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  1. July 11. It's for promoting Blackout’s 15th anniversary.
  2. Saw some similar threads and thought this would be fun. What are y'alls top three tracks from the iconic 2007 album BLACKOUT?? My Holy Trinity: Get Naked (I Got A Plan) GImme More Break The Ice
  3. Acknowledging a tweet doesn’t necessarily mean anything these days and RCA didn’t give a flying duck about honouring her best album in the past but let’s keep manifesting.
  4. Producer Steve Anderson talks Britney’s beloved unreleased ballad ‘State Of Grace’. This song was officially released by Christophe Willem as "Entre Nous Et Le Sol" for his second studio album Caféine in 2009.
  5. This mashup of ‘love again’ and britney’s ‘ get naked’ is fire 🔥
  6. “Mrs oh my god that label’s shameless” We’ve all been demanding but RCA is still not on the receiving end. Britney’s Blackout deserves a deluxe version on cd/vinyl/digital after it received the critical acclaim it deserved by being added To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Music Library and appreciated by rolling stone, Billboard and Vice. It’s considered by the music industry and the britney army to be the Britney bible and one of the greatest pop albums ever made by a female artist. The deluxe content obviously should include ‘everybody’ and ‘outta this world’ but it should also feature at least 6 or 7 reject songs such Hooked On, Just Let Me Go, 911, and unheard songs Catch Me If You Can, Downtown and Who Can She Trust? Can anyone name any more? It should’ve already been in the can when it had multiple anniversaries but can we be in luck for it this year as it will be the 15th? 🙏
  7. Keri Hilson’s debut album “In A Perfect World” was recorded in 2007 and was released in 2009 & still stands up today. It’s mostly produced by Danja & Timberland. If you know this amazing album comment below which would be fitting to appear on britney’s album blackout. Personally I’d like to hear Britney’s take on “I Like” & “The Way I Are” & “Slow Dance”.
  8. Let’s discuss this track, for starts is the title is either “Kiss you all over me” or “Kiss me all over”? Next we know that Sean Garrett co-wrote it with songwriter Brian Kidd. I always assumed that this was this guy it’s not the same person he confirmed to me and any other tracks registered through ASCAP by “Brian Kidd” it’s impossible to tell both writers apart. It’s evident there are 2 writers as there are songs registered through UMG and ASCAP that differentiate them but still I can’t find anything about this guy except a potential DJ but doubtful it’s him. Anyway there’s a final mastered mix in the hands of fans along with 911 just like “hooked on you”, “pull out” and “rockstar” and I think I speak for everyone when I say we would appreciate anyone to kindly share it because it’s top tier unreleased.
  9. A new britney song called Blackout has been published by ASCAP! It's written by Britney, Claude Kelly and new songwriters. Songwriter Chelcee responded using with three face emojis, what does it mean????
  10. Nicole Morier has opened a new Tik Tok account and is giving out on the tracks she has worked with, including How I Roll (she shared a rough demo clip with her voclas) and the rejected Baby in the Shotgun for Blackout (she shared a clip of the writer's demo). Here's her Tik Tok account: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML58bfbG/ Sorry for the double post @PokemonSpears
  11. On March 12, 2008, Britney Spears released the music video for Break the Ice, the last single off Blackout, her fifth studio album. Jive Records commissioned artist Robert Hales (who had directed other videos such as Gnarls Barkley's Crazy) to create an animated clip for the song, in the middle of Britney's personal struggles, who was placed under a conservatorship against her will around that time. Reportedly, it was Britney's idea to do the anime style video. Previously it had been rumored that she was rehearsing for a music video of Hot as Ice. Other rumors claimed the video was Break the Ice, but the remix featuring Fabulous. A special site, BlackoutBall.com, was created to premiere the videoclip. Fans had to enter the passwords "Danger" and "Victory" to move to the video page. The invitation read: "There's a Party in the works where the lights will be down low. Miss B has got a story to tell and wants the world to know / We'll raise a glass to toast and dance until we sweat. It's Britney like you've never seen her, do we have your attention yet? / Don't mean to be a tease, but you'll be happy if you wait. It's the Legendary Britney Spears and it's time we Celebrate / To rise to the occasion and use your savvy little eye, for access past the velvet rope you'll need more than just a smile / Put on your Thursday best 2 secret words will suffice. Spread the word, come out & play. We're about to.... Break the Ice" The sci-fi story of Break the Ice is reminiscent of her 2004 Toxic video, where Britney acts as a superheroine / spy. At the beginning, she crashes a party, literally, crashing the glass ceiling and fighting some robot henchmen to the surprise of all the guests. She then infiltrates the laboratory, breaching the security system, much like in Toxic, where she finds a bunch of clones of herself suspended in liquid containers. She comes close to one of them, and kisses her, then sets a time bomb on the glass of the tank. After that, she goes to where the one who seems to be the owner of the facility is, and finishes him with a kiss, again, like in Toxic, only to reveal he is a robot too. She dodges a bullet and escapes the building, right before it explodes, completing her mission. A "to be continued..." sign is shown in the end. Related:
  12. Hey yall, so on Twitter a lot of stans are doing Piece Of Me buying party on iTunes to maybe somehow get it on top of it's charts. If we can make it at least chart on iTunes top songs it would be a goal. Piece Of Me is the most bought digital song from the Blackout album in the United States. Currently the sales are 1,911,000 For Piece Of Me while Gimme More has 1,888,000 digital sales. Break The Ice has 794,000 digital sales. Hope yall tune in buying Piece Of Me on Friday.
  13. QUEEN. She also has a hard time choosing her favorite Britney song. Its a mix between Gimme More, Toxic, and Everytime...the range. Charli is a stan. Btw I had NO idea she was going on tonight and literally spent my day off planning and booking my trip to her Boston show in six weeks for her crash tour. I ******* LOVE HER. And I LOVE her love for Brit Brit. ♥️ Stream Good Ones and Beg For You
  14. On March 03, 2008, Break the Ice was sent to US radio stations as the third and last single off Britney's fifth studio album Blackout. The song was co-produced by Danja and Jim BEANZ with additional writing by Keri Hilson and Marcella Araica. This was her first single to be released after she was placed under the conservatorship. In February, the song was announced as the most voted by fans from an online poll at Britney.com, with Toy Soldier coming in second place, and it was released internationally at the end of the month. The song peaked at #43 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it topped the US Dance Club Songs chart. It was also Top 10 in several countries, including #1 in Australia. A remix EP was also released later in the year It's been a while I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting But I'm here now The electro-R&B song started to be recorded when Britney was still pregnant of Jayden James in 2006, and it was finished three weeks after she gave birth. According to Keri Hilson, Britney wanted to focus more on her vocal delivery and opted not to do any background vocals “it sounds like me anyway”. At first it was rumored that she was preparing a music video for a remix of the song that featured rapper Fabulous, and that this was gonna be the version released as a single. However this ultimately didn't happen. In the end, an animated video was ordered, which was released in mid-March. At the time of its release, no promo performance was done for the song, and in the 2009 Circus Tour, a remix of the track was used as an interlude. It wasn't until late 2013 that Britney performed the song for the first time ever during her Las Vegas residency Britney: Piece of Me. The song kept being part of the show throughout the duration of the residency, including the revamped version that started in 2016. It was also going to be part of the setlist of Domination, her second Vegas residency which was cancelled a few weeks before it started in 2019.
  15. Do we know Which blackout song this could be where Britney says at the end “…Never seems to be enough” because it definitely sounds like her. Is it fake?
  16. Hi guys, I'm gonna make a few discussions in the next month because I need information for my "The Rarities" albums. First one to be discussed is a beautiful track called "Strangest Love". Here is what I have found out with a help of few friends: Audio: Official Title: Strangest Love (Registered on BMI) Written by: Guy Chambers & Brian McFadden Produced by: Guy Chambers & Richard Flack Album: ??? Leak Date: December 25th, 2011 For years this unreleased track was considered to be a part of the "In The Zone" sessions because Guy Chambers did actually work on that album. The last album Chambers worked on with Britney is the "Blackout" album. The difference is that the tracks intended for "In The Zone": "Sacred" and "Free" were written without Brian McFadden and this song is. McFadden and Chambers have started working together in 2004 after McFadden left the boyband "Westlife". They did together a whole album for McFadden. So, if they have only started working together after McFadden left his bandmates in 2004, there is no way that "Strangest Love" was recorded in 2002 among the other "In The Zone" tracks that Chambers have worked on. It can only be that it was done for "Blackout" because that was the last album Chambers worked on. So, what are your opinions? I think the track has a similar vibe to "State of Grace" done for the 2007 album "Blackout" and that it can easily belong to those sessions.
  17. Gimme More (bang bang bass remix Come listen to my new remix! Follow and comment, plz! Gimme More (bang bang bass remix)” #FreeBritney #GimmeMore 🎶 💿 💃🏽 🌹 #Blackout #britneyspearsremixes
  18. I had a twitter interaction with Steve Anderson, best known for co writing "Breathe On Me" & "State Of Grace" and says the unreleased song "Grow" is extraordinary and hopes it sees the light of day. Let's get it from him for BritneyOnline to put it out as an exclusive.
  19. UPDATE : here's the link Do you remember Blackout Golden Edition? It was on youtube few (4?) years ago but later was taken down. I remember it was GENIUS, even better than blackout which is the best album ever... I remember there were 2 (?) intros (one with Britney eating something and answering questions I hope I remember it right), different order of songs and megamix at the end... and the golden cover. I think it was even one long video, with transitions between songs. Please, I hope I'm not the one who remembers this. Maybe you have it downloaded? I need this. PS there are few videos on youtube that claim to be golden edition, but they are NOT, so don't link them EDIT: I found the tracklist of Golden Edition, if you have this album downloaded please share with us 1. Blackout Intro 2-Gimme More 3-FreakShow 4-Radar 5-Break the ice 6-Bu$h!t News (Interlude) 7-Piece of Me 8-Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 9-Heaven on Earth 10-Ooh Ooh Baby 11-Army's Call (Interlude) 12-Toy Soldier 13-Outta This World 14-Hot as Ice 15-Why Shold i be Sad 16-EveryBody 17-Getting Back (Interlude) 18-Get Back 19-Perfect Lover
  20. Hi everyone, so I am a new Britney fan. Since watching the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary this summer I have become infatuated with Britney and her music! I’ve been listening to her albums in order and I’ve finally gotten to Blackout. So far, I loved all the albums and enjoyed them right away. In the Zone being my favorite followed by Oops. Yesterday, I heard Blackout for the first time and I honestly could not get through it. Please don’t attack me lol. I know this is THE Britney album but i found it tough to listen to the album. It feels really loud and in your face. Not as easy to listen to as her previous from my experience. I listened to it for the second time today and still having similar experience. Is this the type of album that grows on you???? Or is it the type of pop that I might just not prefer as much?? Please don’t attack me! Just genuinely asking lol
  21. In the Netflix film Britney vs Spears Adnan Ghalib said he was with Britney one day at Starbucks and saw her write song lyrics on a napkin but which song was it? We know Britney has two writing credits on the songs that made the album "Freakshow" & "Ooh Ooh Baby". Comment below your thoughts, could Adnan be referring to those 2 songs or one that's unreleased?
  22. "Sippin' On" is so 90s R&B. I just discovered this unreleased masterpiece today and I'm gonna have it on repeat all week long. Britney has a nice voice that suits this 90s R&B sound. I've always loved R&Bney "Sippin' On" has two different versions. One solo intended for In The Zone and a remix with NYC rapper AC which was also intended for Blackout. Team Con and Jive made so many mistakes I would love Britney to continue the mature urban sound Glory revived in her while having some Pop bangers as well for B10. I'm so thirsty for B10 Which version of "Sippin On" do you prefer?
  23. The demo is produced by Bloodshy & Avant and performed by Sean Garrett, Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBb6PCt_q9c
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