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  1. Camila Cabello's new song "Don't Go Yet" is officially out! I'm feeling it Sounds like a party. Thoughts, Exhale?
  2. Variety follows the Oscar race very closely. They have created a list of 40 contenders that could score a nomination for Best Actress at the 2022 Academy Awards. And in their early predictions for Best Actress at the Oscars, they have placed Lady Gaga at 1st place for Ridley Scott's "House of Gucci". Gaga has previously scored a Best Actress nomination for her performance in "A Star Is Born" and won one for Best Original Song. Another Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is also named a Top-Tier contender for her performance as Aretha Franklin in upcoming movie "Respect". Early word is that she has delivered an amazing performance. The most noteworthy of the list is Camila Cabello at 40th place for "Cinderella", backed by Amazon Studios. This is her film debut, and if she manages an Oscar nomination with it, it will solidify her future acting career. In the movie Camila gets to work with Tony and Emmy winner Billy Porter, and Golden Globe nominee James Corden. It will be a big year for our female artists. Who do you think will prevail at the end?
  3. Camila Cabello has a history of racially insensitive posts, so this latest happening is not good. One of her dancers looks like they were airbrushed to be black. She claims it's supposed to be a ridiculous spray tan. The clip and her statement are below. Why is she always in a mess Thoughts, Exhale? Watch the full performance here:
  4. The movie will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Sep 3. Camila Cabello will play the classic character Cinderella with Billy Porter starring as the genderless Fairy Godparent. Other cast members include Idina Menzel, James Corden and Pierce Bronan. Here is the first look at the movie. Camila sounds
  5. Racially charged posts Camila Cabello made when she was a teenager resurfaced in recent years, causing significant damage to her star power. Camila says she tried to correct course in light of those events by taking racial healing sessions. I- at least she's trying???? Exhale, thoughts? Should we forgive and forget? Or is this unforgivable? Related:
  6. Shawn Mendes and girlfriend Camila Cabello teamed up together for a duet of "The Christmas Song." I'll just keep it cute and point you guys to the song below. Merry Cringemas. Related:
  7. This is probably POINTLESS for me to post, but I had an urge to do it anyway. Haha. I posted this comment on another post about Camila, but I thought I'd share it as a new post... wanted to hear y'alls thoughts. I'm actually am a huge fan of Camila Cabello! I've always thought there was something special about her ever since she started on X-factor. I think she has a very beautiful and unique voice. She's also an INCREDIBLE performer... She definitely doesn't have the same dance skills as Britney, but she always delivers during award shows, concerts and in music videos. She has an amazing stage presence and I always feel her passion and energy when she performs. I know she has a racist past, but I think she has grown a lot since then and has become an activist for many social and political issues including BLM, LGBT rights and climate change. She has also done some work encouraging the latino community to vote for Biden. She seems really cute, funny and humble IMO. I've seen behind the scene clips of her while she was in Fifth Harmony interacting with her group members and fans and always seemed really nice and silly. I feel like she tries not to take herself too seriously and has a self-deprecating sense of humor, which I am drawn to. Her personality reminds me of Britney's in a way. These are a few of my fav performances from her if any of y'all care to watch! Alright... I'm ready to be dragged. Related:
  8. Camila Cabello reveals she's working on new music. She posted: She followed up with another post the new tunes: Exhale, we excited for CC's new music?
  9. Camila Cabello shared a photo smooching her boyfriend Shawn Mendes and included a lovey dovey caption. The FORCE is strong. Thoughts, Exhale?! Here's what she had to say: Related:
  10. Ally Brooke, of Fifth Harmony, made headlines when she revealed that, at 27, she’s still a virgin. But she exclusively told Page Six that there have been temptations. “I mean it is a difficult road — especially being a young woman in the entertainment business, you’re surrounded by attractive people,” she said. “I stop the temptation by killing the mood … It’s like seeing a nice purse in the mall. You really want to buy it, but you have to save your money. So you walk around the mall thinking about the purse.” If all else fails, there’s always prayer. “Oh, God, yes. There were times when I was like, ‘Lord give me the strength to make it through this,’” she told us. But she also has a fear of dying a virgin. “I pray to God like, ‘Please don’t let me die a virgin. Let me meet my husband before that happens to me and give me a few good years with him.’” The former “X Factor” star added she wants to be married by the time she’s 30. Her memoir, “Finding Your Harmony,” is out now.
  11. Camila Cabello is playing Cinderella in a new live adaptation. See the full cast list here. Photos from the film / on set hit the Internet. How are we feeling about this, Exhale? I know Camila is controversial here so please keep it cute. Related:
  12. Who approved this?! Camila Cabello and Missy Elliott are teaming up for a cover of Beyonce's iconic "Single Ladies." It'll be featured in the live adaptation of Cinderella. Camila is starring as Cinderella. The rest of the cast is as follows: Billy Porter as the Fab G, a genderless fairy godmother Idina Menzel as Vivian, Cinderella's stepmother Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice Maddie Baillio as Anastasia Charlotte Spencer as Drizella John Mulaney as John, a Footman/mouse James Corden as James, a Footman/mouse Romesh Ranganathan as Romesh, a Footman/mouse Missy Elliott as Town Crier Tallulah Greive as Princess Gwen Lyndon Ogbourne as Cinderella's father Luke Latchman Fra Fee as Hench A mess. Related:
  13. Little Mix's Leigh-Anne feels disgusted by Camila Cabello's racist past. More importantly, she's outraged that Camila seemingly got away with it. Yes, there was a #CamilaCabelloIsOverParty on Twitter, but other than that there were no real repercussions. It's worth mentioning Leigh-Anne doesn't directly saying Camila's name. There's a topic on Exhale about Camila not deserving the hate she gets. One side of the coin is that her racist Tumblr posts existed up until recently, and were only deleted because she was caught, therefore her true colors have shown: she's racist. Others, including myself, argued that she tried to make things right by apologizing (though she didn't outright address the issue which is problematic) educated herself and participated in #BlackLivesMatter protests. That is not enough, and I'm beginning to also see that side more and more. Check out Leigh-Anne's response below. How should we approach Camila moving forward? Thoughts on LA's comments? Sound off. Related:
  14. I open a debate for those of us who knew how to appreciate Fifth Harmony. In my opinion, the music videos of the last era are quite basic and low budget. The album is not bad, only it should have had better visual support. Your opinions?
  15. When a person you call an inspiration basically denies your Stan card, but you're too naive to see the rejection in her face. Camila called Madonna an inspiration in front of her at the 2018 VMAs. Well, Madonna for once wasn't here for the adoration. The fact she almost said Ariana Grande but had to hold her composure.
  16. It’s official. Camila Cabellos Romance tour is CANCELLED! Multiple dates for the tour are now labelled canceled and offering patrons refunds. Case in point, the flop of pop’s planned performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. An official message reads: The Camila Cabello show at STAPLES Center on August 7, 2020 that was postponed on March 24th has now been cancelled. If you purchased your tickets via AXS online or by phone, a refund will automatically be issued to the credit card you used to purchase within 30 business days. Sooooo does this mean tour bundles are removed from her first week sales? If so, that means she only sold 29k first week? Bless
  17. First of all I want to start with the OBVIOUS reason why she’s not liked and that’s the tumblr posts she made. Yes, it was incredibly ignorant of her and most of us at the age of 15 would have known not to have been so ignorant. But she has apologised and has been seen at protests lately supporting the BLM cause. I think it’s time we all start learning to forgive and give second chances, because I feel this girl really is deserving of one. Before these posts where even brought to life she was being dragged for filth and I don’t really understand why. Yes, she was on every talk show, every award show, every red carpet. But if that was anyone else’s fav, that would be seen as the second coming of Christ, but just because it’s Camila, she’s seen as a try hard. Girl had an album coming out, of course she was gonna grab every opportunity she could. As a performer Camila is one of the best out there at the moment. She oozes *** appeal, she has a spark to her in her performances that I haven’t seen for a long time. And before anyone says she has a whiny voice, let’s not forget we are Britney stans here, so let’s not go there. Watch some of Camila’s live sets such as New Music Daily, her voice sounds better live than on the studio versions and it’s great to see her with a live band and switch up the instrumentals of the music. Camila’s label needs to learn from there mistakes with the rollout of the singles from this album, there were too many in such a short space of time and that didn’t give the previous single the momentum it needed. That said, out of the singles released prior to the album, there were some GEMS! Living Proof, Liar, Easy and Cry For Me are excellent. Now, one reason why I believe the album underperformed was the theme of the album. I don’t think people are here for Shawn and Camila and it was seen as a publicity stunt, which a year later we can see now that it wasn’t and they very much are in love. But still, people didn’t care to hear about her in love because it wasn’t seen as real. Romance really didn’t deserve to slump, the writing in the album is brilliant, not the best ever, but still very beautifully written. I know no-one will really give a damn about this, but I just think it’s time to stop cancel culture and give this girl a chance to succeed and stop kicking her whilst she’s down because it would be a shame to not see her rise and continue to shine. Even if you don’t like Camila as a person and find her annoying, simply don’t watch her interviews or anything, but please give her music another chance, it deserves it. Related:
  18. What happens when you put five girls who truly have nothing in common in a girl group? That answer is Fifth Harmony. It was doomed from the start. Looking up on YouTube (which I do to get my inspiration from my well educated posts) – There are literally ten videos of the group constantly fighting and shading each other. Even after Camila left it continued. It all makes sense when Lauren said: 'none of us are in touch with each other really. ' Loosely translated. I really wouldn't even have these girls as friends in my personal life. I picked the worst video of all of them to prove my point. Including fights in the recording studio, Fifth Harmony was doomed to implode since day one. Camila leaving the group made it happen faster. Don't expect a reunion at all (unless years of therapy is involved). This is why I stan Little Mix. They wouldn't let any of this petty bullish get between them. Enjoy volume 5 of Fifth harmony shading and fighting with each other.
  19. Seeing as her solo music didn’t take off, Ally Brooke has decided to do what any other flopping 26 year old does....announces a memoir!!! You guys, how exciting!!! 🥴 A mess 🥴
  20. “All In My Head (flex)” by fifth harmony is a summer bop still. This song deserved more success. ”He Like That” deserved to be a hit also. We need a justice for fifth harmony campaign (without the racist one though)
  21. Rather than acknowledge the racism that is plaguing our country, or the death of George Floyd, or the death of Ahmaud Arbery, Camila Cabello has decided to stay relatively silent until now. Camila wants us all to know that she is still coping with anxiety. So, how about we all read about her anxiety here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/camila-cabello-letter-ocd-mental-health-fans-11590668326?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1 What about the anxiety people of color face everyday just for having their skin color? Thoughts? Will Camila finally be cancelled?
  22. Camila Cabello's Romance Tour is officially cancelled (versus postponed). To be honest, it wasn't selling amazingly well prior to the pandemic anyway. When tours continue to resume, I wonder if she can rebuild her status. The GP was kinda sorta getting to know her name, but in a few years she might just be that "Havana" girl. At least she's getting organic slime. Thoughts on Camila cancelling?
  23. Her tour might have been cancelled. But The album Romance is certified RIAA Platinum My oh my also went Platinum. Havana is close to becoming diamond status. Just got recertified 9x platimum.
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