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Never-before-seen footage from Britney's 2007 VMAs dress rehearsal surfaces

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21 hours ago, hernameis said:

Can someone please explain why so many people among fans find this choreo bad?

I mean it’s flawless. It’s ****, not vulgar with elements reminiscent of Britney’s past choreos - her signature ones. 

Whyyy?? I just don’t get it. 

Because people think that when Britney do lazzy perfomances is because a bad choreography. Is one of my favorites choreographys.

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On 9/9/2021 at 4:04 AM, jonloch1 said:

You know what's really weird. I can't post the links as I'm on my tablet but go on YouTube and type in whitney Houston x factor 2009. Theres a video of her performance of Million Dollar Bill and theres also a video of her mentoring the contestants that week with Clive Davis. And exact same thing, when she was mentoring the contestants she looked slim and when she performed like a few days later she looked like she put on so much weight but it was only 2 or 3 days later. I wish I wasnt on my tablet or I would post the videos. But it must be the drugs

this is what i was talking about.

Whitney mentoring the contestants


whitney performance


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On 9/8/2021 at 3:51 PM, Poison Paradise said:

This performance wouldn’t have been anything groundbreaking regardless but what a huge difference that pony makes. Some of these camera angles are better too. She looks amazing.

I agree. Choreo was boring and with the song title and lyrics such a cool concept could've been done. What was the original concept and was that Cris Angel thing true? 

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Just watched ponytail dress rehearsal, hat rehearsal, and final performance vids again. 

This dress rehearsal really is noticeably better than the final performance. Seems pretty obvious she was always going to be giving low energy, but there’s still a cleanliness to her movements and personality in her execution that she did not tap into on show night. (Not to mention the remarkably better camera angles.)

VMA 2007 remains iconic for various reasons, but I appreciate how this dress rehearsal video feels removed from that - as if this was how the performance went down in a slightly different alternate universe, away from the negative stigma around the one we know. 

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This is still a mess but not nearly as messy as the final performance. This was choreographed from the start to be a mess, and although Britney looks good you can still tell she doesnt want to be there. 

This was a intentional sabotage from her handlers, they knew they could generate more interest with her being messy = more sales = more money

It makes sense why on the night Britney had a mini meltdown and refused to have her makeup done etc... And they clearly also upped her meds for the live performance. Deep down Britney knew this was tarnishing her legacy. 

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For those who didn't know, here is the "original" choreo :

I wish Britney executed 1:53, 2:06 & 2:52 well.


7 hours ago, FlexAroundTheWorld said:

I agree. Choreo was boring and with the song title and lyrics such a cool concept could've been done. What was the original concept and was that Cris Angel thing true? 


Sarah Silverman speaks about what she said about Britney before Britney's performance.


According to entertainment show "Extra," reports speculate that Spears' original act, inspired by illusionist Criss Angel, was nixed by MTV before the show.


I don't think we will know the true story here, was is cancelled by MTV ? Chris ? Britney ?

As we can see Britney is not really prepared, this seems rushed but imo she did great in rehearsals.

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