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Found 22 results

  1. The Backstreet Boys holiday album, ‘A Very Backstreet Christmas’ will be released on Friday, December 2.
  2. I've released "Britney Changed My Life" the complete episode. The intro and part one were released on Britney's birthday, December 2. Part 2 released today. Here is all three Parts of the episode. Forgive the audio not matching the visuals for the first two parts. Part 2 (Just Released) I've also released a Christmas bop for you all called "What I Wish For." Sonically the song while I produced it, was heavily inspired by underground techno, Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" record as well as Britney's song "Body Ache" and Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia." Hope you all enjoy this song because I am going on a break! Happy Holidays! Thanks to everyone at Exhale for their continued support. I'm announcing that you will see less of me on here for personal reasons. Enjoy the content because I'm not releasing anything for a little while! Apologies to @Urbanneyand team Exhale mods for being upset with my tagging. Hope you all appreciate my art. Have a blessed Sunday. Here is some pictures with Adam Leber and a few of Britney's dancers including fan favorite Willie Gomez from Circus Tour.
  3. EU is forced to backtrack on 'cancelling Christmas' after outcry over message telling staff to say 'holiday period' instead because it is 'more inclusive' ''The EU has been accused of trying to 'cancel Christmas' after telling staff to avoid the word in favour of 'holiday period' because it could be offensive to non-Christians. Eurocrats published the rule months ago as part of a guide on 'inclusive communication', details of which leaked this week leading to a furious backlash. Politicians from Italy - where the story first emerged - accused the EU of waging a war on 'common sense' while the Vatican accused Brussels of trying to 'cancel' Europe's Christian roots. Brussels has now been forced to backtrack - withdrawing what it called a 'draft document' after a 'number of concerns' were raised. '' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10262567/EU-accused-cancelling-Christmas-telling-staff-say-holiday-period.html https://greekreporter.com/2021/12/07/eu-canceling-christmas/ '' The European Union was forced to retract a controversial document after the Vatican accused Brussels of trying to cancel Christmas by “banning” certain Christian words. The manual, which is supposed to be used for communications in EU institutions, and which is purportedly aimed at avoiding discrimination and promoting inclusivity, has been withdrawn, because it recommended banning the word “Christmas” in communications. The controversial document, titled “Union of Equality,” recommended the expression “holiday period” instead of “Christmas period.” The document even proposed that traditionally Christian names such as “Mary” and “John” not be used anymore.''
  4. Twist off, Chubby Checker: Your double run just got lapped. The yuletide is high for Mariah Carey’s 1994 holiday staple “All I Want for Christmas,” which moves into the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 today — becoming the first song to top that tally in three separate chart runs. The hitmaking singer’s track breaks its tie with Checker’s smash “The Twist,” which hit No. 1 in 1960 and returned to the summit two years later. “All I Want for Christmas” first climbed to No. 1 in 2019, made it back there last year and moves up from No. 2 this week to complete the feat. All told, it has amassed six weeks at No. 1. The track also nudged Checker from another Hot 100 record as it now boasts the longest spans between chart-topping runs. “The Twist” did it in one year and three months-plus. Carey also extends her personal chart record of most total weeks at No. 1 for any artist in the Hot 100’s 63-year history: 85, spanning 19 songs. One more chart-topper, and she would match the Beatles for most No. 1s. The singles chart for the week dated December 25, 2021, also includes five other holiday hits: Brenda Lee’s 1958 classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in No. 2, Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” from 1957 ranks fourth, Andy Williams’ 1963 chestnut “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is No. 7, and Wham!’s “Last Christmas” from 1984 returns to the Top 10 at No. 9.
  5. What are your plans for Christmas this year? What do you normally do on the day/leading up to it?
  6. Have you managed to get time off for Christmas this year? I'm luckily breaking up from work on 23rd December and returning to work on the 4th January 2022. Can't wait for a decent amount of time off and to celebrate the holidays
  7. Obviously, deciding to create more music will ultimately be Britney's decision but what does everyone think about a Christmas album from Britney, a full album.
  8. So this is not newest news, but I never saw this on here. I am not a Xtina fan, so might have some data wrong, so please feel free to correct me After last year, for the 20th anniversary, My Kind Of Christmas got released on a silver limited edition: On October this year, they released the White Vinyl version and a normal black one: . I love this album! Are you buying this? What do you think of My Kind Of Christmas ? P.S. I wish Britney would have done a Christmas album!
  9. Hi everyone!! My husband and I do an annual pop culture inspired holiday card just for fun featuring our two French Bulldogs: Titan and Lola.. This year has a Britney theme (can't believe we haven't done one before... what a flop fan I am!!) We put a bunch of thought into the Britney references that I thought some of you all might enjoy! If you are interested in receiving one this year: DM your address and we will send one! We can mail outside of the US. This is just something we do completely for fun and no profit / incentive or anything... gives us a fun project to work on together We do end up posting the card on their page closer to December 25th if you'd rather just wait for the digital version. Some from years past: Spice Girls: Friends TV Show: Golden Girls:
  10. I know it's a little early to be making this thread, but it needs to be discussed. Let me know what is your favorite and least favorite song. Don't be rude, and respect others opinions. Have fun!
  11. 1984's Silent night, deadly night was only in theaters for 10 days, despite actually making 3,000,000 in the box office off a 34,000 budget, Tri star (Sony pictures) pulled it due to a PTA outrage. In the 80s, the US probably was at the height and the last era of conservative and religious reign and family values Those forces forced a new horror film, that tri star was hoping to make a franchise out of like Freddy Kreugar and Jason Voorhees and Michael myers. Unfortunately that didn't happen with 1984's Silent Night, Deadly night, despite 4 sequels (only one being a direct sequel to the original with 1987's Silent night, deadly night, pt. 2 where the infamous Garbage day meme comes from the characters killing spree) The film deals with the main characters trauma from witnessing his parents murder on Christmas eve, and a warning from his grandpa in a mental asylum that Santa is actually evil. If that wasn't enough trauma, he suffered more at the orphanage at the Helm of Mother Superior (despite a sympathetic sister, that actually believes he needs help in dealing with the trauma of witnessing his parents murder). He gets beat up after watching teens exploring their bodies (this is also trauma as his mom was also assaulted before she was murdered), and yes those teens get the belt with the mother yelling devil be gone, punish for your sins. The mother Superior tells William what they were doing was very naughty and when we are being naughty even in privacy, we are always caught. Punishment is good, punishment is neccessary and it's essential to a well balanced life. She punishes him with the belt, several times. It gets worse as an adult when he tells a co worker not to cuss, and to treat the woman with respect and not Garbage. His killer spree happens because eventually due to being sheltered and thinking things like making love, and drinking alcohol and cussing are all sins, William has a psychotic breakdown and basically starts offing those who need to be punished. The controversy was he was dressed in a Santa suit, and being that Christmas and Santa was a sign of childhood innocence, it was something that parents wasn't ready to see that image get stained. It did happen thanks to films like 2005's Santa slay and 2015's cult classic Krampus: a Christmas demon But in 1984, a 30 second trailer of a bloody axe taking a snowman's head off was enough to send people in an outrage. The film now is a cult classic and has a following and midnight showings during the holidays like the rocky horror picture show. They are doing a remake of the 1984 film and unlike the 2012 loose adaptation, they are doing the parents murder and catholic orphanage child abuse that willian endured.. The director said it shouldn't be a big deal now like it was almost 40 years ago when the original came out. @JayTawndre. The film is available to rent on prime video, vudu and Google play. The sequel can be streamed for free on tubi.
  12. Hey Army, Maybe..... just maybe I was talking a little too much about FreeBritney this past year. In Germany we already got our Christmas presents and my younger cousin made me this mug 😅 What kind of Britney related gifts did you ever receive from your family? Oh and Merry Christmas
  13. Mariah reminded every body in a genius interview that she has two Christmas albums. 1994's Merry Christmas 2010's Merry Christmas II You, which outside the US where it went Gold underperformed and began her commercial decline as her type of R&B music was deemed no longer cool. So, a determined queen she is based the apple tv special to the second studio Album she even performed the extra festive arrangement of All I want for Christmas is you from that album. Sleigh Ride and the remix of Oh Santa! (Which if it happens ties MC with the beatles with 20 US Billboard hot 100 #1's, Ariana her sixth, and ironically Jhud her first US Billboard hot 100 #1 and her first big hit since 2008's Spotlight). P.S. I kinda feel like a VIP, knowing I got the soundtrack before everybody else gets it next Friday.
  14. Carly Rae Jepsen blessed us with a new Christmas song! It's titled "It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries." The music video is out now. Super cute. Exhale, thoughts?
  15. Mandy Moore has a present for fans as sweet as Christmas candy. The singer and This Is Us star dropped a two-track holiday package Thursday, featuring original song and title track "How Could This Be Christmas?" and her rendition of Christmas classic "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Listeners can hear the songs now online, as well as pre-order an exclusive double-sided 7” single vinyl version. Moore's song choices reflect the complex nature of the holiday season in 2020 as we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic. There's the classic celebratory tune "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," as well as a more reflective new, original song. Moore co-wrote "How Could This Be Christmas?" with her husband Taylor Goldsmith (of musical group Dawes) and music producer Mike Viola. The new track speaks to the challenge of facing loss during the holiday season. "The holidays are certainly going to feel verifiably different this year and in this vein, I challenged myself (and Mike and Taylor) to write a song that hinted at the acknowledgment of something missing without being too specific," Moore said in a statement. "Because if we’ve learned anything in this season of change, it’s the recognition that those we love and cherish are what’s most important and worth celebrating. And that felt like a message to get behind during this special time of year." Christmas classic "It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" was introduced by Andy Williams in 1963, but it's been covered by countless artists since. Edward Pola and George Wyle wrote the song in waltz time, and it's revered as one of the best holiday songs ever recorded. Moore's new holiday single comes on the heels of her first album in more than 11 years, this spring's Silver Landings. The creative burst came after Moore had to postpone her tour in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Viola produced both singles (as well as Silver Landings) and plays bass and electric guitar on the tracks. Goldsmith provides background vocals, guitar, and bass with Lee Pardini on keyboards and Griffin Goldsmith on drums. Eric Lea arranged and performed strings on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Source: https://ew.com/music/mandy-moore-new-christmas-song/
  16. This was a legit released in Japan..... on CD. The jingle bells WHO KNEW? GET IT TO NUMBER 1 STREAM STREAM Slay slay SLEEIGGGHHHH
  17. I just saw on Twitter that fans are starting a streaming+buying (on iTunes) event to get the epic christmas carol "My Only Wish" charting. Soooo the question is, are we in or are we out? Tbh I don't see much difference with supporting this or the Mood Ring release.
  18. There's a rumor that RCA wanted Britney to release a Xmas album this year, but she said no because she's not working right now while she fights the conservatorship. Related:
  19. JoJo is releasing a new Christmas album! I don’t know how many more bops she will give us this year Related:
  20. Wow. It's not even Halloween and Ava has released a Christmas song. I'm not sure about the strategy since most people will forget its existence by December.
  21. The queen of country music and one of the greatest songwriters of all time, Dolly Parton, is releasing a Christmas album in October (exclusively at Cracker Barrel) titled A Holly Dolly Christmas (out October 2nd). It'll include a cover of Mariah's 1994 iconic nineteenth #1 Christmas classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" featuring none other than Millennials fav late night host Jimmy Fallon as a narrator. "I thought, ‘What other songs are really hot?’ And I thought, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.' Jimmy Fallon, a couple of years ago, I was on his show around Christmas and he asked me to sing that and I didn't know it and I felt so bad," Parton tells People. "So I went and learned it and I was just going to put it on my album and then I went, ‘I’ll ask Jimmy Fallon to sing it with me!’ And he said, yes. So I'm really excited about that," she said. This marks Dolly's first Christmas offering in 30 years. It also features collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Buble, Willie Nelson and her brother Randy. My question is who's here for the original gay icon of country music to cover this iconic hit?
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