hi guys, I'm gonna make a few discussions in the next month because I need information for my "The Rarities" albums. First one to be discussed is a beautiful track called "Strangest Love". Here is what I have found out with a help of few friends: Audio: Official Title: Strangest Love (Registered on BMI) Written by: Guy Chambers & Brian McFadden Produced by: Guy Chambers & Richard Flack Album: ??? Leak Date: December 25th, 2011 For years this unreleased track was considered to be a part of the "In The Zone" sessions because Guy Chambers did actually work on that album. The last album Chambers worked on with Britney is the "Blackout" album. The difference is that the tracks intended for "In The Zone": "Sacred" and "Free" were written without Brian McFadden and this song is. McFadden and Chambers have started working together in 2004 after McFadden left the boyband "Westlife". They did together a whole album for McFadden. So, if they have only started working together after McFadden left his bandmates in 2004, there is no way that "Strangest Love" was recorded in 2002 among the other "In The Zone" tracks that Chambers have worked on. It can only be that it was done for "Blackout" because that was the last album Chambers worked on. So, what are your opinions? I think the track has a similar vibe to "State of Grace" done for the 2007 album "Blackout" and that it can easily belong to those sessions.
  4. All I know is that she asked fans to choose the title 1. Omg is like Lindsay Lohan like okay like 2. What if the joke is on you 3. Down Boy 4. Dignity 5. Intergrity I've heard Integrity a lot, some say it's an unreleased album Was it mentioned anywhere else?
  5. The Dolby Atmos remaster of Blackout is pretty amazing and it really highlighted for me the various threads within the music that – when properly organized – tell a cohesive story, both sonically and thematically. Listen to Blackout in this order for that fully realized experience (brief explanations in the spoiler cuts): 1. Gimme More 2. Break The Ice 3. Freakshow 4. Piece Of Me 5. Radar 6. Ooh Ooh Baby 7. Get Back 8. Perfect Lover 9. Heaven On Earth 10. Everybody 11. Why Should I Be Sad 12. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 13. Toy Soldier 14. Hot As Ice I PROOOMISE YOU IT IS WORTH IT! Let me know what you think after!! (Especially since I really put a lot of thought into this. Cheers!)
  6. On October 25, 2007, Britney Spears released her fifth studio album Blackout. The dance-pop / electropop record was executive produced by Britney, and recorded between 2006 and 2007. Other collaborators of the album were Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Sean Garrett, Jim Beanz, Keri Hilson, The Neptunes, J. R. Rotem, among others. October 25 - Spain October 26 - Germany, Italy, iTunes October 27 - Australia October 29 - France, Poland, UK October 30 - US, Canada October 31 - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden November 14 - Japan Blackout incorporates Euro disco and dubstep influences and its lyrical content revolves around fame, ***, clubbing and the media scrutiny she was subject of during the time of its recording. Though the album was scheduled for a November release, it had to be rushed released due to a leak of the tracks ahead of time. In June, Britney had posted on her website a poll for the fans to choose the title of the album. The options were: OMG Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like What If the Joke Is on You Down Boy Integrity Dignity Ultimately, in October Jive Records announced that the album would come out in November and that it would be titled Blackout. According to Jive it “refers to blocking out negativity and embracing life fully.” The album peaked at #2 on the US BB200, becoming Britney's first album not to reach the top position on that list. It was also #2 in France, Mexico and UK, but it did reach #1 on the European Top 100 Albums charts, as well as the Australian, Canadian and Irish lists. Three singles were released off this album: Gimme More, Piece of Me and Break the Ice. Besides the VMA's 2007 performance, the album didn't receive more promotion except for phone interview with Ryan Seacrest for his radio show. No tour accompanied this album either, however, many of the Blackout tracks were performed during the Circus Tour in 2009, as well as subsequent shows of Britney. She mentioned Heaven on Earth as a highlight of the album. According to Ezekiel Lewis of The Clutch, Radar was also intended to be released as a single but was pushed back once she started recording new material (after being placed under the conservatorship). In 2017, The Fader did an article for its 10th anniversary, where Britney commented about the album Danja also shared his experience recording the album You can read more of it here. In an interview uploaded to Britney's official Youtube channel to promote Circus (released a year after Blackout), Britney is asked to compare both albums and describes Blackout as darker and edgier: In 2008, Blackout won Best Album award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and also International Album of the Year at the NRJ Awards. In 2012, the album was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's music library. Limited edition vinyls and a cassette have been released in the past few years. You can listen to the album here:
  7. To me both song is similar vocally, both is aesthetic and cute and I think they're both recorded around the same time. which one is better and should have been on the album? (TBH The guitar solo on Red Hot Lipstick gave me chills I love it) https://youtu.be/L2ybFiKXLKY https://youtu.be/NrCfzjSkUEY
  8. The full lyrics to Britney Spears' Rebellion AZLyrics - request for access WWW.AZLYRICS.COM thank me later
  9. In the Piece Of Me music video at this scence they copy pasted Britney's face into dancers face I wonder what photo/photoshoot they use to edit and paste Britney's face into dancers? Was there a secret photoshoot session in 2007 that we didn't see or these are recycled 2000-2005 era photoshoot? where these are from?
  10. Different instrumental and vocal arrangements #BritneyOnline (different than the 2007 demo)
  11. I’m really wondering about when did Britney EXACTLY started recording Blackout (aka her best album) ?
  12. i’m rady 😈 this was so hard btw #14 - hot as ice (ITS CUTE BUT MY LEAST FAVE FROM THE ALBUM 😓) #13 ooh ooh baby (it’s rally fun 😌) #12 - radar (CUTE) #11 - get back (very club fun 🤓) #10 - why should i be sad (ITS ONLY LOW BC OF THE AMAZON SONGS AFTER IT BUT IT’S A BOP) #9 - perfect lover (who doesn’t like this 1) #8 - toy soldier (THIS TIME SHE NEEDS A SOLDIER) #7 - heaven on earth (😍😍😍😍) #6 - gimme more (POP STAPLE) #5 - piece of me (STOPPED THE SHOW) #4 - freakshow (speaking of shows ) #3 - everybody (it’s top 3 😌😌) #2 - break the ice (SHOULD’VE BEEN A TOP 10 SONG ON THE CHARTS) #1 - get naked (i got a plan) (UNDERRATED CLASSIC) put ur ranking’s in the responses 😈
  13. So I just realized there's a pew pew sound in Hot as Ice And it ruined the song for me What are your thoughts?
  14. Disquss. I just had to do it , you know why? because i have listened less and less Blackout, and it needs an F5 for me I like Gimme More and why? because it gives an attitude no other song gives to me. it makes me feel like a cool and bold bi***, just because Britney sings it with so much attitude. its like an F you from Britney in my mind for people who "just want more" but its like "Britney does it all better than the crowd"...
  15. On August 31, 2007, Britney Spears released Gimme More as the lead single off her fifth studio album Blackout. It was co-written by Jim Beanz, Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica, Nate "Danja" Hills and Keri Hilson, while being produced by Danja. The dance-pop / EDM track opens with the now iconic phrase uttered by Britney "It's Britney, *****!" and closes with a spoken outro by Danja. The song was recorded a year prior, one part when she was still pregnant with her second child Jayden James, and then she finished the rest three weeks after her son was born (just a few days before filing for divorce). It was released in the middle of a very chaotic year in the personal life of Britney (which was very exacerbated by the media and paparazzi) and it marked a shift in the music style she had been delivering with her first records. The song peaked at #3 on the US BBH100 and it was top 5 in several countries. The song received a music video that was premiered in October of that year. She performed Gimme More live for the first time at the VMA's 2007 which took place in September (we'll commemorate that anniversary next week). Since then, she included it as an interlude on her Circus Tour (2009), and she also performed it at the Femme Fatale Tour (2011) and Piece of Me residency (first as a part of a medley with Piece of Me and Break the Ice, and later as an independent number). On January 2008, Lil Kim remixed the song as part of her mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T. The song was renamed as "Kimmy More".
  16. These are the hidden backing vocals that I found by accident while playing with the audio: There's a male backing vocal saying something, female backing vocals whispering "secret" (sounds like britney but idk) and another female backing vocal that sounds robotic and melodyned. Listen it with your headphones and tell me what you thought! 💖
  17. Okay so funny story behind this edit, I wanted to recreate one of the confessional Blackout shots so I browsed around the internet looking for a random priest and then suddenly came across this image of the model John Coulter in costume cosplaying as a priest on eBay, I looked twice and realised it's the same model Britney had for the shoot. As for Britney, I used a 2003 outtake of her in prayer pose. It came out kinda cool. See below Rubie's Costume Heroes and Hombres Adult Priest Shirt Black Standard Size M for sale online | eBay WWW.EBAY.COM Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rubie's Costume Heroes and Hombres Adult Priest Shirt Black Standard Size M at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping... The original image:
  18. Wow, Didn’t expect this, it made my morning! You’re the one Ellen 💋
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