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Found 13 results

  1. We have so many great emojis to choose from, but I feel like Exhale isn't diverse enough in the fair use of them. So let's give a shoutout to the least used by your judgement and make them shine. I'll go first...
  2. Today I bought my first ever funkopop at my local store and of course I had to start my collection with britney from Toxic 😆🧪 I’ve also preordered the ringleader one too For all the funko collectors out there, do you keep them in the box?
  3. So I realize that there was a period in Exhale history where good friends, acquaintances, adversaries, or straight up trolls would make threads about other Exhalers, sometimes to provoke them, other times to engage in lighthearted teasing. Sometimes these threads were filled with praise or affirmation. Or they’d devolve into infighting. Better yet, many of these threads were directed at specific members, whereas other threads were sometimes so vague that you couldn’t always tell who the OP was referring to. In light of recent events, are we officially done with there types of threads on Exhale? Can we finally achieve an armistice amongst warring Exhalers? Can peace finally flourish? Discuss.
  4. It would be very and I think it would bring a lot to the table
  5. Hi! It’s so good to see the sun shining out there today and hearing the birds singing. Remember to go outside and get some fresh air! It’s good for the soul Are you a fan of nature and getting fresh air or do you stay inside on here all day
  6. This thread is not to trash the current mods. It’s to allow Exhale to use their voice and let the community speak for itself. Just answer the question and don’t start trouble PS I made it so you couldn’t see names
  7. Over the past 24 hours, the amount of support that I have received from my fellow Exhale members has been overwhelming. I simply did not expect it All of the threads about me, all of the nominations to be your next mod and all of the messages that I have received, THANK YOU. I see you, I hear you and I won’t let you down! I’m aware of my past feuds on here and how some may not trust me. That’s okay! I’m willing to prove to those who don’t like me that they can infact trust me. I appreciate members like @rennen2.0 for bringing up key points like not using members warning points against them. We all have made mistakes and NOBODY is perfect also the support from the LEGEND @CrazyButItFeelsAllright is pretty damn cool since they are so iconic!! I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. My question to Exhale is do you? Thank you all so much once again! BritneyLVR
  8. I love a good time-saving trick as much as the next person. However, too many times I see people throwing out abbreviations and initialisms without any context. Sometimes they're pretty obvious, such as if you were referencing Billie Eilish's WWAFAWDWG album. But creating initialisms and abbreviations out the gate is annoying, frustrating, and uneccessary. We shouldn't have to decipher your post. The proper way to do abbreviations and initials is to spell it out the first time, then you can shorten it. It's helpful and can keep people more engaged. Just sayin' (JS). Thanks for coming to my TedTalk
  9. Last year, Exhale was having its biggest boom since 2018 but nowadays it feels so dull...I mean like... Exhales server caught fire lately thus leading to it being shut down for a few days akin it's own stock market crash moment Iconic users like @Iconic 4 U and @ColdAsFire88 left Exhale The amount of general visitors and online exhalers has been falling down since this year has started Slayer's Britney album megarates are over, and didnt the last one like have only a few visitors (relevant to my last point) It has been stagnant around 65k something users Not many threads nowadays are crossing over a 100 replies which connects to my 3rd point I have entered my first flop era AKA Blackout2006 Jean And Exhale has been feeling so dry lately Thoughts exhale?
  10. I find it really interesting how documentarian turned Exhale regular @Rik hasn’t said anything about #FreeBritney. He loves to make threads about Loucifer and Jamie Lou but has been silent about “the hashtag.” A shame for someone with such a platform! Thoughts Exhale?
  11. If you could describe an Exhaler with an emote(s), what would it/they be? @Plus:
  12. Hi Exhale! Welcome to July 3! Thank you so much to everyone who participated on the first two days! I'm so happy with the turn out! We're discovering a lot of great songs and while we're at it, we're all getting to know each other more. Our personalities and tastes! And because of that, I want to repay all of you by sharing these playlists. It's a compilation of all the entries for the first two days. I swear, it's such a good playlist. It's a diverse list but made up of a lot of great songs and I really enjoyed listening to both of them. Not gonna lie but I am so proud of all of us! We have taste. If you've followed the threads for the first two days, listening to the playlist will be even more exciting for you. Because whenever a song would play, I would literally smile and think of that person, like oh this is XD and SCREAMING THIS IS XD's ! and so and so. I hope it has the same effect on you. 💛🧡💜 Here they are. A song you like with a color in the title. A song you like with a number in the title. Okay, so for today. I figured we could turn it up a notch and make it a little difficult for y'all. Just a little bit. The colors and numbers thing were child's play. Now this, will have you thinking. Let's really get to know each other. What's the story behind your entry? It's up to you if you want to share a little back story or is it the feel or vibe of the song that will speak / tell the story. It's up to you! 💛🧡💜 So let's start! DAY 3: A song that reminds you of summer time. *** ONE SONG PER EXHALER. Let your song speak for yourself. *** You may use a song already posted by your fellow Exhaler. I noticed yesterday that most of the top comments across Exhale are from the Day 2 thread. Yay! But I also noticed that we had less entries than Day 1. And this I think is due to the early birds having really popular picks as entries and that may have [?] discouraged some people? I'm not sure. But if you're a lurker and you're reading this now, don't be shy even if someone else already posted the entry you have in mind. Although I encourage you to come up with something unique because this will be your stamp on the game moving forward. This is what's gonna put you on the map and on the compilation, so make it count! TEEHEE 💛🧡💜 Roxxy
  13. UPDATE: Please only share ONE (1) song. 💛🧡💜 *** ONE SONG PER EXHALER. Let your song speak for yourself. Hi Exhale! Welcome to July! It's a new month! I figured we do something to get to know ourselves. It's a sharing exercise. And by the end of this series, we will all get to know our fellow Exhalers a little bit better. So let's start! DAY 1: A song you like with a color in the title. TEEHEE 💛🧡💜 Roxxy
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