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  1. Just report his channels for spearing a hate or smth.. don’t give him views especially for Britney related topics.. he should be removed from internet tbh
  2. That’s why she saying “it BRITNEY, *****!” so often
  3. Ridiculous.. someone just want to look smart that’s it.. we all have our lives.. we have our own problems but that doesn’t mean that we care about a person, social behaviour, country economic crisis, global warning etc.. we are in a complex world and we are complex creatures who likes or dislikes many things and it includes sport, art, other people, nature, animals an so on.. some articles are writes by school students who thinks they discovered something but it’s really stupid thoughts wrapped by “clever” words p.s. don’t spread such a mess plz
  4. Love the performance! Love live parts! Love baby remix! Love her energy! Love her look! Leave this perfect performance alone!
  5. She’s in rebellion from 2004 so she isn’t there’s and never were imo (even if she’s under c-ship) concern about Beyoncé, Rihanna or justin
  6. 1. It matters a lot tbh.. team con can convince all that she regained control and everything is fine. Passion will be much less and they will have much more time to do some shady things they are best in. They might even try to postpone hearings 2. they have already used brits insta as a proof that she isn’t stable and it was James only proof. Why would u think they will let go there’s only proof so easily? I don’t believe Brit is in control of everything. She might be temporary or partly. they can “attack“ any time so don’t relax guys There is many damage that can be done
  7. How can somebody who has seen all of her videos choose one/two or even 5? how?!
  8. And some are saying it’s not good to be angry at her.. why won’t they move to another planet far away from Britney and be silenced about her forever?! I don’t want to hear/read about them anymore.. Live me alone *****es!!!
  9. Cause he is ashamed?! I would be ashamed to admit that my country allows slavery and famous pop star who should be treated like a national treasure is in s** trafficking.. on the other hand is he doing anything to free her? I don’t know tbh 🥴
  10. She regretted many times.. before the c-ship for sure and imagine after it
  11. FF has more singles material and tracks that are made to be hits.. it’s a good album and how dare u say it aged horrible lol + it was experimental sound for Britney and brought tracks like (HIAM, I wanna go, inside out, criminal, how I roll, he about to loose me etc) on the other I enjoy her vocals on glory(Like private show that u hate but it’s one of the best on album).. it’s more experimental on vocal side. But doesn’t have hit material what I missed right from the start.. it’s a mood album and has few skips.. thing that I don’t like on glory is Choruses - why are they instrumental or one phrase and repetitive af?! I prefer when songs have (intro), verses, prechoruses, choruses, bridges and smth like second bridges lol (that’s why I love “britney” more I guess) anyway I don’t want to choose cause they are too different albums for me and like that both of them exists.. about “Britney Jean” - finish it and then I will have more honest opinion🤷‍♂️
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