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No One Talks About It, but Beyoncè Has Been Flopping For a While Now

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The problem is Lemonade was a moment and it relied heavily on her drama with Jay-Z.

However, people quickly turned on him during and after Lemonade; if anything, Jay-Z is dragging her and her career down.

After Lemonade, Beyonce pushed Jay-Z down our throats and tried to make everyone love him and them as a couple. And it backfired.

Their last album together underperformed. Beyonce had a moment with Coachella and cultural reset. However, it didn't win anything Emmys and the soundtrack didn't do well. Her Lion King soundtrack flopped, and so did the film. Her latest film Black is King won Grammys, but they were undoubtedly bought. The film didn't go anywhere.

Beyonce has been underperforming for a while now. Her performances have been the same for past 6 years now with no variation. Everything is the same: the look, the dancing, the format of the performances, etc. No variation at all. Same sound.

People say she doesn't need radio but the truth is radio wouldn't even play her if she let them. No one is checking on her and people get mad when you say these things. Yes, she is a legend, but everyone's time comes and goes.

I feel like she is afraid to release a new album because it will heavily underperform.

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The Lion King Live-Action Remake made 1.6 billion dollars worldwide. I wouldn’t count that as a flop. 😂 With that said, I find her to be massively overrated but not by her own doing. While I’m not a huge fan of her music, I won’t deny that she is definitely very talented and successful. I just don’t get the “Untouchable, mind-blowing, Queen of the Earth” status. Again though, not her doing. She is a critic’s darling and between that, her absurd amount of accolades, and fan base, it has catapulted her stardom to astronomical levels. 

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18 hours ago, DoubleJayTawndre said:

How sad must your life be to tear down a legend. She has 20 years of success. She don't (or any Pop girls) have anything to prove to you

Wow! It’s completely fine to tear down Britney or Katy Perry, but when it comes to Beyoncé you all become hypocrite! No one is tearing her down, but stating the fact that she has been flopping

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Someone said this in another thread but I don't think she makes music to chart anymore. She makes music that fulfills her and contributes to her community. She doesn't have to chart to prove her success She just is success. So idk it's all about perception I guess. You call it flop with not charting and I call it success with not having to.

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On a commercial level when it comes to music I truthfully believe Beyonce does not care anymore, her name is what every artist dreams of and that is becoming a brand synonymous with greatness. Beyonce has nothing to really prove anymore, which is why I really believe she didn't care to do a visual for Savage with Megan. I think she just dabbles into the commercial music space once in a while for a quick check but tbh she is in a great place. She did her thing!! 

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  • 2 years later...

i really think she pays bots or something, literally nothing adds up, nothing makes sense, she is so unpopular literally just weeks after she releases a new album. i really think this genre hoping is one of desperation. to at least get some people talking/interested and they stream it once and never again. all of her albums have abysmal streaming numbers, it's actaully shocking. if the truth is "dragging" someone idk what to say.

The whole "I'm a queen" "I'm a god" "worship me" "bow down"  type music really does not work post pandemic either. people now like authenticity. 

Taylor swift outsold her by a lot in one single day! just a few hours! it's crazy! and they are peers! 

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