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Never-before-seen footage from Britney's 2007 VMAs dress rehearsal surfaces

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4 hours ago, Alvy said:

If I remember correctly, the night before the VMAs she was partying hard with Ms. Paris Hilton and P.Diddy; so, maybe she was just hungover next day and that's why in the hat rehearsal (and the actual performance) she looked wasted as f-ck. lmao. This ponytail rehearsal is a day before the party night, I think.

But other than that, the performance as a whole is a really "IDGAFF" moment, and the whole world wasn't ready for that, including myself 💀

I was with her that night and never saw her drink js :janet_jackson_chewing_eating_food:

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5 hours ago, ralphcornio said:

Not to be that person, but being that person


  • The performance we got was better, more sharp, more iconic
  • The choreography and performance idea in general was BAD from SCRATCH and is not a Britney Spears classic number, there is no creativity
  • People STILL insisting on the skinny / bloated / fat aspect of this should get a life.


She looks like a GODDESS here tho and I love that we got this gem


4 hours ago, Phonography423 said:

Regardless of the excuses y’all keep giving this performance was still a no. 2003ney would say: :ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what:

it’s just not good. I liked the “ow!” part but that was it. 

These. I don't know how this got approved in the first place but the actual performance is better than the rehearsals we've seen so far. 

I liked the new angles and the ow part too! 

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3 minutes ago, Geralt_of_Rivia said:


These. I don't know how this got approved in the first place but the actual performance is better than the rehearsals we've seen so far. 

I liked the new angles and the ow part too! 

Who was the creative director? Her none existing management back then should be fired 

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Why did MTV make her look fat with the unflattering hair during the show? Did somebody get paid to make her look “unhinged” for the awful years that followed? How sad the queen was done like that. I hope she can finally be happy with her hubby and a baby girl in a mansion somewhere in the Deep South where she gets her life back. 

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Her eyes are different here... she look WAY MORE confident. I wonder what happened on the night of the performance? There must be something going on there. I won't be surprised if her drink got drugged that night by team con or family. I get that she party but the show is around 8pm, and she partied 18 hours before. She should be able to get some rest/ wore out the alcohol. And she don't have drinking problem. This is very suspicious..


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3 hours ago, jonloch1 said:

You know what's really weird. I can't post the links as I'm on my tablet but go on YouTube and type in whitney Houston x factor 2009. Theres a video of her performance of Million Dollar Bill and theres also a video of her mentoring the contestants that week with Clive Davis. And exact same thing, when she was mentoring the contestants she looked slim and when she performed like a few days later she looked like she put on so much weight but it was only 2 or 3 days later. I wish I wasnt on my tablet or I would post the videos. But it must be the drugs


IMO at that time a lot was going on (personal and career), they invested their time a lot trying to make something huge with Chris Angel, that was scrapped maybe bc of timing maybe bc they failed to put it together…. they choose to make a simplier performance, Britney was probably  already tired of LONG rehearsals and complex dance routines by that time… and judging by the leaked 2000 VMA performance… it’s a lot of effort, time and energy spent on to make a Britney Spears performance, we should also remember that her last era was IN THE ZONE she was burn out in that era, it was TOO MUCH by the end of it, and personally I love the 2007 performance, it fits the sl** hang over after club vibes of the song so she was acting properly... It's a dirt club song she was acting accordingly to it and if the tequila story is true it even adds how cool it was regarding what the media thought afterwards... She definitely shocked everyone tho bc it was a different type of a Britney performance everyone was used to... And eventually she would surprise everyone with a “bad performance” anyways, it's not bad, it's just a simple performance, just like the 2016 Make Me at the VMAs, it wasn't bad AT ALL (like some said back then), it was a simple performance too and that doesn't mean it's not a good one.

I believe that if her hair was good and that part of the routine thru the end where she lays back and the dancers put her on her feet was cut with something else and if the jokes about her kids after didn't happen she wouldn't be so criticized... Also that VMA was all about Timbaland and Justin Timberlake so who knows if MTV really sabotaged her... they indeed did allowing that Sarah Silverman speech to happen, it's a fact, I was so angry!

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