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  1. I am watching the Work video on youtube and paused it cause felt like Britney was sharing her thought and one more time world might heard it but never listened.. "Break it off, break it down See me come and you can hear my sound Tell somebody in your town Spread the word, spread the word Go call the police, go call the governor I bring the treble(or truble), That means the trouble y'all I make it bubble up, Call me the bubbler I am the bad *****, the ***** that you'll never know" When she is starting singing it the sharks first appear: Britney is wearing police sirens lights colors. So she is hinting with it about danger or criminal case maybe. While she is all alone surrounding by sharks. She is asking for your attention "Break it off" adding "Break it down" (like listen carefully - CAREFULLY) Then she is telling people to call the police! plus - she tells to contact a governor cause police more likely wont help even it should. Above all she wants you to spread a word - everybody to be aware of the dangerous situation. All the other text is interesting also (literally everything).. like she is in the bubble kind of thing but she manages to bubble up.. and while everyone consider her as a "bad *****" they know nothing about her (interesting fact: some of the big sites and youtube cc changed the last line to "loving up") There are a lot of moments that adds in this concept but on this part - she is singing and showing it p.s. I noticed years ago her standing at the pyramid like a boss for visual but pyramid actually is upside down that is hinting that she isn't ruling or not receiving incomes that she mades by working etc.. NO I want to continue about some part lol 1) after that part she is singing: "Hold your head high, fingers to the sky They gonna try to try ya, but they can't deny ya Keep it building higher, and higher Keep it building higher, and higher So hold your head high, fingers to the sky Now they don't believe ya, but they gonna need ya Keep it moving higher, and higher Keep it moving higher, and higher and higher" So after sharing awareness THEY will "try to try ya" (example: all Lou bots here) but facts/truth can't be denied usually so "keep building higher" grow to a stronger community. "Now they don't believe ya" and world/media was calling #freeBritney members crazy people right?! "but they gonna need ya" - after years #freeBritney members are asked to give an interview on huge projects! 2) Whole video she is only blonde girl surrounded by dark haired people can be another hint about her surroundings (sharks). They are the ones who Britney "control" standing on pyramid (showing that they are controlling her image) now I will stop cause as much I think about it (and trying to realize lyrics and video in that kind of way) as much this kind of thoughts are coming and I don't want to grow it in too conspiracy theories but this kind of thing are kind of obvious, right?! RIGHT?!
  2. Thanks for an answer but even if it’s voluntarily - why should judge allow the c-ship even Britney told her to? I mean doesn’t should judge think about the risks/dangers the case should have. So by the law judge should answer “stop being silly girl - you don’t need c-ship! If u want someone to handle ur finance go and hire financial manager. If u want someone to manage ur life - u will find life coach’s and of course ur daddy will help making decisions in a free. U don’t need to obligate him by law and pay him a salary to be you ur Father. if u still I study about c-ship, maybe something is wrong and reason is threats or smth?!” —————————— so when judge didn’t do that, can we form a petition or something her to go I jail?! And what is a circumstances of that kind of behaviour?🤔😅
  3. I have a question.. for someone who isn’t capable for food/shelter/driving/voting and simple decisions - having bf and man who is grown up mentally (cause britneys mental age is a kids age by law as I get it) is a legal thing?! Isn’t it considered as s@x abuse? Plus if she is capable to make relationship decisions and can handle that kind of complicated thing like be a girlfriend for someone why can’t she choose what to eat?! 🤔 what kind of law is that and how can all this be legal even Britney has some unique mental illness that was never recorded by doctors?
  4. I’m not a girl not yet a woman 🤣🤣 the first live performance I saw was it and I was blown away of her angelic vocals and look.. It’s a good song, beautiful actually (and an epic evolution/devaluation in bridge <3) but lyrics are too feminine and that makes me cringe a little bit
  5. Overprotected bomt oops stronger if u seek amy i wanna go circus gimme more pom mona lisa p.s. That’s 10 and I probably should stop counting her iconic discography lol
  6. todays daily global 200 chart starts from 780k so gimme more enter spotify chart <3
  7. Another way to get $ using britneys name.. how unusual/strange is that!
  8. The last doc 60 minutes or something that aired in Australia - do you know any link I can watch it?! I couldn’t find it on YouTube
  9. Yes! Shaving head wasn’t moment of weakness. She stood up for the things that mattered and fought for them.. unfortunately you can’t fights against the world and win even when you are Britney Spears
  10. Glad that she admitted it (Again - why so much hate guys?! She literally said that media was unfair and did Brit wrong) we want more of celebs to speak about that and also about other celebs who treated Britney wrong (for no reason)
  11. She made a statement, she express her strong feelings.. she can do whatever she wants to i don’t see a problem and stop saying that Britney had a mental problems cause we don’t know that. She was rebelling yes, shaved head yes but mentally ill?! I don’t think so
  12. lol no.. 1) I'm just asking what do you consider as a flop first of all 2) Blackout was not as commercially successful era as previous ones
  13. It depends what do u call a flop.. BJ era had a huge impact also.. basically it was vegas residency promo and look at an impact it soon had(Brit changed the rules of game) - now there’s a national Britney day in Vegas right?!
  14. Hard question.. blackout may be considered as flop.. britneys personal life for in front of her carrier but on that period she as a singer was very back and we got her first #2 album.. era had no performances, interviews and even singles did good in charts her songs wasn’t everywhere like previous albums (even they didn’t chart well because of the radio, her music videos, pics, interviews, performances, dolls, shirts etc were everywhere). after all that happened - she kind of disconnected from music industry imo.. there always would be hype for her but bad narrative from media - “too ****”, “bad role model”, “untalented” added new labels also like “crazy”, “addicted”, “bad mother”, “bad person” killed sparks or smth.. can’t really explain what I feel about all that but the girl named lucky wasn’t a lucky anymore for gp i’m glad that after time blackout become iconic but for me it’s her first flop as an album for a singer
  15. Otherwise Britney would be free and dozen of people in jail..
  16. She is right in topic one.. Lynn doesn’t deserve any Britney support imo she did nothing to help her.. when she stopped working she start think about money I guess and came for Vivian who gets more money maybe... and I hate that Britney pays that bills for defending Vivian.. hope she will end up in jail very soon (at the end of summer I would like to see orange on her and on Lou)
  17. My options: BOMT: Born to make you happy should be released in US also OIDIA: Don't go no my door and What u see is what u get could be a good singles at that period but will need remixes IMO Britney: Lonely, Cinderella, Bombastic love, Let me be, What is like to be me In The Zone: The hook up, Shadow, Showdown GH: I've Just Begun (Havin' My Fun) Blackout: Ooh Ooh Baby, Hot As Ice, Freakshow Circus: Out from Under, Phonography, Amnesia FF: Inside out, He About to Lose Me Britney Jean: Passenger, Tik Tik Boom Glory: Man On The moon, Liar, Better, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) p.s. and the we kiss and mona lisa deserved normal single treatments and music videos!! p.s.s. Ans then we kiss was way more ahead of it's time thou - even now sometimes I can't get enough of it <3
  18. I hope Perez would regret his involvement and like that paparazi in FBS he will be showns as a pig (he's worth then a pig sorry animals but page has censure)
  19. Could you specify what theories are you talking about except social media? about insta - court documents (James words) made fans think that her team is using her social media for c-ship. plus a lot of people from 2008 said she wasn’t allowed to have a phone and access contacting people freely. and many other Reasons as well..
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