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  1. Ok Adele is a nice girl with a great voice and good lyrics, but I wonder what makes her so special and so successful, the video has 28 million plays in less than 17 hours, it seems that the whole world was waiting to play it, why that does not happen with other great voices like Xtina or Mariah, they fail to match the impact it has now.
  2. I guess there was a video of her singing "LIVE" that part?
  3. "Monitor Check" instead of "sound Check" properly said
  4. waiting for the 2003 vma's rehearsal to hear britney sing "live"
  5. Come on! She only knows a few words in Spanish and very badly there is a part in Spanish in "no seas cortes" that clearly she didn't do, if she knew it well, she would have done it herself, so I doubt she can understand it well. French only in "Coupure Électrique"
  6. She has more energy because she had less pressure at the moment, and the ponytail (though you can tell she did it at the last minute) makes the difference, she doesn't look thinner, she looks the same, some angles make the difference. And the choreography was amazing but in the 3 videos we got it was poorly executed. Primeney would have killed this with no problem: The original Choreography: Imagine Britney dancing just like the dancer with a great outfit and with a professionally done ponytail.
  7. I always wondered what happened to her hair (extensions) that day.
  8. Ok, I'm not really a fan of this song, in fact it's my least favorite song on the album (Liberation) but the lyrics fit so perfectly with britney, please listen without hate I ain't built for no fake ****, ***** don´t play with me, I raise kids Just be thankful I gave you this 'Cause I don't need it, Don't try to tell me I'm crazy It's good pay, but it's slavery I can't live with these chains on me I have to get free... I'm sick of sittin', I'm sick of sittin' I'm sick of sittin', been workin' too hard to not be livin' I'm sick of sittin', I don't need it no more... ...They wanna take my shine, They wanna take my time, But I'ma take what's mine, Don't play with me, They try to use my name, Oh, what they wouldn't do for the fame, But I ain't you and we ain't the same, This ain't a game to me... thoughts...
  9. She looks sad but I'm more curious to know what really happened on this day: The media reported that she suffered a "Mini Breakdown" but I don't think it was that, it seems that just was too frozen the starbucks and the ice went to his brain. I think the lady trying to take a selfie with her is so annoying the video is a little disconcerting though
  10. Well... Xtina too noticed something "strange" in Britney's personality during that time and call her "a lost girl" and was dragged down to this day by those comments She was kinda strange, it is true, she looks like a capricious girl and very anxious in the interviews.
  11. That was not 2011, I think it was 2014 or 2015. the closest that she looked like her old self was at Private Show Comercial in 2016
  12. oh yeahh! then the triangle was made in the same place ? why was it removed? I prefer the star though
  13. Do you know why the rumor that she had removed it? I remember reading it somewhere
  14. Omg i love it! I've always wanted to get the Kiss tatto on my wrist. I wonder if when she sees those tattos (Kiss and the cross) she remembers that sad night?
  15. Of all the tattoos Britney has, which one do you like more and which one do you like less: This is my favorite, the cutest little fairy, this was the first of Britney tattoos back in 2000 Chinese Tattoo in 2001 But at some point the tattoo changed into a flower in 2003 this black butterfly flying above a vine motif. In 2004 a pair of pink dice showing the ‘lucky number’ 7 to match with Kevin, who already had the same tattoo in blue In 2004 Kabbalah Symbol Tattoo apparently she had it removed in 2008, but I think it's still there.. The ‘kiss’ on his wrist and the Cross on the left side of her abdomen, were done on the same day that she shaved her head. the last one the tiny triangle on her right hand in 2009
  16. That's not real, this is the picture that she talk about it:
  17. Omg! i'm a fan flop, i never realized it's the same one, but i still ask... is it really the same one since '99? can it last that long considering the use she gave it all these years? I wonder who kept it while she was on break (2004-2008)?
  18. before she got the eyelid job ...just "fun things" but she looks cute, her old smile says hello!
  19. I'm only going to comment on things that happened before the conservatorship, 'cause obviously nothing justifies the guardianship and the abuses that followed, it is not human, it is not fair with anybody. Well, i love britney sooo much, but she is definitely not perfect and she has made mistakes, like everyone else, but her worst mistake was marrying kevin, just 3 months after meeting him, she was the one who asked him to marry her and she bought the engagement ring herself, plus kevin had his "ex" pregnant at the time. from any point of view, that should never have happened. I remember in the 2006 dateline interview the journalist asked her if she believed in Karma, 'cause she started with Kevin while her ex was pregnant and brit was pregnant at the time at interview and apparently having problems in her marriage. Also i didn't like it when she said she was a virgin when everyone knew she was already living with justin.
  20. Don't forget the special Showtime did before the concert in Miami: Countdown to Britney Spears Live From Miami: This interview by MTV -TRL backstage from the concert in Fresno, California: This very funny interview by ET about the tour wardrobe: The 2004 E Entertainment special: I loved that special, i had it on tape vhs and i watched it so many times, the special tells the story of Britney's life from the beginning of her career and the creation and preparation of the Onyx Hotel Tour. you can't find it on yuotube anymore, only here: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1rb411j7r2/ https://britney-online.net/stream-download-hd-720pe-entertainment-television-2004-special/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F9Rl93RBG4EzOgu3ZqSlFY7aGgL3YW8l/view
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