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Thoughts on Beyoncé's "Renaissance" (5 months later)?

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my fave album by her :bouncey:

i really like disco, house, & dance music so the album’s really 4 me 🤭

virgo’s groove, summer renaissance, & cuff it r my faves 😍

& i wouldn’t mind that there’s no visuals, most beyonce albums have them but i wouldn’t care :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

the only thing is why tease the visuals if u won’t release them :byesmoke_tiffany_miss_ms_ny_new_york_sitting_smoking_cigarette:



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Album of the year for me. I’m currently loving me some Virgo’s Groove. 

Trust me, no one justifies the lack of visuals. The hive is pissed af and some lunatics have started justifying it by saying she controls the medium and that she wants us to enjoy the music bla bla. 

i must say that her last sentence of the message she left when she dropped the album is that we will enjoy the music for a while… It was recently revealed that there was some mess going on behind the scenes and they’re most likely planning to release the visuals and tour dates before/at Grammy’s since she’s the most nominated as that will help her attract people’s attention and especially if she wins Album of the year. Basically a marketing ploy. It’s good to see that it succeeded so much without any promo and visuals but it’s still a bummer that we didn’t get anything. Oh well… onto 2023

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It’s definitely one of the best albums of the year. The production is fire. 

I don’t love all of it, but I can still appreciate its brilliance.

Funnily, the album has become even more iconic now that Ireland’s Prime Minister was recently videoed sucking the face off a younger guy in a Dublin bar, while Pure/Honey plays casually in the background 

The impact!


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One of my fave albums of hers and 2022!

I understand with the lack of visuals somehow kinda put the whole experience a bit off but hey, last time during the disco 70s era not a lot of artists do music videos.

She could have at least treat us with some kind of live performances but we all know she's keeping it for the world tour.

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