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  1. thanks for posting.. we need more of this kind of stories tbh.. maybe we can collect small of piece of a puzzle Or smth..
  2. Guilty (I didn’t like much slave, boys and toxic also now I enjoy them more)
  3. Sean looks like that now?! :O I don’t know how to feel tbh.. I read some comments and my feelings were changing every sec : ))) the first of my thought was that it is edited like in one pic somebody combined them or smth
  4. She look beautiful!!! <3 End as an artists she express many emotions I didn't feel past several years from her.. ; Who are you Britney now? Tell us about you!! : )) I need a doc tv show from with 20 episodes..
  5. 1. I don’t think Britney is going to movies a lot.. 2. I don’t think she is aware about that movie 3. I don’t think that she tweeted it 4. I think I used “don’t think” too many times 5. I like that they used bomt but arrangement could be better.. Maybe they are following some new trends that I don’t know :? it sound like a demo or smth.. But still love the fact of choosing iconic track <3
  6. I think Disney should film “little mermaid” in 2002 with Britney as Ariel.. now I think she could be Elsa from frozen
  7. Many of fans believe that blackout tracks meant for original doll but I don’t.. there was an interview of person who worked on original doll and said it was experimental for Britney more like lyrical wise.. she was singing about many problems and sharing her thoughts.. blackout is experimental music wise not lyrical ✌️
  8. Was he arrested for trafficking and that crimes?! cause people Called Britney drug addict orgy maniac who was having *** in front of her children and media shaped that narrative.. i don’t know anything about that man besides the #freebritney thing so I really want to know if the crimes were proven before pointing fingers
  9. It is a long time I think about c-ship in Britneys case. If she is not able to feed herself, drive, find shelter etc why are man allowed to have *** with her?! I mean - doesn't having BF confirms that she is capable to make grown decisions? Otherwise it should considered as $ex abuse right?! For me it sounds really huge thing.. Cause if she isn't well enough to drive (when 16 year olds are) why on earth grown men are allowed to touch her in ***ual way and if she can handle that hard relationships (I personally can not lol :d) how can she need someone to provide food/shelter/health issues for her?! In the both way she is wronged! If here are some lawyer from LA I need an answer..
  10. not funny for me I would say disturbing: Why are they coming for Matt Gaetz? The only politician who is trying to help Britney? Is it another try to form GP-s thoughts to keep Britney in c-ship?!
  11. he was unstable and director made britney look heartless tbh.. You can say that she is hurt and feels Don's pain but there was no right step judges could make.. everything would be wrong imo.. he just needed to speak out and his family or some good rest.. And I'm not sure if Britney had right to get on stage to hug him (and I think she shouldn't done that).. Her body guards didn't even let her to take a coffee or speak to someone in Starbucks right?
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