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Found 13 results

  1. Nicki Minaj posted a new photo on Instagram after being on her most longest hiatus. The caption says F R I D A Y and assuming that it’s the last day of the week, she’s possibly releasing a new song. Omfg, I’m crying. The pink era is back and I’m shaking! Y’all better prepare for war ‘cause I’m fighting this time around! I’m switching it up to @Roman Zolanskireal quick!
  2. I’m @Style.the Degenerous Queen and I’m writing this letter to @Jordan Millerto fix my main account ‘cause I can’t leave comments with it or did you just put me on a CONservatorship? I never wanted to be rude, the thing is that I’m from New Yawk and we never say good morning! Also a PSA, when I come out of my conservatorship, I will sprinkle some bread to the pigeons!
  3. This ten minute video explains how even after the hate train ended, the hip hop industry still blackballed Nicki Minaj.. She basically explains how Nicki wanted to be seen in the likes of Jay Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and of P. Diddy aka Moguls! And while she ran a decade all by herself she was still treated as a rookie and never given the respect. Now due to the tik tok era of rap, people are wanting Nicki to return, and she also touches that yes despite approaching 40, she will still have her massive fan base despite the ageism in the hip hop community and music industry in general. She also touches how giving Nicki her flowers just isn't enough, she was pretty much banned on radio by everybody which is why she free falls on the hot 100 faster than most acts ever did. It's the fact that she refused to sign 360 deals also hurt her, cos Nicki makes money for herself and not a company, she is also blackballed because she's independent which is a first for female rap, and the industry of hip hop must actually acknowledge that their own misogynistic industry actually led to her erasure happening in front of everyone, and until it does just that. Nicki will never be acknowledged for her contribution to hip hop music, despite her initial pop star days earlier in her career, which like Christina om her debut era, was actually important and neccessary for her to be successful at a time when rap wasn't really dominating pop radio
  4. Nicki and Tiffany will never be friends or even fix anything.. Well Tiffany became the second black female comedienne after Whoopi goldberg to win for best Comedy album at the 63rd Annual Grammy awards. Well in a chat with Clubhouse, Someone called her The Nicki Minaj of comedy, yeah, she didn't take it nicely. Her direct quote was "Well unlike Nicki Minaj, I treat everyone with dignity and respect ". Let's just say the barbs came to her defense, as 2021 hasn't been her year since her father was killed in a hit and run accident.. They also reminded everybody that Nobody stood up for Normani, when Kevin hart and Tiffany shaded Normani and the other girls of Fifth harmony who was going solo, while praising Camila Cabello. Nicki defended Normani calling her that Bish.. Thoughts on This one sided feud.
  5. According to Variety, Jay-Z sold Tidal. Due to Jay-Z’s recent Ace of Spades deal with LVMH, all Tidal co-owners including Nicki Minaj have made a $8.9m cash out. ✈️ When we get fly, we take flight ✈️
  6. The track is a fusion of dancehall, afro beats and EDM sounds which takes lyrical inspiration from reggae classics by Black Uhuru and Baby Cham. Listen to it, it’s a cute little bop. I didn’t expect this to like it. Thoughts?
  7. Here's the fascinating BBC documentary on the Sweden pop music industry. Titled Flat Pop pack: Sweden pop music. From the underground club days, to using Swedish folk music. Plus mixing Rock music, R&B Music and club beats. On it's original sound. Interviews ranging from 5Ive, Ace of Base's ULF Ekberg, Jenny Berggren, Robyn and a few others, Discuss how the Swedish Music industry produced the pop music that we loved in the last 30 years. They also reveal a big secret. Before he produced our favorite pop records. Max Martin fronted a heavy metal band, with a secret he felt guilty about. He loved Melodic pop. He was rechristened Max Martin by Dennis Pop. To separate the two identities. This documentary is mostly about denniz Pop who started it all. He died way too early before the take over happened in the late 90s.. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  8. Jason Lee, an entertainment blogger just officially announced he joined the Grammy voting committee. But he's being called out by the barbz and the arianators for being ******, and ignorant to these two women.. It's also scaring them as This might result in say so not winning any Grammys for it's remix. As for Ariana grande he mocked her relationships, how fast she goes from one man to another, and **** jokes, etc.
  9. YG has said that he doubts he will work with Nicki Minaj again due to her connection with Tekashi 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine and YG have a long-running feud, with YG once using the rainbow-haired rapper’s mugshot as his stage background for live gigs, as well as dropping the track ‘Stop Snitchin’. Minaj and 6ix9ine recently collaborated on single ‘Trollz’, which reached number one on the US Billboard chart, before landing the biggest second week chart fall in history for a single that debuted on the top spot. “I don’t know, my feelings was hurt,” YG responded when asked if he would work with Minaj again in the future, shaking his head to imply that he wouldn’t consider the idea. “I’m a real street n***a… Yeah, I’m cool,” he added. See the clip below. Related:
  10. Rapper Khia is infamously known for her gags and order set a new target.. Nicki Minaj. Her comments take aim at (which are brutal, and sometimes hilarious as she points out ur flaws and pictures, etc) Nicki and her Barbz. So what exactly did she post that upset the Barbz? Apparently it's a race now to have children, and its no secret that Nicki had an abortion at 19 and it still haunts her. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller @ColdAsFire88 @babyimmafreak90
  11. Several black entertainers have earned the wrath of the barbz for saying Nicki should Bow down, Bish to lil' kim. This has angered them. Actress lisa raye has probably earned their anger again. "I don't give a damn, they can cuss me out, call me out, But I'm above them. Hello They are poor compared to me. Do you think I care what a nobody says about me. That's the truth. Fans are a bunch of nobody's compared to us with talent"
  12. I don't know her 2.0. Someone asked sia with using a pic of Nicki Minaj if she's willing to collaborate. She said yes. But tagged on Twitter Cardi B's account. Que the barbz drag for a simple mistake in 5,4,3,2,1.
  13. is the fake feminism the lesbian faux pas in videos this decade.. when Britney kissed madonna it was considered a marketing tactic , shock and awe.. more acts after that followed in same footstep until it became mainstream , T.a.T.u did it , Christina did it , and others.. but in recent years that has been replaced with a so call female empowerment love for each other act, singers are doing in videos. take for instance ariana , miley and lana in their video, beyonce and nicki minaj, nicki minaj and everyone she collaborated with .. but after the music wraps up and the song is out of the charts they are no longer friends and start ripping each other up in headlines and interviews.... is it all just publicity or any of it is genuine ..
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