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Found 11 results

  1. November 2018, I was ready to take over the underground music scene, so I went for the very first time to a recording studio and give voice to some lyrics and music. I've been playing and recording raw demos in my house before that time, but I took the big step and went in. "crudo" is my first album, it was full of dreams to come true and energy to be heard. it had a bunch of official videos. 1st official single (my BOMT) was "Turbio" 2nd was "Meliflua" 3rd was "Un Nuevo Habito", with a homage video to my grandma (RIP ♥) 4rd was "Ra" (****) 5th was "Madrugada Índica" 6th was "Don't Take Me For Granted" and last but not least was "Bow Down" a queer Anthem hope you can give a listen to or a watch the the videos. the album is full on spotify
  2. Which of these haunted series was your favorite, or maybe both? I definitely prefer Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I was never a fan of Charmed and never watched it.
  3. Saturday was my first day as a manager (not as important as it sounds, it just means I get a key to the bathroom), and tell me why this KAREN comes up to my register with a full order, then decides she's going to look through every single one of our discounted sunscreens to see which is the biggest bargain. Ma'am, I have a line and do not want or need to put up with your bullcrap. And she had the NERVE to get an attitude with me when I told her that there was a line forming. I didn't even go a full month at this job before blowing up on a customer LMAO
  4. Hi y'all, wanna share what is your favourite food from your country/area and a foreign dish? I'm from Argentina, and I recommend 2 things: 1 the typical "Asado" (sorry vegans/vegetarians) and the "Empanadas Tucumanas" as for the foreign food, I love me some sushi what are yours?
  5. So I realize that there was a period in Exhale history where good friends, acquaintances, adversaries, or straight up trolls would make threads about other Exhalers, sometimes to provoke them, other times to engage in lighthearted teasing. Sometimes these threads were filled with praise or affirmation. Or they’d devolve into infighting. Better yet, many of these threads were directed at specific members, whereas other threads were sometimes so vague that you couldn’t always tell who the OP was referring to. In light of recent events, are we officially done with there types of threads on Exhale? Can we finally achieve an armistice amongst warring Exhalers? Can peace finally flourish? Discuss.
  6. Hey y’all! My intro is long over due! Kinda just been flying under the radar… but I’ve been following the site for quite some time - literally came across it during 2007, when I was finally able to access the internet on a consistent basis - and Britney has been my light through some of my darkest times. Other artist include Mariah Carey (she’s an Aries like me, so that’s bound to happen), Madonna, Janet - the classics - and most recently Miley, Dua and Tove Lo. I’m a freak when it comes to the dance floor. 😅 Britney just has a way to bring that freak outta me that once her voice graces the dance floor, I’m on beast mode the rest of the evening. I’m 💯 Puerto Rican, raised in Philly. I look forward to getting on here more often and interacting with y’all a bit more. 💖 oh and my one and only time I got to see her was during the Femme Fatale Tour. I was in Philly, the one where it’s claimed she sang live for a good portion of the show, which I feel is true cause I got chills - maybe it was my first time but she had me wild - some girl busted her toe and was like “it’s a Britney show! What can you expect but to get a busted toe” or something along those lines 🤣😭 anyway, my anxiety and adhd is kicking in. Later ✌🏽
  7. Yesterday was the most Twosday it will ever be. Twosday, 2/2/22. This would have been slightly entertaining if I realized it yesterday 😁
  8. Hi exhalers / papis, I usually don't make topics, but this one deserved to be posted. Trisha Paytas released a Spanish version of her single "Freaky" and it's terribly iconic, but not in the ways you'd think. In case you don't know Trisha, she's a famous youtuber who's been memed so many times, including getting her own emojis on Exhale. The music video is an amazing replica of Lindsay Lohan's iconic "Rumors", starting from the looks to the killer choreography. The thing about the song is... the lyrics are way too funny and dirty. She's trying to break into the Latin community market, but her Latin friends must really dislike her 'cause no one warned her about the hate she's getting online. No shade to Selena Gomez 'cause I love her, but this is exactly how she sounds like when she sings in Spanish. MÉTELO TODO! (put it all inside!) DÁMELO DURO! (give it to me hard!) PAPI, MÉTELO ASÍ! (papi, stick it like that!)
  9. I haven't been on this site for well over a decade! But it used to be my LIFE when I was 17/18 in 2009/2010. Those days were CRAZY on here 🤣 I don't even know how to use this new site! Is anyone else from back then still on here? Does anyone remember me? I had this username but people often knew me as Gabriella.
  10. A bish has been busy, what can I say? 😂 now if y’all don’t let this die. 😂
  11. Few years ago the trend of minimalism started- the less you own, it's better for the environment and you, you'll feel better etc And somehow it's focused on the idea things make you feel depressed and uninspired and if you get rid of everything you dont need, use or have any attachments to- you will feel great, healthy blah blah blah I tried it to see would it help me as people claim it helps them NO Now, not only I dont have 90% of my things but I'm more miserable and depressed than before. I ******* hate it. Everything feels empty and like a damn black mirror episode... I cant believe I was convinced to get rid of even my memorabilia and stuff, everything. And I still feel like a waste, like I'm damaging to environment and even though I got rid of everything- I still own too much according to minimalists Having less things, esp.if they are older makes depression and your issues worse. This trend is such a bs and so dangerous. Instead of focusing on improving your life by fixing issues they give you one more issue- a damn empty space around you Never try it. It doesnt fix issues as people claim. And also, the minimalism groups are kind of cultish... they are pro giving away things even if you dont want to give them away, they get angry if you have ''unnecessary things'' etc Super cultish thing, doesnt help at all, only makes things worse!
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