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  1. Is she referring to the papz when she says the "kids"? Who Is trying to scare her to make her look crazy? How Is these scum still allowed to do such things?
  2. I like make me but It was not first single material, plus that messy official music video keeps hunting me. It could have a been a great third single. Oh and i'm still mad that more intricate choreo we got to see on some instagram never made the cut
  3. I'm still not liking these posts of her at all i think she could find better ways to express herself but It is just my opinion, if she's Happy like this good for her, but this is not helping her public Image at all
  4. Only the cheap facebook Company apps are not working lbr WhatsApp Is embarassing compared to Kingram
  5. Lou went harder than expected to stop the news
  6. He needs the money to pay Vivian and try save his *****, unfortunately he will end up only having to pay the double from jail.
  7. Queen of living her Life how the hell She wants i hope She gets those 600 milions back and spend them all in dinners and vacations
  8. The girl doesn't even know how to go live on IG and got her first iPad ever few months ago... I highly doubt she knows how iCloud works, team con made sure to cut her off from the technology in the last 13 years...
  9. You are reaching gurl, sure She could be more careful in this Moment with these kind of material but She didn't end up in a conservartorship because of what She was wearing or not wearing, plus She isn't under any microscope, the con Is practically over, the reason Is still there Is just to investigate and end Jamie and team con for good...
  10. I Just wish they were well done photos, such a tragic quality
  11. I still don't get why She would now post on the same Instagram where there are still all those fake posts, the "me time", "colon illness" etc...like really? The answer to the Op question Is very simple, She vanished for way too long from socials and publicly and then that call to the gram girls just ignited everything
  12. She made pretty clear her intention now Is to have kids, i don't think we'll see any music in 6 or 7 years tbh
  13. I don't think It Is that important for her to be there as long as she's finally represented by a real lawyer
  14. Thumbs up for Netflix not to be afraid to give more than 10 seconds of screen time to Loucifer, showing also that creepy photo with colon where they baptized time to expose that Psycho and get Britney's money back
  15. I just didn't know about her trying to hire a new lawyer in 2009 through that journalist, the rest is pretty much well known for the fans but it is useful for the GP clearly. I just found it quite boring for the most part and i fear that GP could stop watching soon after the first 15 minutes.... at the same time it is necessary to be that specific about the conservatorship to understand the facts so this was probably the only way. All that space to Adnan, Lufti and K-fed lawyer tho... You can see that Felicia knows stuff but won't tell, that freaking Lou must be terryfing, what is she part of the Mafia? Why is everybody so scared of that witch? The last part with Britney testimony is really well done, they used also images and videos and that made me cry even if I heard it like 20 times already it just breaks me everytime
  16. Flawless, considering She never perfomed that live it's the First Time we see It in full
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