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  1. The problem is Lemonade was a moment and it relied heavily on her drama with Jay-Z. However, people quickly turned on him during and after Lemonade; if anything, Jay-Z is dragging her and her career down. After Lemonade, Beyonce pushed Jay-Z down our throats and tried to make everyone love him and them as a couple. And it backfired. Their last album together underperformed. Beyonce had a moment with Coachella and cultural reset. However, it didn't win anything Emmys and the soundtrack didn't do well. Her Lion King soundtrack flopped, and so did the film. Her latest film Black is King won Grammys, but they were undoubtedly bought. The film didn't go anywhere. Beyonce has been underperforming for a while now. Her performances have been the same for past 6 years now with no variation. Everything is the same: the look, the dancing, the format of the performances, etc. No variation at all. Same sound. People say she doesn't need radio but the truth is radio wouldn't even play her if she let them. No one is checking on her and people get mad when you say these things. Yes, she is a legend, but everyone's time comes and goes. I feel like she is afraid to release a new album because it will heavily underperform.
  2. I'm a huge fan of Beyonce I love all her albums but I don't like Renaissance at all The production is so bad and even though it came out this year it sounds really outdated It's kind of like a better version of Britney Jean
  3. Discuss? @Rik @SlayOut @Henry Torres @Tingle2mingle86 @Blackout2006 @princessmimi @Isla @Midnight @mythology @IconicShow @CrazyButItFeelsAllright
  4. Okay so HEAR ME OUT As much as I am aware that you all secretly blast your speakers with Heated while writing essays on why Beyonce sucks, I think it is time to admit that the good sis can make bops! Plus, this is coming from the very person who is the author of the diamond-certified 'Lemonade is Overrated' thread Now you may ask: -For a thread comparing two sonically-different records but the similarities are THERE and as present as ever, TRUST Both the records are their 10th projects Both are very crucial projects on the career trajectories of Britney and Beyonce Both have acclaim and a great fan-following Both are so far not been giving the promotion they absolutely deserve! Both have more than one version (Glory deluxe, Ren Act II & Act III (allegedly) So yes. Compare the track lists of both these masterpieces and lemme know Invitation VS I'M THAT GIRL Make Me VS COZY Private Show VS ALIEN SUPERSTAR Man on the Moon VS CUFF IT Just Luv Me VS ENERGY Clumsy VS BREAK MY SOUL DYWCO? VS CG Slumber Party VS PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA Just Like Me VS VIRGO'S GROOVE Love Me Down VS MOVE Hard To Forget Ya VS HEATED What You Need VS THIQUE
  5. Britney Spears Xtina Shakira Madonna Beyonce Pink Rihanna Miley Cyrus Mariah Carey kylie Minogue Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Jessica Simpson JLO Avril Lavigne Gwen Stefani Taylor Swit Katy Perry Dua Lipa
  6. It ended up being one of my favorite 2022 albums, it definitely grew on me
  7. According to the sun, Beyoncé is considering to have British girl group FLO to open for her at the tour in the UK. Beyonce's strict rules for her crew during upcoming world tour revealed BIT.LY SINCE she announced her tour earlier this year, Beyonce has given very little away about her upcoming shows.But I...
  8. Who would you say is Exhale’s most polarizing and divisive celebrity? Who is the one you rarely see anyone stan? Discuss
  9. French president is on Washington DC for a state visit and the Bidens are giving a dinner state and many high profile Hollywood figures were invited. A rumor has it that Beyoncé was invited despite she not being on the guest list. Famous guests include: John Legend and wife Chrissy, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jennifer Garner, Stephen Colbert, Anna Wintour, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Netflix’s Ter Sarandos. Jon Baptiste will perform at the event. The guest list via White House can be found here: Deadline
  10. Spotify’s Top Female Artists of 2022 USA🇺🇸 #SpotifyWrapped #1 Taylor Swift #2 Doja Cat #3 Billie Eilish #4 Ariana Grande #5 Rihanna #6 Beyonce #7 Nicki Minaj👑 #8 SZA #9 Olivia Rodrigo Did your fave make the list?
  11. Time Magazine names Beyoncé as the 3rd best album of 2022 “The spirit of release is omnipresent in the album, a true celebration of dance music and its Black queer history.” The 10 Best Albums of 2022 BIT.LY From Bad Bunny to Kendrick Lamar and Angel Olsen, TIME picks the best new albums released this year
  12. I’ve just seen this article and I don’t understand... Her last album was great, but being nominated that many times?!? And Oh, surprise!!! She achieved a milestone of being nominated the most for Grammy, tied with her husband Jay-Z! What a coincidence… it just made me realize that Grammy Awards are really just a way for artists to be promoted and to achieve arranged milestones. There were so many great albums in the last year, I just think that no album is that "great" to be in the top of every category it fits in, no matter who it is! Let others shine! I prefer the Awards where the public votes… (Sorry for the bad English, I speak French) Beyonce Ties All-Time Grammy Nominations Record WWW.BILLBOARD.COM Beyonce eyes the most Grammy wins of all time with 2023 nominations. Read the full analysis of Grammy nominees here.
  13. I wonder if she cuts them yearly checks because of them being part of her start to her successful solo career it was also nice of her to bring them onstage with her at the Super Bowl and Beychella Let’s talk about it
  14. Beyoncé has now all of its her 7 albums over one billion stream as Renaissance hit the one billion mark.
  15. It’s such a hard decision but they are both talked about on here so much and it’s just like I can’t decide but honestly both are kinda lame now a days, I just can’t. This thread by no means doesn’t mean that they aren’t talented or not deserving of their success but no thanks Beyonce lately has had all of that drama regarding her taking other artists music or samples (this has happened more than once for this new album) and honestly I just feel like her performances are always the same. Beyonce Accused Of Stealing From Kelis Ahead Of 'Renaissance' THEBLAST.COM Kelis is lashing out at Beyonce and the release of her new album "Renaissance" after one of her singles was sampled Blackpink has received a lot of backlash due to their recent tour. Fans have claimed that they are lazy with their choreography and the tour is all over the place. Who do you pick? Let’s talk about it!
  16. Nothing talking about performances just singles or No fighting please😄
  17. Its an old video, but you can actually see Beyonces number at 2:11 Is it still her number? how was this not a big news? lol I just called and it was ringing
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